Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jenn Asks: What is your favourite food? :D

Let's take a break from all things beauty and talk about my other love - FOOD! :D

I've always loved food - my husband is probably accustomed to my constant badgering for whatever that I was craving for at the moment! Hehehe! :P He usually gives in but sometimes he decides to be mean and will ask me to go on a diet instead! -____-

Although I love all kinds of cuisines and don't think I can ever pick a favourite out of the many there is out there, I'm a huge noodle fan! :D I love all kinds of noodles, no matter thin:

Or thick:


Or soupy:

I love them all!! Hehehe!! :D I also love raw food (fruits and veggies included), such as these succulent pieces of salmon sashimi:

Or the delicate Tebleh Nayyeh, which I am really, REALLY craving for now:

I also love a huge bowl of soup - whether rich and thick:

Or a fiery bowl of Tom Yum Goong:

They comfort me and always remind me of home :)

When the mood strikes, I can be quite the carnivore sometimes! Whether it is tiny morsels of stone-grilled protein:

Or a HUGE platter of meat:

I will devour them all! Kakaka!! :D And although I'm not a huge dessert person, I love me a good cake:

or a huge tub of froyo! :D

Ok, this concludes a long, picture heavy post of simply saying "I LOVE FOOD and I CAN'T PICK A FAVOURITE"! Am so hungry now! T_T

How about you? What is your favourite food? :D


  1. i love my noodles! more so than rice! and sushi and sashimi, Japanese food in general lol. Am okay with soup and meat, but I love a good dessert. Anything sweet is good for me, but not for the bulging tummy :P

  2. Me too! Serve me rice and you'll be rewarded with my scrunchy face! :P :P

    Kakaka! I know right!! Nowadays I'm sooo addicted to bubble milk tea... my palate is satiated but my flabs are protesting! :O

  3. I love food! I love porridge, particularly pork innards! Am usually a noodle person too!

    Oh Gawd I love Japanese food, and Italian food as well!

    Gee, am hungry now HAHAHA!

  4. Ohh!! I love pork kidney! Pity its abit hard to find porridge stalls that have those near where I live! :D

    Haha me too!! :D I'm a huge fan of spaghetti and I cook that at least once a week! :D~

  5. New follower!

    Hmmm, I can't decide. But I really love hot wings, although it's not the healthiest :(

  6. Oohh!! That's not very common where I live but I like eating it too!! :D :D


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