Monday, April 23, 2012

MAC Too Supreme Collection Review + Swatches! :D

Hello everybody!! Some of you may know from my Facebook page that I'm finally DONE with studies already!! *runs around the house screaming like a mad woman* It's been a crazy 14 months, and I'm shoooooo glad that academic hell is finally over!! So yes my dears, it means that this lipgloss eating woman is back from hiatus mode and shall be blogging regularly now!! :D

To start off, I have a bunch of swatches for the latest MAC collections, beginning with this one! For some reason this collection did not get alot of hype surrounding it when it is launched (perhaps it is due to the fact that all products (but one) from this collection are permanent).

East Asia's chic celebrated in fresh shades of Sheen Supreme Lipstick and new Sheen Supreme Lipglass. With a finish that redefines shine, these soft succulent shades have a smooth, lush pearl-rich sheen no other lip colour can match.

Sheen Supreme Lipsticks (US$14.50 / RM68):

These lippies are the bomb - they are the perfect marriage between a lipstick and lipgloss! Those of you who find MAC lippies drying may want to check these lippies out. They're sooo buttery smooth to apply and doesn't dry out the lips. There's also a bunch of shades to choose from, and most can be built up to a fully opaque coverage. I'm sorry that Supreme Style is missing from the displayers, hence i do not have a swatch for it :(

Supremely Confident - Pale nude
Sheer Mandarin - Mid-tone yellow orange
Tea Ceremony - Neutral beige pink
Bare Again - Pinky neutral beige
Fashion City - Neutral coral pink
Blossom Culture - Soft pink with pearl

Happy Hibiscus - Creamy white pink
Royal Azalea - Bright mid-tone pink
Asian Flower - Creamy lavender
Zen Rose - Bright mid-tone fuchsia. Limited edition.
Insanely It - Watermelon pink
Korean Candy - Bright orange-red

Not pictured:
Supreme Style - Light coral-pink with pearl

Sheen Supreme Lipglasses (US$19 / RM80):

Hmm ok where do i start? These new glosses come in a clicky pen housing that i personally dislike. Firstly, getting it to dispense properly is something not unlike a Russian roulette - click once, nothing comes out. Twice, nada. Third time, a HUGE glob flows out and you'll see me scrambling. Sometimes it comes out on the first click, and sometimes (like when i swatch these) it doesn't come out until the fifth or sixth click! And secondly, I'm abit iffy about the built-in brush - can't be too hygienic if the product just sits in between the bristles waiting for the next application. I can just imagine the germs festering in there! *shudders*

Also, for some reason, these glosses do not apply evenly. It may be due to the brush, or maybe it's the formulation, i can't say for sure :(

Ok enough blabla, here's the picture of the swatches! The displayer is missing Imperial Red and Dress Kimono, so sorry for not having swatches of those two.

Jasmine Honey - Light cream beige
Moon Beach - Warm light beige with pearl
Almond Blossom - Pale pink with high level pearl
Sweet Bean - Cool beige with pearl
Black Tea - Deep brown with pearl
Fuji Pink - Pale peach with low level pearl
Cherry Fest - Rose with high level pearl
Asian Butterfly - Lilac with pearl
Mango Sheen - Bright coral with pearl

Not pictured:
Imperial Red - Bright rose with pearl
Dress Kimono - Mid-tone frosted plum

So what do you think of this collection? Yay or nay? Didcha get anything? :D


  1. Wow...the colors are amazing! I'm on project 10 pan now and this is really tempting me to run to the MAC stores..

  2. You should check these lippies out then - they are amazing! :D

  3. WELCOME BACK!! :D missed seeing you around (especially on Twitter!).

    Mango Sheen looks interesting...will have to check that one out! ;)

  4. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  5. Bee: Thank you!! :D I missed being around too!! Hehehe!! :D

    Do check that out - and lemme know if im the only one who doesn't like the packaging! :P

  6. Laura: Awww thank you so much!! :D

  7. whee!! you're back! those lippies look juicy. I haven't really checked out MAC. Too much makeup already!

  8. Yesh, I'm back!! :D :D

    Those lippies are amazing! Methinks that hey are a creamier, more pigmented version of the slimshines! :D


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