Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello! :D

p.s: image heavy post!

First of all, would like to wish my Buddhist readers a very happy Wesak Day! For the rest of us who're off work, happy holiday! :D

Ok, so i took a little more than two weeks' worth of break. Whew!! Did two FOUR months just whizzed by since my last post?! So sorry!! I have no excuse for not blogging other than sheer laziness (sure, I have work and blogger's block to blame in between, trust me, this post has been in the making for months!!) - but, if other amazing bloggers like my darling Nikki can blog so often whilst juggling a full time job and have a baby, then I must be really lazy! :P

So, what have I been up to since my last post? Read on to find out.

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