Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Product Review: MAC Pencil Sharpener / Duo

At a Glance:
Price: RM25 / US$6.50
Made in: China
Likes: Two separate sharpeners for small and large pencils, convenient casing that keeps the shavings in
Gripes: Leaves sharp edges on the pencils!
Availability: Discontinued, but still lurking around in certain MAC stores or online shops!
Repurchase: No!

Product Description:

A double-sided pencil sharpener featuring two openings: one small, one large, allowing for higher efficiency. Both work quickly and easily to ensure precision points. Comes in its own clear zip-lock style bag.


The sharpeners are housed in plastic cylinder consisting of three parts:

Left to right: Large sharpener, connector, small sharpener.

I super dislike the design because the sharpeners are fused to their containers and cannot be removed to clear the blade if it gets stuck. The only way to get to it is from the top, and even then, the angle is awkward. I ended up using a tiny screwdriver to scrape the stuff out! >.<

This sharpener comes in a ziplock like so:

Price & Availability:
This sharpener is priced at RM25 / US$6.50, but it has been discontinued and replaced with this:

Photo credit:

I've seen it still selling at some MAC stores or online shops though :)

My $0.02:

I've had this for like ages, just havent gotten around to use it. I was spring cleaning the other day and decided that my faithful old RM2 sharpener has served its due already. Since I have a brand new one, i tossed it out and broke this out.

You know the story they had about someone being greedy for shiny new things and forgetting those old faithful items then getting "punished" for it? I'm probably that person now!! >.<

While i love how this sharpener holds the shavings in so that it doesn't drop everywhere, i HATED how it left the edges of my pencil all sharp and dangerous:

See how this injured my eyelid here.

I also didn't like how the sharpeners cannot be detached from the casing for cleaning. Only the topside is accessible to clean the blade, and the angle is awkward.

At RM25, this is not the cheapest sharpener there is out there, nor is it the most expensive one. But because it is hazardous, i will not repurchase! lol! :P

ps: wonder if my faithful ol pencil sharpener is still selling? T_T


  1. this is so bad...n i feel its pricey for a sharpener...i have a drugstore one that is hardly 50 cents n works fine...nice honest review n gr8 bloggg....

  2. precisely!! My old sharpener costs two bucks and it works beautifully until i decided ungratefully to bin it! :( Kicking myself over it now...


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