Saturday, September 10, 2011

MAC Styledriven Collection Review + Swatches! :D

This collection got pushed out of the lime light because it launched at the same time as the MAC Me Over collection (which I gave up swatching because the testers were all over the place, lol!), and also because the items are permanent (at least in the States, its availability is still TBD for us Penang girls at this stage). I'm kinda loving this collection! :D The foundations surprised me because I would expect long a wearing foundation to feel very dry on the skin, but this one isn't! It glides beautifully onto the skin without accentuating every flaw on your face! Me loves! :D

Unfortunately, we only got one lipliner and one lipcreme from this collection, so I apologize for not having swatches for the rest of the stuff. Also, two eyeshadows got missing / stolen / damaged during the event so no swatches for those too, sorrrry!! :(

Ok without further ado, lets go onto the swatches! :D

Eyeshadows (US$20 / RM80):

All eyeshadows have a wonderfully smooth texture! They're not the most pigmented shadows MAC has, but I guess these shadows are meant to have a "softer" look to them.

Carefree (Frost) - Pale white gold
Sunny Outlook (Satin) - Bright golden yellow
Pink Frontier (Frost) - Soft golden pink
Hot Paprika (Frost) - Mid-tone burnt red 
Tease with Ease (Frost) - Bright fuchsia 
Plush (Satin) - Vivid purple
One to Watch (Satin) - Light warm brown 
Lie Low (Frost) - Dark frosted golden brown

Sweet Satisfaction (Frost) - Soft neutral beige
Fresh Flare (Frost) - Bright kelly green 
Styledriven (Frost) - Pale white blue 
Weathered (Frost) - Dirty blue grey 
Thru the Night (Frost) - Deep navy
Make Your Mark (Satin) - Dark chocolate 
Keep Your Cool (Satin) - Dark grey brown
Legendary (Satin) - Black Warm almost black

Pro Longwear Lipglasses (US$18.50 / RM80):

These lipglasses are definitely the STARS of the collection! They're oh so pigmented and the last through food and drinks!! They do feel a little hard to spread, but they're not drying at all on the lips! Super love!! <3

Patience, Please (Cream) - Light pink-blue
Infinitely Likeable (Cream) - Light pink
Ready or Not! (Cream) - Neutral light coral with slight pearlized pigments
Show Me! (Cream) - Mid-tone neutral plum
Whoops! (Cream) - Bright coral
Full Speed Ahead (Cream) - Bright pink-magenta
Driven by Love - Red-blue with slight pearlized pigments
Lasting Achievement (Cream) - Mid-tone purple with slight pearlized pigments
Dark as Night (Cream) - Deep mid-tone purple with slight pearlized pigments 

Lipcremes (US$17 / RM75):

As I have mentioned earlier, we only got one limited edition color for this collection - Dress it Up, the rest are part of the permanent line, so please excuse the first 4 swatches! :D

Dress It Up - Light blue-pink (Cream)
Good to Go - Loudmouth orange (Cream)
Prolong (Cream) - Clean red with blue undertone and pearl
Positively Dashing (Cream) - Mid-tone berry blue-red
Soft Sell - Light yellow-pink (Cream)
So Very Good - Mid-tone plum with pearl (Frost)
Till Tomorrow - Mid-tone dirty mauve (Cream)
To the Future! - Dirty neutral pink with pearl (Frost)
Extended Play - Dirty red, yellow undertone (Cream)
Endless Drama - Deep berry blue-red (Frost)
Soulfully Rich - Deep dirty purple with red pearl (Frost)

Thats all for this collection! Didcha get anything? :D


  1. I've finally swiped a sample of the ProLongWear foundie, yay! I've also swatched Full Speed Ahead lipglass, it is soooo pretty!! ^.^ The MAC Me Over collection was kinda, meh for me heh heh.

  2. I went to the Mac website and couldn't find anything regarding this collection under the "what's new" section, I even searched for some of the eyeshadows and they aren't online yet, do you know the official release date in the US?

  3. Hanny: yay! :D How do you like the foundation? The Full Speed Ahead lipglass is not for the faint hearted... i tried it on and had to wipe it of immediately because its just so bright! Hehehe!! :D

  4. Lily: Hi! From what i've read, it should be launching on 9/22 in the US :)

  5. oh my!

    the e/s are lovely!!! didcha buy anything? XD

  6. Only a lipglass! It's tooo pretteh to resist! :D

    You getting anything? :D

  7. Heh heh, methinks my heart is no longer faint. I love pinks!!

  8. wow this collection has a lot! i may get Pink Frontier just 'cause i don't believe i've seen (and haven't owned) a golden pink eyeshadow yet. Hot Paprika looks promising too! btw first time commenter her but i love your FOTDs especially eye makeup - gradient blending, brilliant!

  9. Hanny: hehehe! Didcha get it? Do post a pic of you wearing it if you do! I bet it'll look stunning on you! :D

  10. MereMakeupManiac: Thanks for commenting! :D Oh dear... I still have SO MUCH to learn when it comes to applying makeup! Hehehe!! :D

    Pink Frontier and Hot Paprika are beautiful! Do lemme know if you get them ya! :D

  11. Sadly not yet. I need the moolah for new headphones. >.< Are they permanent?

  12. Aww that stinks! :(

    These are permanent in the States, but I'm not sure if our stores will be the same. I hope you manage to get it... if it is permanent you can always ask for it as a Christmas gift! *whistles* hahaha! :P


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