Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner

At a Glance:
Price: RM23.90 (approx. US$8)
Weight: 0.5g
Made in: China
Likes: Super easy to use, long lasting, cheap, easily available.
Gripes: Not really waterproof, flakes and smudges a little after awhile.
Repurchase: Maybe


Product Description


    Pigmentation & Color:
    This eyeliner comes in only black. I find that I have to go through the same area at least twice to get a nice opaque line.

    The swatches below were achieved with 2 swipes:

    Texture & Scent:
    This eyeliner goes on liquid, but it dries really quickly. While it held up for the most part of the day, I find that it flakes on me after 5-6 hours or so. Though this is advertised as waterproof, some of it did come off after I've rubbed it with water:

    This one doesn't really have a scent to it.


    This eyeliner comes in pen-form with a cap. What I love most about it is its 0.05mm tip:

    Being this thin, it gives me the option of drawing a super thin line, or use it angled for a thicker line (as seen in my swatch pic above). The tip is firm enough to ensure an even line all over :)

    Time Test:
    This eyeliner lasts all day on my eyelids, but I find that they start to flake after about 5-6 hours' wear.

    Price & Availability:
    This eyeliner goes for RM23.90 (US$8) and it's available at all Maybelline displayers at your nearest Watsons / Guardian / Supermarket! :D

    My $0.02:

    Everyone seems to be raving about this product! So being the curious cat I that I am, naturally had to pick this up when it was on sale! :D

    It didn't go too well for me the first time I tried this out. I think something flew into my eye and caused it to tear up a great deal. I had forgotten that I had this on, so I wiped my tears away with a piece of tissue, only to see bits and pieces of this eyeliner stuck there! >.<

    Pictures (left is freshly applied, right is after teary episode):

    As you can see, some of the liner came off after it came in contact with my tears + the tissue paper, so girls with teary eyes may want to stay away from this product.

    Not deterred, I tried again the next day, and as my luck would have it, I got another teary episode again after an eyelash fell into my eye!! Arghhhh!! >.<

    Oh well, just my luck. Thank God for the long holidays! So I tried yet again on the third day, and succeeded! lol! (You might have read about my little embarrassing episode on my Facebook page - now you know how much I love you all! T_T lol!).

    Here's the result (left: freshly applied, right: 8 hours later):

    Not too bad huh!! Though it did flake and smudge (just a little), it held up well in our humid weather! :D

    In a nutshell, methinks that this is not too shabby! I might repurchase since this is so cheap and does the job, but I want to try out other products first :)

    ps: if you're wondering how this compares to the Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen, I much prefer the latter because it is more pigmented and it stays on longer. Unfortunately I'm not able to provide side by side comparison pictures for you all because mind has dried up. 


    1. wow...the swatch came out super dark! ( my kind of liner!) but the point having it gone is a bit a con for me :) thanks for this

    2. Nikki hun, you look absolutely STUNNING in your new pic! :D

      Yeah its a bit of a bummer that this doesn't last, but its not too bad if you're wearing it for short periods of time :)

    3. I'm glad you managed to make it work for you. The eyeliner looks great on you but I wish it lasted longer.

    4. i have a mixed feeling about this. while it is quite easy to use, but the tip is so fine that i sometimes lose focus and poke my eye >< and also without a primer, it smudges as soon as within 2 hours on my lid =/ i will use this as -travel friendly eyeliner

    5. gio: yeah... its not too bad otherwise! :D

    6. Xin: thanks for sharing!! Its good to know that i'm not alone - cuz almost all (in fact, i think ALL) of the reviews i've read so far were raves and none of them experienced any fading / flaking / smudging, so i thought i got a bad one or what! >.<

    7. Aaah I just got this and have been trying it out for a few days now. I like how dark it is and how easy it is to apply on me, and also making the winged tip/flick. I haven't experienced any flaking/smudging after 6+ hours of wear though, and even if I did it was because I rubbed my eye (Oops!). Haven't cried in it either so I can't tell if it's waterproof on me or not lol

      My previous HG liquid eyeliner pen is from Kiss Me Heavy Rotation, but that "dried up" after <20 uses, which means the ink came out more sheer than usual :( I also notice, though, that the Maybelline one takes more effort to remove for me (Using my Empro eye and lip makeup remover) than the Kiss Me one, despite Kiss Me being dark/opaque, lasts up to 12+ hours and being able to withstand tears.

    8. Thanks so much for sharing! Another rave for this product! Hehehe!! :D

      My near HG is the Eyeko one... that one really lasts and lasts! :D

    9. I only tried the tester at Guardian. I drew on my hand and it was so hard to come out. Wonder why it can smudge so easily. I like the color though, very black. =)

    10. Funny how the same product can perform so differently for different people huh!

      So are you planning to buy it? :D

    11. smudge..abit..when i drew the front eye part..anyway~ I feel that kiss me or even dolly wink it's actually better than maybelline's one, u can try it~!


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