Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Product Review: MAC Lipstick in Hibiscus

At a Glance:
Price: US$15.50 / RM69
Weight: 3g / 0.10 US Oz.
Made in: Canada
Likes: Beautiful color, doesn't feel drying on the lips! :)
Gripes: Limited edition, not a fan of the packaging, can make teeth look yellow! >.<
Repurchase: Yes, if i ever run out! :D


Product Description

Surf-cultured. Shine-right. Boldly floral sun-bright or delicately nude-y, these lipsticks wear their summer stripes with the cool grace of a real surfer dude. Add their white casing and there's no doubt - summer starts here.... Limited edition

Pigmentation & Color:

This shade is described as a bright orange coral on the website, and I would say that that is accurate. You pretty much are getting the same color as the one in the tube with skin swatches, but as with all lipsticks the color might vary depending on your lip pigmentation and complexion. Pigmentation wise this lipstick offers medium opacity with one layer, but with two it gives full coverage :)


And on my lips:

This being a Cremesheen lipstick applies beautifully, and its opacity can definitely be built up. I like how this isn't drying too! :)


This lipstick comes in the regular twist up tube with a screw off cap. This being from the Surf, Baby! collection has a surfboard print on it (that I don't really like! >.<)

The box it came in:

Time Test:
This lipstick lasts about 4 hours on my lips before it fades.

Price & Availability:
This lipstick is a little more expensive than the usual MAC lipstick because it is "special packaging". Each lippie goes for RM69 / US$15.50. This limited edition lipstick is available at all MAC stores, but should be gone by now! >.<

My $0.02:

If you have been reading my blog long enough, you'd probably realize that I'm terrified of bright lippies. I have never worn one out before though I've done a few looks with one. Well, that is *slowly* changing now - I'm definitely starting to warm up to brighter lip colors, but definitely am still not at the level where my ladies Paris B and Yani are rocking the red lips!

Well I figure that if i were to apply a very very very sheer layer of this lippie, it would be a good start. Baby steps, you know? Haha!

And you know what? I'm really digging it! The sheered out version anyways! :D I have been wearing this alot since! :D

Texture wise, this is one of the better ones from MAC, understandably because it's a Cremesheen. It's creamy, doesn't feel all drying yet it lasts a decent amount of time (about 4 hours). Color wise it is quite versatile, but i find that it makes my teeth appear yellower (especially at full opacity)! >.<

Ok enough blabla, here're a few pictures for you to see for yourself! :D

This is the sheeerrr version (a little pinky cuz I paired it with my beloved Baby Sparks Dazzleglass:

MAC Dainty Mineralize Blush for blushing, MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush for contouring and NARS Nico for highlighting :)

And this is 2 layers on my lips:

Featuring this lippie on my lips and the MAC Semi Precious Rose Quartz from the Semi Precious collection on my cheeks (review coming up soon - I'm on a rolllllll as you can tell!)! :D

As you probably can tell, I won't be wearing that out anytime soon!

Wanna know why was I wearing a cap in the picture above? The next pic is pretty self explanatory:

Lol! Thats all for this review! Do you dare to wear bright lipsticks? :D


  1. I'm not that daring when it comes to bright lippies, but might give it a shot one of these days. The double-layered one makes your face glow though...very pretty! :)

  2. Hehe lemme know when you do! I'm sure it'll look lovely on you! :D

    And thank you!! Still don't dare to wear it out though... >.<

  3. That's a very pretty shade, so summery!

  4. Exactly!! :D And if you sheer it out and pair it with a pinky gloss, it is as versatile as any lippies can get! :D


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