Saturday, December 29, 2012


This year, I:

Dove the beautiful Perhentians:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Product Review: Tresemme Thermal Recovery Nourish & Renew Conditioner for Heat Damaged Hair

At a Glance:
Price: RM29.90
Weight: 900ml
Made in: Australia
Availability: Watsons, Guardian
Likes: Rinses out clean, makes my hair super soft, cheap, easily available! :)
Gripes: None!
Repurchase: Yes!! :D


Product Description:

Deeply nourishes where hair needs it most to help replenish and strengthen heat styled hair. Ideal for those who regularly use blow dryer and heat stylers, this advanced recovery and protect system with aloe vera and almond oil extract gently cleanses to restore essential lost nutrients to transform dried out, damaged hair to soft, shiny, healthy looking hair.

Texture & Scent:

This conditioner actually feels a little siliconey, but I'm happy to report that it rinses out clean. It also spreads easily unto the hair, but due to its thinner than usual texture I find that I have to use a little more product to adequately cover my waist long hair.

This has their signature floral + fruity scent! :)


This conditioner comes in a white opaque bottle. I was provided with the larger bottle which comes with a pump:

Price & Availability:
This conditioner is priced at RM29.90 for the larger 900ml bottle. The smaller 500ml flip top bottle retails for RM19.90 each. This should be available at Watsons and Guardian outlets, though I personally can only find the larger bottles in Guardian near where I live! :)

My $0.02:

Remember how I said I can never get any conditioner to work for my fried hair and can only use hair masks as conditioner daily to tame my mane? Well, I take all of that back, because this conditioner really is the bomb! :D

It makes my hair really soft and manageable without weighing it down or greasing up my scalp! :D I also like how it rinses clean and does not leave my bathroom floor slippery.

I honestly cannot fault this conditioner in any way, maybe except that it comes in an opaque bottle. I personally prefer it to be in a transparent bottle so that I can see how much product there is left in there, but hey I'm more than willing to overlook that because I LOVE this product! Needless to say I'll definitely repurchase when I run out! :)

Have you tried this conditioner before? If you haven't, what are you waiting for? Lol! Its hands down the best conditioner I've tried ever, and at that price and size, it is probably the cheapest too! :D

This product is provided for consideration. I am in no way affiliated with them nor do I get compensated monetarily for this post. Kindly purchase at your own discretion.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Product Review: Tresemme Thermal Recovery Nourish & Renew Shampoo for Heat Damaged Hair

At a Glance:
Price: RM29.90
Weight: 900ml
Made in: Australia
Availability: Watsons, Guardian
Likes: Cleanses well, does not leave a residue, cheap, easily available
Gripes: Abit drying for my hair
Repurchase: Yes


Product Description:

Deeply nourishes where hair needs it most to help replenish and strengthen heat styled hair. Ideal for those who regularly use blow dryer and heat stylers, this advanced recovery and protect system with aloe vera and almond oil extract gently cleanses to restore essential lost nutrients to transform dried out, damaged hair to soft, shiny, healthy looking hair.

Texture & Scent:

This shampoo is not as runny as some of the other shampoos I've tried, but it still spreads and lathers up easily:

This shampoo features their signature scent which is a little floral and a little fruity at the same time! Hehehe! :D


This shampoo comes in a black opaque bottle (also their signature packaging). I was provided with the larger bottle which comes with a pump:

This shampoo also comes in a smaller bottle with a flip top cap. Click here to see how it looks like.

Price & Availability:
This shampoo is priced at RM29.90 for the larger 900ml bottle. The smaller 500ml flip top bottle retails for RM19.90 each. This shampoo should be available at Watsons and Guardian outlets, though I personally can only find the larger bottles in Guardian near where I live! :)

My $0.02:

First of all I would like to thank DKSH for the super generous samples! I was provided the largest 900ml bottle for this, along with alot of other goodies to try out, so thank you so much! :D

I personally am a fan of Tresemme products - they're cheap, easily available and they work! :) My bathroom staple is my favourite Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo though I've been meaning to review their Smooth Conditioner which kept my hair soft and managable when I was diving the Perhentians! :)

This shampoo is no different - it's cheap, easily available, and it works for me! I also find that I can get away with shampooing my hair every alternate day instead of daily with this shampoo. It's a little drying for my fried hair though, but its nothing a good conditioner can't fix (my hair is super fried anyway). Other than that I really have no complaints about this product! :D

Have you tried this product before?

This product is provided for consideration. I am in no way affiliated with them nor do I get compensated monetarily for this post. Kindly purchase at your own discretion.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jenn Asks: Do you follow the latest fashion trends? :)

Let's take a break from all things beauty-related, and talk about fashion instead today! :) 

I'm usually quite the boring dresser - I do not dress radically nor do I chase after the latest trends. In fact, I've been known to hoard clothes from, yes, wait for it... 18 years ago! :O Yes, you have my permission to shudder now! Hahaha!! XD

But recently, I found myself drawn to beautiful, flowy mullet dresses that are all the rage right now:

And let me tell you, its a struggle to walk away from them each time - my heart says "GO BUY IT", but my head is screaming "THEY'LL BE SO YESTERYEAR IN NO TIME!". There's something really feminine about these mullet dresses (especially the chiffon ones!) - oh so flowy and romantic. There's just one catch - I do not have the gams to carry them off, so my head is winning right now... until I can find a beautiful maxi one, that is! Lol!

How about you? Do you consciously or unconsciously follow fashion? And oh, do you like mullet dresses? Hehehe! :D 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Product Review: NARS Blush in Dolce Vita

At a Glance:
Price: US$28 / 1150 Baht
Weight: 4.8g / 0.16 Oz
Made in: Canada
Likes: GORGEOUS color, lasts the entire day!
Gripes: Not available locally, rubber casing melts after a few years.
Repurchase: Yes! :)


Product Description


Pigmentation & Color:

This blush is described as a "matte dusty rose" on the NARS website, which I think accurately describes this shade! :)

This color looks a little yucky and dirty in the pan, and it swatches the same way too:

However, on the cheeks it gives such a lovely flush to my NW20 complexion (stippled once unto my cheeks with the MAC 187):

Featuring this blush on my cheeks, and the Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava on my lips! :)

This blush is rather pigmented though (as you can see from the finger swatch) - so it can look dirty and muddy on your face if you apply too much. I suggest using a skunk brush and the lightest hand possible - its always better to add on slowly than to apply too much at one go! :)

This blush is really finely milled, so it glides on beautifully.


This blush comes in the regular rubbery NARS compact which is prone to melting and become sticky in our humid whether :( Storing it out of the sun and using a dehumidifier may prolong its lifespan, but I wish they would change the packaging altogether to something more robust.

This blush comes with a plastic covering the surface of the blush when new. There's a mirror in there too for your convenience:

This is the box it comes in:

Time Test:
This product lasts more than 10 hours on my cheeks! <3 b="b">Price & Availability:

This blush is priced at US$28 / 1150 baht, and is available at all NARS counters. Sadly, this is not available in Malaysia as of now - I bought mine from the Beauty Hall at Siam Paragon, Bangkok.

Since this looks really natural when applied with a light hand, methinks that it can be used for all occasions! :D

My $0.02:

I have always been a peachy blush kind of girl (my husband will attest to that - he actually counted the amount of peachy blushes I have and gave me this horrified look while asking "Why do you need SO MANY of the same thing?" o.O He is right you know... Men... they will never understand! >.<), but nowadays I'm really trying to branch out and try using other colors! :)

I have always been wary of dirty, muddy looking colors such as this one despite reading so many good things about it. My fears were confirmed when the SA at the counter actually PILED ON this blush unto my skin! Oh the horror!! :O That sent me frantically trying to wipe off most of it using a tissue (discretely of course, didn't want to offend the SA)... and when I got most of it off, I realized that it actually looks quite nice against my skin! :D

The rest, as they say, is history! :D I have been using this blush almost exclusively since then... this is how much I like it! :D Like all NARS blushes, this is really finely milled and it is super pigmented and lasts the entire day, which I really like. However, I'm not a fan of the rubbery compact - my 5 year old NARS Orgasm is starting to melt already. Ok I know that you're not supposed to keep a blush for that long, but hey its still not rancid or anything and I'm the only one using it so Imma keep on using it! Hehehe! :D

All in all I do not regret purchasing this blush, and I'll definitely repurchase if I run out! :)

What about you? Do you own this blush? How do you find it? :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

Setember's Fabulous Finds! :D

Happy Mid-Autumn everyone! :D Ok, happy BELATED Mid-Autumn, I hope you guys had a wonderful one! :D

Guess what came in the mail two days ago? :D

September's Fabulous Finds Beauty Box baybeh!!! :D :D :D :D :D

For those who don't know about this brand, Fabulous Finds is a beauty box subscription service based in Malaysia. For RM35 a month, subscribers will receive 4 - 5 deluxe samples from high end and niche brands which will be delivered by courier free of charge to their doorsteps. Customers can also opt for a yearly subscription for RM420 and receive an additional box for free :)

Are you excited to know what's in this month's box? :D

Wait for it...

Tada! Their signature silver paper and matching melon pink ribbon! :D

Open that up, and you'll be greeted with a personal note from the founder of Fabulous Finds, Hui Ling! :)

Love how my favourite quote by Coco Chanel is featured at the bottom of the note each month... a great reminder to us ladies to always be classy and fabulous! :)

Ok enough teasing! Hehehe! :D Lets look at what this month's box offers:

September's box contains the following goodies:
1 Full Sized Elizabeth Arden Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules & Gold Ultra Lift and Strengthening Eye Capsules (worth RM116.20)
1 Full Sized Essence Duo Eyeshadow (worth RM8.90)
1 Full Sized Essence Stay with Me Long-Lasting Lipgloss (RM10.90)
1 50ml Clairol Professional: Colour Radiance Shampoo
1 30ml Clairol Professional: Visible Repair Intensive Mask
1 1ml Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT

More information is listed on the flip side of the personal note by Hui Ling:

Along with the abovementioned goodies, the box also includes a special offer to purchase a set of EDT, travel-sized EDT and Hand Cream from Narciso Rodriguez for RM378:

There's also a Clairol Professional catalog for your perusal :D

Personally I'm most excited about trying the cosmetics from Essence! I've been hearing about this budget brand from Europe for quite sometime now and how their stuff are cheap and good (things like that are hard to come by nowadays), and am trilled to be able to test them out (I haven't came across any shops selling this brand locally)!

The eyeshadow I got is called 10 Best Friends - a pretty lavender and periwinkle blue duo! :)

The lipgloss I got is a pretty fuschia shade called Trendsetter:

Can't wait to try them out! :D :D

Overall, methinks that Fabulous Finds did yet another great job this month! This month's box is definitely value for money, and I'm actually really eager to try out everything in this month's box! :D I know I said that I'm a little hesitant to commit to a subscription in my review for last month's box, but I'm definitely starting to warm up to the idea :) Keep up the good job, Hui Ling and Team! :D

September's Fabulous Finds Beauty Box is provided for consideration. I am in no way affiliated with them nor do I get compensated monetarily for this post. Kindly subscribe at your own discretion.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jenn Asks: Do you get enough sleep every night?

We all know what the doctor says - getting eight hours of sleep every night is crucial to good health (and also, good skin! They don't call it "Beauty Sleep" for nothing ;) ). But how many of us actually do abide by that rule?

I'm personally a fan of sleeping - it is the ultimate luxury for me! :D I'm used to going to bed pretty early (am a morning person as well), but of late, I find myself staying up later and later for work, studies, or to watch TVB movies. And yes people, it's true - other than being obviously tired in the morning, sleep deprivation really wrecks havoc on the skin. I find that my skin gets dehydrated yet oily, pimples start popping up unannounced and oh, those dreaded dark eye circles that are SO unattractive! And the worst part is, although all these problems crop up almost overnight, they take WEEKS to go away! Pffftt! >.<

So nowadays, I'm trying revert back to my good ol habits - be in bed by 10.30 so that by the time I drift off to sleep, I get at least 8 hours of rest.

Speaking of the 8-hours-sleep-a-night rule, I do think that it varies slightly from person to person though. I'm personally the freshest in the morning if I get 9 hours of continuous sleep. Less makes me grouchy for the rest of the day, and more gives me a headache for the rest of the day! Lol!

So over to you! Do you get enough sleep every night? Do you think that the 8-hours-sleep-a-night rule applies to you? How many hours of sleep do you need in order to feel fresh in the morning? Share away! :D

Monday, September 3, 2012

Product Review: Garnier B.B Cream SPF26 PA+++

At a Glance:
Price: RM19.90
Weight: 20ml
Made in: China
Likes: Blends easily, colour is a good match for my skin, cheap, easily available
Gripes: Not really a gripe but I prefer a matte finish, makes skin a little oily.
Availability: Most drugstores such as Watsons and Guardian.
Repurchase: No


Product Description:

New Garnier Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer, The 1st BB moisturizer from Garnier that gives you an amazing fairness with a single gesture, and provides you with a total solution for fair and perfect skin in a flash.
Enriched with brightening pure lemon essence acting as a natural exfoliator, its SPF 26/PA+++ formula helps to protect skin from daily UVA and UVB rays and covers it with mineral pigments for a nude coverage and long lasting wear. From the 1st minute witness skin looks: 
1. More radiant2. More even-toned3. With less dark spots4. With less visible imperfections5. Reduces redness6. Smoother7. More hydrated8. With less visible lines9. With less visible pores10. Reveals its healthy glow. 
This easy spread formula is oil free and fragrance free, it won't clog pores and is suitable all for skin types and tones.

Pigmentation & Color:

Like most BB creams, this BB cream comes only in one fair shade, and typical of BB creams, it goes on ghastly white on me, but magically transforms itself to suit my NW20 skin perfectly! :)

This BB cream offers sheer coverage - you'll still need a concealer to totally cover pimples or freckles. However, it does even out my skin tone and covered my ruddy cheeks pretty well:

As you can see in the picture above, it gives a lovely dewy glow to the face too! :D

Texture and Scent:
This BB cream is rather fluid, so it slicks onto your skin smoothly. It is light and comfortable on the skin.

Although this is labeled as being fragrance-free, my tube has a rather strong plasticky scent that I don't like. Fortunately the smell goes away quickly so it's no biggie! :)


This BB cream comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a twist off cap. I personally love the tiny dispensing hole because you have much more control over how much product to dispense! :D

This is the box it comes in:

Time Test:
This BB cream lasts the entire day on my skin, although I notice that it starts to go a little missing from the 6th hour onwards on a humid day.

Price & Availability:
This BB cream is priced at RM19.90 and is available at most Garnier displayers in your local pharmacies. It goes on sale often too! :)

My $0.02:

Wow, I can't believe that the last BB cream I tried was more than two years ago! Time really flies huh! :D Back then the market was less saturated - very few companies decide to hop unto the BB Cream bandwagon so there were definitely fewer choices back then. Nowadays, almost all cosmetic brands have a BB cream of sorts. Heck, even sunscreen companies such as Sunplay have BB creams now! :D I feel so left behind... T_T #truestory

Oh well, time to remedy that now! :D So I've been hearing lots of raves for this affordable BB Cream. In fact, all the reviews I've read so far are positive ones. You know how I am always swayed by raves always do my homework before purchasing something, so off I went and got this (on sale too! Whoots! :D).

True to what I've read, this is a really good BB cream indeed! :D

Firstly, although this doesn't really cover imperfections totally, it does even out my skintone. It's also quite dewy, so it's perfect for an evening out. I personally find it a little too dewy for my liking though - nowadays I much prefer matte BB creams or foundation!

I do find that this makes my skin a little oilier than usual though, so oily-skinned babes may want to use an oil-control primer beneath this BB Cream. Other than that, I really cannot fault it in any other way! :)

Since this BB Cream is the same price as the Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream, I thought I'd do a quick comparison between the two.

Both BB Creams are priced at RM19.90 and are widely available at most pharmacies. Both last the entire day on my skin too, although I find that the Maybelline one held up better on humid days even without setting it with powder.

Color-wise, this BB cream is warmer than the Maybelline one, but both look really natural on my NW20 skin:

Left: Garnier BB Cream, Right: Maybelline BB Cream

Probably the biggest difference between the two is its finish. This BB cream gives a super dewy look whereas the Maybelline one finishes Matte (yet it gives a subtle glow). Read my full review of the Maybelline BB Cream to see pictures of the finish.

Like I have mentioned above, I personally prefer Matte finishes so I will probably not repurchase this one, but that is strictly a personal preference. Performance wise I cannot fault this BB cream in any way, except that it makes my skin a little oilier than usual, but its nothing a quick dab of powder cannot fix! :)

Have you tried this BB cream before? How do you find it?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Product Review: Laneige Hydra Solution Cream

At a Glance:
Price: RM160 (approx. US$51.61)
Weight: 50ml / 1.7 Fl. Oz.
Made in: Korea
Likes: Absorbs into skin quickly, brightens skin, hygienic packaging - tub is sealed when new and spatula is included in box
Gripes: Not moisturizing enough, leaves a film on the skin
Repurchase: No


Product Description:

Hydra Energy solution for crystal clear skin.
- Enhances hydra vitalizing function and help your skin look more radiant with refresh and soft texture.- Brings more vibrant and smooth skin look to dull and dry complexion- Keeps well balance of richness and refreshment for combination or oily yet dry skin type.Combination of abundant ionized-minerals of Snow Water and marine extracts leaves super long lasting hydration from deep inside of skin

Texture & Scent:

This cream is rather thick, but surprisingly it sinks into the sink quickly. I find that this cream leaves a film on my skin though, and it doesn't disappear until I wash it off! >.<

This cream has a floral scent which I'm not crazy about, but thankfully it dissipates quickly so its no biggie.


I have to give props to Laneige for their hygienic packaging. The picture above shows how it's sealed to ensure freshness when new :)

Once you remove the seal, there is another plastic cap typical of moisturizers in tubs:

I like how a plastic spatula is included as well - God knows it should be made a law or something for skin care companies to provide a spatula for tub products! :D

This night cream comes in a pretty white box:

Price & Availability:
This moisturizer is priced at RM160, and is available at all Laneige counters.

My $0.02:

I got suckered into trying this night cream (along with the Water Sleeping Pack) one faithful day eons ago last year. The girl at the counter was SO NICE and helpful without being pushy, so all of us bought from her! :D This goes to show that good service really brings in the sales, as opposed to being pushy and obnoxious! :D

I've had high hopes for this product due to its hydrating claims. My skin gets dehydrated as the assignment due date draws nearer and I totally neglected my skin then when I'm stressed, so I was really counting on this to restore moisture to my face. Super long lasting hydration? I'm sold!

Did this live up to its claim though? Unfortunately it did not for me :(

Its alright as a basic moisturizer, but definitely not moisturizing enough if your skin is dehydrated like mine was. I also didn't like how it leaves a film on my skin that doesn't gets absorbed until I wash it off :(

All is not lost though - I noticed that this really does brighten up my complexion in the morning when I wake up. Also, I'm loving how hygienic the tub is when new - it is sealed, and also you get a spatula in your box! :)

All in all I think that this moisturizer is probably suited for people with normal to slightly oily skin. Since I have dry skin, I will not repurchase this.

Have you tried this night cream out before? What is your favourite moisturizer? :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Product Review: Nivea Fruity Shine in Pink Guava

At a Glance:
Price: RM8.90
Weight: 4.8g
Made in: Thailand
Likes: Moisturizing, lovely color, affordable.
Gripes: Funny taste
Availability: Most major pharmacies
Repurchase: Yes!


Product Description

The innovative formula of NIVEA® Fruity Shine with Pink Guava extract and shimmering pigments combines long lasting moisturisation and an exotic fruity flavour, leaving a touch of pink colour on soft and smooth lips.
  • Delights young delicate lips with fruity flavour and smoothing, long lasting care
  • Naturally enhances your lips with shimmering pigments and a soft glossy colour
  • Contains SPF10, protection against UVA and UVB rays
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Pigmentation & Color:

This lip balm gives a very light hint of pink to the lips. Although it is shimmery when swatched, it doesn't really appear that way on the lips! I also like how it makes the lips look smooth and glossy! :)


And on my lips (left is bare):

Texture & Scent:
This lip balm slicks on smoothly, but its not too oily until it slides right off your mouth. I personally think that this is perfect under lipsticks because it provides a nice, smooth layer as a base for the lipstick! :)

This has a wonderful fruity scent that I love, but it tastes abit weird! >.<


The lipbalm comes in the usual plastic twist-up tube with a pull-off cap. You get slightly lesser than 1.5 inches of product with each tube:

And this is how its packaging looks like:

Time Test:
One application lasts me the entire day - I'm super amazed! :D

Price & Availability:
This lip balm is priced at RM7.90, and is available at most major pharmacies such as Watsons and Guardian! :)

My $0.02:

I'm super tardy when it comes to product reviews (I know right!!)! This is part of my birthday present LAST YEAR from my girl Plue! Kakaka! Ok time to remedy that now... as you all can tell, I have been good for the past few weeks so lets keep it that way! :D

I'm truly thankful to Plue for gifting this to me because I would never try this out for myself! I vividly remember being forced to use tubes after tubes of the old, horrid Nivea lipbalm as a child with chapped, bleedy lips, and I would never have picked this one up myself if I were not given it because believe it or not, I can still TASTE the old horrid one in my mouth until today!! Bleurgh! >.<

Before applying this to my lips I gave it a whiff, and am immediately relieved to not detect any trace of the old scent. And it just keeps on getting better after that! I slicked it on and am pleasantly surprised by its texture. Its SO COMFORTABLE to wear without that heavy, oily feel on the lips and oh, the fruity scent doesn't hurt either. I also love how this gives a hint of color to my lips, nothing too bright or scary so it's perfect for those no-makeup days! :)

The only thing I didn't like about this lipbalm is that it does have a weird taste, but nothing too terrible so I'm more than willing to overlook this.

At this affordable price, I'd say that its really all-round, amazing lipbalm, and I'll definitely repurchase when I run out! :D
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