Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Pulse Perfection Waterproof Vibrating Mascara in 01 Black

At a Glance:
Price: RM59.90 (approx. US$20)
Weight: 6.5ml / 0.22 Oz
Made in: China
Likes: Volumizes and curls well, nice waterproof formula (doesn't feel "crunchy")
Gripes: Applicator takes some getting used to (a little longer than usual), clumps
Repurchase: No


Product Description



Color & Pigmentation:
This comes in only one color currently, which is the 01 Black shade. It is richly pigmented! :)

Texture & Scent:
The texture of this mascara is a little goopy, so you'll need to clean off the excess with a piece of tissue paper. It holds the curls and volumizes quite well, but unfortunately i find that it clumps easily too. Combing your lashes through with a lash comb and slowly adding on the layers instead of putting on one thick coat will yield better results.

Thankfully this one doesn't have a very strong chemical scent! :)


This mascara comes in the usual tube with an applicator attached to its cap. This being a vibrating mascara, there is a button on the cap which you press to start the vibrations and release when you're done :)

I have an issue with the applicator. Because it's longer than most of the other mascaras, it takes some practice before i stopped smearing mascara every now and then all over my eye area! lol!

This mascara comes in a box:

Time Test:
This mascara lasts the entire day on my lashes.

Price & Availability:
This mascara costs RM59.90 and is available at all Maybelline displayers in Watsons, Guardian, as well as your local pharmacies / supermarket :)

My $0.02:

This is my first ever Vibrating mascara! Me being a sucker for discounted items naturally HAD to pick this up when it was going for just RM45.90 sometime earlier. Whoots! :D

I know I'm very late unto the vibrating mascara bandwagon, but after my *meh* experience with the Lancome Oscillation mascara two years ago I just couldn't be bothered until now! lol!

So how did this baby fared for me?

While i think that the vibrating function did help to boost volume and I like how it doesn't leave my lashes feeling all crunchy and dry (like alot of other waterproof mascaras do), I find the formula a little too clumpy and thick for my liking. Cleaning the excess off prior to applying will make it a little better, but you still need a lash comb!

Ok, as usual, here's a bunch of pics for you to judge for yourself (no lash comb used):

A lash comb and some patience are your best friends when using this mascara. Personally, this is just an okay mascara for me so i don't think i'll be repurchasing.


  1. I would expect "MORE" when it comes to Maybelline mascaras! I can see good definition with your after shot but its not as "full" as I've expected! Thanks for this!

  2. The price is nuts for a drugstore mascara and I normally wouldn't pay so much for one unless it's one that I really love (ie. MUFE Smoky Lash but never full price in RM). Anyway... the first few times using this I thought it was just alright but after letting the formula sit awhile, I really started to enjoy using this. To the point that I've already run out of battery. Maybelline mascaras are weird like that. Try it again in 3 months time and see how you like it!

  3. i agree with Connie! it was always meh the first few times, until a few months later, it will be the best mascara in ur bag

  4. Nikki: yeah me too! Sadly, maybelline mascaras have been *meh* for me so far, but i have a new tube of magnum to try out, so lets see!

  5. Connie: I agree!! RM59.90 is just smidgen more expensive than a MAC mascara... and unless it's fantastic i don't think i'll be repurchasing.

    We'll see with this one, but the old Hypercurl one didn't get better with time for me too >.<

  6. Camy: haha okok!! I'll update in a few month's time! :D


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