Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jenn Asks: How do you cheer yourself up when you are sick?

I'm down with a cold now... and am feeling pretty lousy. Yes, I'm wallowing in self-pity and fishing for well-wishes if that's what you're asking! Hahaha! :D

No seriously, what will you do when you are sick and need a little pick me up? I would cook myself a huge bowl of piping hot soup, but I'm at work now :(

Any ideas?


  1. is that your dog? why is s/he wearing that cone thing? :D

    anyway, to cheer me up, i enjoy a marathon of my favorite tv show :D

  2. I would usually eat what I want and sleep it off. I've no energy to be down when I'm sick heh heh. >.<"

  3. Kumiko: Yes! Thats my girl! ;) This photo was taken after she had her spay surgery, hence the cone of shame :D

    Ohh... sounds fun!! What is your favourite show? :D

  4. Hanny: That sounds so pitiful!! :(

    For some reason I always crave for the food I cant have when I'm sick... because i'm annoying like that :D But yeah, i would try to sleep it off too! :(

  5. If I'm at work, I will make myself a hot cup of green tea and keep myself very warm with a shawl..
    Get well soon~

  6. That sounds like a GREAT idea!! I shall do that tomorrow! :)

  7. take care darling! *hugs*

    hope this will keep you warm :D

  8. Thank you dear!!!! <3 I worked from home the next day cuz I was feeling SO lousy, i literally had to rest my head on a pillow while i was working!! Lol!!

    Am better now!! Thanks!! <3


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