Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Product Review: Hada Labo UV SPF50 PA+++ UV Moist Emulsion

At a Glance:
Price: RM49.90
Weight: 38g
Made in: Japan
Likes: High SPF protection, non-sticky, no whitish cast, a little moisturizing! :D
Gripes: None! :D
Repurchase: Yes!! :D


Product Description:


Texture & Scent:

Just like its name, this sunblock has a runny, emulsion-like texture :) I LOVE how it sits on the skin nicely without feeling all thick, oily or goopy:

Ugly pimples censored

And yes, in case you're wondering, it actually does feel "moisturizing"! lol! Not enough to skip moisturizer altogether (but i still do sometimes, everybody's allowed to have some lazy days! :P), but still more moisturizing than most sunblocks.

This sunblock is fragrance free.


This sunblock comes in a slim plastic bottle with a screw-off cap. It's really portable:

The dispensing hole's size is just right too:

And this is how it looks like brand new:

Price & Availability:
This sunblock is priced at RM49.90, and should be available at most Hada Labo sections of your local Guardian / Watsons outlets. It took quite awhile to arrive at our shores though - i JUST saw it at Watsons Queensbay last week! >.<

My $0.02:

Before I begin, I need to give a HUGE shoutout to my girl Plue for getting me this! Thank youuuuu!! :D

Turns out that I really, really like this one! :D It's cheap, it's SPF50, it's non-sticky annnnnnd it has no alcohol! *does cartwheels* :D

I can't seem to find a fault with this one - thats how much I love it! Needless to say I'll definitely be purchasing! :D

psssst: this didn't clog my pores too, especially on days when I just couldn't be bothered to clean my face with cleansing oil! You didn't hear this from me though... :P


  1. i am so glad that it gave you no problems! :D

  2. Seems like a great product! Thanks for sharing the review..I might give it a go after all.. =)


  3. love it too! cheap and good - what more can we ask for? ;)

  4. great review! might buy to try too!
    btw, now i'm using neutrogena ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock. so far so good :) doesn't break me out.


  5. definitely a great sunblock! I use it everyday now :)

  6. plue: yesh me too!! Thank youuuu!! :D

  7. Vanity is an addiction: Do give it a go... i'm loving it! :D

  8. Xin: pssst... it would be perfect if it lasts 12 hours like the Loreal / Lancome one, but I'm really happy with it as it is already! :P

  9. Carol: I really wanted to get that one previously, but felt a little iffy about using a waterproof sunblock on a daily basis.

    Good to hear that it works for you though! :D

  10. Connie: Me toooo!! Love it to bits! :D

  11. This is one of my fave sunblocks of all time! I've pretty oily skin so wearing it on its own would make me quite shiny but this suncreen works really well under makeup.

  12. Thats good to hear! :D I like how this one works for different skin types! :D

  13. contains paraben?? most of hada labo products contain parabens..


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