Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jenn Asks: What are your new year resolutions for 2014?

It's a brand new year! :D And what better time than now than to set some new goals and resolution to be achieved in the new year! :D

Personally for me, my resolutions for 2014 are simple:

1. Travel to a new place! It's been awhile since I last travelled to some place totally unfamiliar and just soak in the local culture and atmosphere, it's time to remedy that now! Now for the tough part of deciding where to go... :)
2. Eat and live healthier. I need to cut out as much processed food as possible and start exercising more... my metabolic rate aint what it used to be anymore (not that it was any great before, but hey, i'll take "not any great" over "non-existent" anyday)! :D
3. Save X amount of money. Gonna be tough with the price hikes and all, but I'm determined to see this through! :)
4. Be more disciplined - No working or Facebooking in bed, bathe before 8pm and no buying means NO BUYING! :D
5. Improve my stamina and swimming techniques - I want to be able to swim in strong currents! Lol! :P

Over to you! What are your resolutions for 2014? Do you even believe in setting resolutions for yourself? :D


  1. I usually don't make resolutions because I'm not very good at keeping them. But I'd really like to exercise more. Last year, I was too lazy....

    1. Haha me too... but I make them anyway! :P :P All the best for your exercising! I need to exercise more too! :D

  2. may all your resolutions come true jenn :P
    personally am trying to achieve the bathing before 8 too...but not very good at it coz always too much things to do after work and become all sweaty.

    1. Same to you Xin!! :D Lets kar yao together and try our best to bathe before 8pm!! Haha!! :D


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