Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MAC Glitter and Ice Holiday 2011 Collection

Have you seen the Holiday collection from MAC yet? It's super GORGEOUS!!!

I don't know about you, but i'm not really feeling their poster pic though:

Powdered nipple, anybody? *coughs*

*ahem* Anyways, I thought that the packaging is SO PRETTY! *squeals* Love the pure white compact... it's been awhile since we last seen one (last was Moonbathe in 2007, gosh I loved that collection! :D).

A family pic of this collection:

There's bound to be something for everyone in this collection - lipsticks, dazzleglasses, colored technakohls and those beautiful mineralize eyeshadows, all with limited edition packaging!

Paint Pots (US$17.50):

For Effect - Black with pearl
Morning Frost - Brown with pearl
Let’s Skate - Pale pink with pearl

Mineralize Eye Shadows (US$19.50):

Fresh Ice - Silvered white
Hold That Pose! - Pale lilac
Frozen Blue - Silvered blue
Shimmermint - Pale green
Winterized - Silver and indigo swirl
Snow Season - Soft brown

Beauty Powders (US$25):

How Beautiful! - Neutral brown with pearl
Snowglobe - Pink beige with pearl

Nail Lacquers (US$15):

Get Noticed! - Bright red (Cream)
Unconditionally Fabulous - White with pearl (Frost)
Festive Finery - Purple (Cream)

Lipsticks (US$14.50):

Such Flare (Matte) - Bright red
What Joy! (Satin) - Deep berry
Whirls & Twirls (Glaze) - Pink with pearl
Double Spin (Cremesheen) - Lilac-pink
Eloquent Air (Glaze) - Silver
Soft Sable (Frost) - Brown with pearl

Dazzleglasses (US$18):

She-zam - Silver. Repromoted from last year's Magic, Mirth and Mischief! collection. Stay tuned for review! :D
Pleasure Principle - Silver with white pearl. Repromoted from the original Dazzleglass collection.
Dressed to Dazzle - Pink with gold pearl
Glitter and Ice - Nude with gold pearl
Love Alert - Jewel-toned red. Permanent shade. Read my review here!
Spanking Rich - Red with gold pearl. Repromoted from the original Dazzleglass collection.

Technakohl Liners (US$15):

Silver Skates - Silver with pearl
Going for Gold - Gold with pearl
Seasonally Spicy - Brown with pearl
Fancy Moves - Purple with pearl
Practice Makes Perfect - Blue with pearl
Smooth Manoeuvre - Black with pearl

Lashes (US$15):

#7 Lash

This collection also comes with the Bad, Bad Black Opulash mascara. It will be available in the US end October, and us international girls, in November :)

Do you feel any of these items calling out your name? I know i want everything!!! >.<"

Credits: All pictures from Beautyinsider.ru, color story from Temptalia.com.


  1. I agree with you, absolutely not liking the promo pic. I see their theme is quite futuristic/space age. I am not feeling any of the items...nothing really catches my eyes.

  2. Haha... i think the theme of this collection is the ice skating sport, but yeah, i'm not feeling it either! >.<

    Thats good! Your wallet must be happy! Hehehe! :D

  3. jenn you must exert self control! hahahaha :P

    but i want those bps! but why no blush? :(

  4. i'm sorry to say that i really hate the promo photos, those with the models.. look like some B class low outdated sci-film!lol!

    love the white packaging too! wish they put some glitter effect on them but well..

    still nothing steal my attention :(
    maybe the viva glam holiday collection?? need at least hoard the holiday pouch! :)


  5. The eyeliners are very pretty. But that promo picture is just really, really bad...

  6. plue: Haha i knowwwww!! :P

    Maybe cuz they'll have facekits as well liao! :D

  7. Carol: Haha... looks like quite afew people don't really like it too! :D

    I'm hoping that the compacts are "shimmery" too, since the brushes all have glitters! But we shall see! :D

    You NEED to have the VGV teddy bear!! Its sooooo cute!! XD

  8. Gio: I'm really feeling the colorful liners too! But yeah, can't say the same for the poster though! >.<

  9. oh the white packaging looks nice (: really want to try out the lipsticks!!

    CMPang x

  10. Yes it is! :D I'm secretly hoping that it is shimmery as well! :D


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