Monday, July 30, 2012

What have I been up to in the past two months...

ps: image heavy post :)

Shopped my heart out at BKK:

Where I bought dresses:


And MORE dresses! lol

Patronized my favourite chicken noodle stall at Chatuchak :D~

And had the most AMAZING sotong (squid) eggs:

And oh, I still can't forget the amazing view from the rooftop bar at Sofitel:

Then we celebrated the husband's birthday:

Got our advance diving licence the same day! :D

And got swept away by currents while we were at it:

Celebrated the husband's birthday again with my little brother:

And had the best ever beef sukiyaki:

Come June, we celebrated my birthday & Father's Day:

And again with the husband. I <3 snails! :D

Tried wasabi ice cream for the first time:

Visited the capital to get some dive stuff, and get to taste the best fish porridge ever!! Who would've thought that plain porridge can taste SO GOOD!!!! :D~

And manage to meet up with the ever lovely Miss Plue:

Then we had yet another beach holiday again:

Where we celebrated our wedding anniversary:

Photo taken by A, my Divemaster Extraordinaire! :D

And left me longing for more 4s (Sea, Sun, Sand, Scuba):

Thats all! I have alot more pictures to share initially, but I don't want to overload your bandwidth! Lol! :D All in all, it was a good time of rest and rejuvenating, after a tough year of academia, but its good to be back now. Regular transmission shall proceed from now onwards... so stay tuned people! :D


  1. Welcome back and congratulations on completing academic and on your advance dive license and your anniversary! :D It does sound like you have a LOT of fun fun fun and I am especially envious of your dive trips because I am longing to go on one but my schedule isn't allowing me to at the moment! :P Sure nice to take a good, long, rejuvenating break once in a while :)

  2. Yay, you're back ^.^ Am loving the pics of your dive trips and your BKK haul! Personally, am a snorkelling girl, so, heh heh ^.^ Hmm, might I ask was your pursuit in academics?

  3. babe! miss you already! haha am so looking forward to see you the next time you come over! too bad when i was in penang you away for your diving trip :P

    oh ya~ i need to ask you where did you do your massive haul hahaha, i can never seem to buy as much as i want :P can't wait to go to BKK liao~ oh ya let me know what else you want hor :D

  4. Stephanie: Thank you thank you!! :D Yes... thats really alot of fun packed in such a short time (to make up for the horrid year that was! lol!)! Oohh... i hope you get to dive soon too... i understand how that feels! Too long a "surface interval" does make one yearn for compressed air! lol! :D

    Good luck for your studies too!! :D

  5. Hanny: Thank you! :D Its good to be back for sure! :D

    I finally completed my degree :)

  6. Plue: the next time i'm in the capital should be late Oct / Nov for my graduation! Will try to meet up if you can convince my dad that you're not out to kidnap his daughter! Hehehehe!! XD

    Must go - Platinum!! IMHO Chatuchak is getting really expensive (almost retail @ RM60 for a high quality dress), so my money's on Platinum! :D Hmm... dont tempt me! :D I've yet to use my brand new NARS blushes... from 3 years ago =X

  7. don't worry bout the nars blush, i have yet to used mine also wahahahaha :P

    eh your dad seen me before already, so it doesn't count as kidnapping anymore! XD if not he can come tag along we go kai kai together XD

  8. Lol!! Yeah i think it should be better this time around! Hehehe!! :D

    Talking about NARS... my five year old Orgasm (lol) casing is starting to melt already *cries*

  9. LOL but didn't you put it in dry box?

  10. I did!! T_T It still melted T_T T_T T_T

  11. you're finally back!! :D looks like you had an awesome time diving (congratulations! ;) ) will be heading to BKK end of the year as well, can't wait! :D

    ps: where is that beef sukiyaki? looks omg so good!

  12. Thank you!! :D Yes indeed I had a ball of a time in the past two months! :D

    Ohhh i'm so envious of you... i really want to live there because i LOVE the food, people and shopping there!! Hehehehe!! :D

    The beef sukiyaki is from Kampachi @ EQ penang... its AMAZING!!! Craving for a bowl now!! :D~

  13. Welcome back! Love your massive oil and congrats on getting your licence. Looks like you had a lot of fun on your diving trip. :)

  14. Thank you Gio!! :D I did... i can't wait to go again and wish i didn't have to leave! :(


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