Thursday, January 26, 2012

Helllooooooooooooooooooo!!! :D

I have finalllllly handed in the last of my assignments (for now)! Whoots!!! :D

My last product review was more than 2 months ago in the middle of November... and truth be told I have immersed into my school work for the past two months that I somewhat lost touch with blogging already. I have been working on this post for 3 days now, but the words just don't come out right :(

Well, one's gotta start somewhere - i'd figure that since this is a new (Chinese) year, it's perhaps fitting to review the year in past. And because pictures speak a thousand words when the tongue fails, here it goes:

2011 was pretty uneventful, partially because I decided to go back to school again and the bank has dried up.

Thats me struggling when preparing for exams... T_T

However, all is not lost! :D I manage to sneak in some mini adventures here and there! My most exciting one, hands down, has gotta be obtaining my diver's license! :D

It's a dream come true to say the least, and I'm itching to buy a complete set of equipment now! T_T can't wait to go dive again! :D

I also finally got the chance to visit Hatyai in Southern Thailand after all these years! Ate a juicy fat worm and it tasted alot better than the one i had at Bangkok! :D

The highlight for me blog-wise, is getting to meet these amazing ladies:

This photo is bigger because they are awesome! Lol! Do you know who's who?? :D :D

In August, I went for another dive trip, this time to Redang.

The 4S - sea, sand, sun, SCUBA - how i miss you already! Can't wait for the diving season to start again! :D

Before the year closed, I had the chance to revisit Gua Tempurung again with my colleagues, after 7 years! :D It was a heck of an adventure where we get to crawl through tiny spaces, smell guano and get my pants ripped when sliding down a slope:

All in all, 2011 is a pretty peaceful year, although laced with sleepless nights and near heart-attacks (when results are out)! lol! :D This year, I'm not going to review my resolutions like I always do here, here and here, simply because I broke every single one of them (oh dear!!) :P

So, no fancy resolutions for 2012, just one. This year, I will make an impact. I MUST.

Either that, or lose weight :P Happy Chinese New Year everyone! :D


  1. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

    am so glad everything's going well for you *hugs* hope 2012 is a better year for you!

    and yes, let's ber-gam fei together!!!

  2. Haha yesh!! Wish me all the luck i can have!! :D :D

    Seriously... need to gam fei di! *noms on CNY goodies*

  3. You still look great! xx

  4. Welcome back! Totally missed your posts, from the time your banner was a row of lipgloss.

  5. Sofia: Awww thank you hun!! <3

  6. Jyoan: Thanks! And wow!! That was awhile ago!! Hehehehe!! :D

  7. awwww, you guys met! aren't they lovely??? I missed them already!!!

    Girl, when will I meet you???? :D :D :D

    Congratulations on the Scuba Diving license :) I can't wait to meet you seriously!!!

  8. Yay! Welcome to the scuba diving community - it's addictive, isn't it!

  9. Nikki: Yes they are!! And You!! I really wanna meet you too!!! :( Hopefully i get to go Manila soon! :D

    And thank you!! HEhehe!! :D

  10. Anon: oh yeah, tell me about it!! Hehehe!! :D

  11. Welcome back! I'm glad things are going well for you and wish you a wonderful New Year!

  12. Thank you Gio! :D Same to you toooo!! :D

  13. Happy New Year! Gong xi fa cai! :D Congrats on your education and handing in your assignment- I've just submitted my application for my Masters degree so if all goes well my pain will begin in August lol! :P

    Hope that this year will be even more eventful in a good way for you woohoo! :D

  14. Welcome back! And I can't wait for the diving season to start again too! Very itchy liao >.< Probably heading back to Perhentian or Tioman in April

  15. Stephanie: Thanks!! I still have my thesis due in a couple of months, just gotta bear with it! :D

    And all the best for your Masters!! I hope this year will be a blast for you too!! We jiayou together k!!! :D :D

  16. Connie: arghhh me too!! To scratch the itch we're considering Payar... but viz is shite now according to a friend who just went. And abit expensive la - RM300++ for two dives!

    Originally heading back to Perhentian in April to do my advance, but my instructor balik kampung already, so gotta look for a new one! Hahaha! :D

  17. Good luck with your thesis and all the best! :D OK, we jiayou together, promise and thank you so much! :D :D

    I'm thinking of taking a dive in Sipadan and around Sabah since I will be flying back and forth Labuan quite frequently now before August... we'll see! :P

  18. Hahaha yes!!! Can't wait to be done and over with already! :D

    Argh Sipadan! How jealous!! Have fun k! I need to go there after getting my advance! Hehehe!! :D


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