Friday, April 27, 2012

MAC In Extra Dimension Collection Review + Swatches! :D

This collection features two liquid-to-powder products - 10 shades of eyeshadows and 3 highlighters. I'm personally impressed by this new formulation! They feel quite creamy once on, but within seconds it sets itself into a beautiful powder finish! It's magicccc! :D

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow (US$20 / RM85):

All 10 shadows have beautiful pigmentation. Dark Dare deserves a special mention - it may seem like just a boring, basic black, but it has the most amazing texture and gorgeous, gorgeous satiny finish! Me loves! :D

Sweet Heat - Bright peach champagne
Young Venus - Pale white pink
Grand Galaxy - Dirty mid-tone violet
Rich Core - Dirty aubergine
Havana - Dirty copper brown
Warm Thunder - Dirty silver grey
Modern Pewter - Dirty olive gold
Blue Orbit - Light iridescent purple
Lunar - Royal blue
Dark Dare - Charcoal black

Extra Dimension Highlighter (US$29 / RM135):

These highlighters look like glitterbombs when swatched, but i think they can be buffed down to impart a lovely glow (like how my MA did! :D). All 3 shades are quite pigmented, and i think Whisper of Gilt will flatter most skintones! :D

Superb - Soft peachy nude with multi dimensional shimmer
Whisper of Gilt - Light soft white with shimmery sheen
Glorify - Copper with golden shimmer

This collection also repromotes two split-fibre brushes (first seen in the Semi Precious collection) - the 128 cheek brush (US$34 / RM135) and the 234 eye brush (US$22.50 / RM92).

These brushes are sooo soft and lush! If you havent picked them up already, you need to pick them up NOW! Haha!! :D

Didcha get anything from this collection?

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