Sunday, January 6, 2013

#005 - Psychic Uncle and Hanging Out with my Little Brother!

Project Smile365 is something I've started to document the little things that made me smile for the day. As I grow older younger, I seem to have developed a masochistic liking to recall the bitter and unhappy things ever so often and harp on them for hours instead of seizing the day and treasuring every single good memory that life has to offer. This is a platform for me to record at least one thing that made me smile for the day. I can't promise to post every day (I do have quite a boring life - I don't think anybody would care to read "Oh look, I poured myself a HUGE glass of ice cold coca cola WHOOTS!" anymore after the 235th time I posted it), but I do hope that at the end of 2013, I will have hundreds of smiles recorded for future reference!

You're most welcome to join me either by posting what made you smile today in the comments below or starting your own Project and sending me the link which I'll include in the daily post! Keep smiling everyone and spread the happiness! :D

Read on for today's Smile! :D

Yesterday, I ordered Milo Peng (Iced Milo - a kind of chocolate malt drink) at a coffee shop. I don't usually drink this because most of the time they are quite watered down (gross) but they have run out of the herbal tea that I usually order so I had no choice but to go with this (as I don't drink local coffee or tea - they're too strong for me!).

I was secretly wishing that the drink would at least be bearably drinkable and not too gross when the kopitiam (coffee shop) uncle served my drink. He gave me a smile and said, "Uncle made super KAO (thick) one for you... you try and see ho liao (good stuff) or not?"

It was REALLY KAO and just wonderful! Thank you, psychic uncle! XD

Not the actual photo - I was so excited that I have forgotten to snap a pic! :P

The husband and I also spent the day just hanging out with my little brother! It's been awhile since we've done that so I really enjoyed myself! :D

What made you smile today? :D

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