Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jenn Asks: Do you follow the latest fashion trends? :)

Let's take a break from all things beauty-related, and talk about fashion instead today! :) 

I'm usually quite the boring dresser - I do not dress radically nor do I chase after the latest trends. In fact, I've been known to hoard clothes from, yes, wait for it... 18 years ago! :O Yes, you have my permission to shudder now! Hahaha!! XD

But recently, I found myself drawn to beautiful, flowy mullet dresses that are all the rage right now:

And let me tell you, its a struggle to walk away from them each time - my heart says "GO BUY IT", but my head is screaming "THEY'LL BE SO YESTERYEAR IN NO TIME!". There's something really feminine about these mullet dresses (especially the chiffon ones!) - oh so flowy and romantic. There's just one catch - I do not have the gams to carry them off, so my head is winning right now... until I can find a beautiful maxi one, that is! Lol!

How about you? Do you consciously or unconsciously follow fashion? And oh, do you like mullet dresses? Hehehe! :D 


  1. I tend to stick to time-honored pieces like skinny jeans, colored tanks and not too short shorts. However, I started to have this thing for maxis as well, but I just can't understand the mullet/high-low trend as well as them wide cropped tops. Heh heh.

  2. Awww... why can't you understand them? They're so pretttttyyyy!!! JK! :D

    I'm not terribly enamoured with wide cropped tops, but i find them really chic on skinny, tall girls! :D

  3. I don't. I still don't wear a peplum skirt. haha. but I am not anti. Still open to nice designs from any part of fashion. It's more like whether the cutting suits my figure or not.

  4. I stick to what I like and suits me, regardless of whether it's fashionable at the moment. This mullet trend is very pretty, I agree and the dress looks lovely on you.

  5. Jyoan: I totally adore the peplum trend! Peplum skirts or dresses are SO CUTE! Hehehe! :D

    Yeah I'm like you too! Don't really follow trends, but more of what looks nice on myself! :D

  6. Gio: That's the best way to go IMHO! :D Yes, mullet dresses are so pretty!! HEhee! Do you own any? :D

    And thank you! :D

  7. and u still tell me you need to diet! u so skinny d!

    i tried on a few pieces like this but doesn't look good on me, meh when ur bigger in size nothing looks as good as on smaller figures anyway ahahahaha

  8. Eh, really need to diet. I suspect the mirror is a slimming mirror! And also I know how to hide my fats! :P

    I think it really depends on cutting one! I have also tried a few on that makes my leg look so fat! >.<


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