Gotcha attention didn't I? :D

Nobody likes reading disclaimers / fineprints / blabla but to keep my behind adequately covered, here it goes! :P

Of Product Reviews
While i strive to provide as much detailed information as i can in my posts, please note that I am not a professional - these are just my personal opinions that may or may not work for you, so you are advised to do your own research / consult your doctor before using / doing anything that's mentioned here, at your own discretion.

I am not paid to review any of the products mentioned in this blog. 99% of the stuff reviewed here are bought by, paid by, and personally experienced by yours truly! :)

As for the reviews themselves, I always strive to find the pros and cons in every product i review (unless it's really so good that i can't find anything bad about it, and vice versa), and the same applies to sponsored products. I will never sing praises for a product and declare it a HG just because it was sponsored, unless i truly honestly crossmyhearthopetodiely happen to like it. I'll also try my best to include before and after pictures for you to judge for yourselves the efficiency of that product.

Most products do not work instantly (it would be scary if they do!), and some products take their own sweet time before wrecking havoc on your skin! As such, the reviews you see here have already been tested for the period stated below:

Skin care products - minimum 3 weeks.
Makeup products - minimum 2-3 uses.
Sheet masks - I'll wait for a minimum of 3 days to a week to monitor for an adverse reaction before posting a review.

In the event when i receive a sample that is not sufficient to last through the period of time stated above, the review will be marked as a "Mini Review" instead.

Of Product Sponsorships
Please drop me an email at lipglosseater at gmail dot com if you would like to send me a product for consideration. Do note that not all sponsored products will be reviewed, but i promise i will be fair and unbiased in my opinion if i do.

Of Copyrights and Copycats
It takes quite abit of effort to do a review (as all beauty bloggers can testify! :D), so i would appreciate it very much if you ask for permission prior to using my photos and / or text and credit accordingly wherever you use it. My images are for non-commercial use only. Please do not steal my images / text!! No hotlinking as well please!! I will not be held liable for whatever loss you may incur should any action be taken against your act of theft.

Of Comments
I personally love reading comments so please keep them coming! It's always lovely to get in touch with you all! I welcome all constructive comments too, but please be nice and tactful so that we can both learn together! Please note that rude / malicious comments as well as spam / advertisements (my pet peeve) may be deleted without further notice, at my sole discretion!

The views expressed in the comment section of this blog by others do not necessarily reflect the views of yours truly, or of this blog ( Participants on this blog are fully responsible for everything that they submit in their comments, are deemed to own the content they post, and all posted comments are in the public domain.

Of Advertisements and Affiliates
I run Google and Nuffnang ads as well as Affiliate links where I get a small commission with every purchase to supplement the costs of running this blog. I do not always have control over the content that is displayed therein, hence I cannot be held accountable or liable in any possible way should you encounter any problems in your dealings with them. You're advised to transact with them at your own discretion.

Privacy Policy
The owner of this blog ( does not share personal information with third-parties nor does store information is collected about your visit for use other than to analyze content performance through the use of cookies, which you can turn off at anytime by modifying your Internet browser’s settings. The owner is not responsible for the republishing of the content found on this blog on other Web sites or media without permission.

Of Other Matters
Please note that i'm not participating in link exchanges nor am i interested in selling products for the time being, as such i may not respond to enquiries of this nature. I appreciate your kind understanding on this matter.

Finally, have fun reading, and remember to say hello! :D
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