Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Review: Daiso Ellefar Flat Eyebrow B Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

At a Glance:
Price: RM5 (US$1.67)
Weight: 0.2g
Made in: China
Likes: Super cheap, easy to use, lovely natural color
Gripes: Hard to apply and goes on patchy due to its waxy texture if not warmed, strong waxy scent
Repurchase: No


Product Description


Pigmentation & Color:

This eyebrow pencil is a matte dark taupey brown. It is not very pigmented so it requires a few swipes before it shows up. I'm not too fussed by this though, cuz it means that the end result is more natural :)

Skin swatch

On my brows:

Picture on the left is my naked brows

Texture & Scent:
This eyebrow pencil is VERY waxy, hence it is a little hard to apply at the beginning, and it goes on patchy (as you can see from my swatch and brow pics above). It gets better after a few strokes though, so you may want to warm the tip against your arm before applying this to your brows.

This has a VERY STRONG waxy scent, not unlike those cheapo crayons we used when we were young! lol! Sadly, the scent remains for quite sometime before it dissipates! :(


This eyebrow pencil comes in pen form with a twist up mechanism, so no sharpening is required. The tips is broader than the usual eyebrow pencils:

At the other end of this pencil comes a free lash comb, which is great! :D

You get about an inch of product in each tube:

The packaging it came in:

Time Test:
This one about 7 hours on my brows before it starts to fade.

Price & Availability:
This brow pencil is priced at RM5 and should be available at most Daiso stores.

My $0.02:

As some of you already know from my Facebook Page, I "sapu-ed" (swept) home 3 different brow pencils from Daiso awhile ago, after trying out one and loving it! :D

Out of the 3 i got, i had the highest hopes for this one because I've always heard about how easy flat brow pencils are to use! :D Well, I can't fault this one alright - it is indeed super easy to use! And the wide surface makes application such a breeze! :D

The color is perfect for my brows - it blends right in! :) However, I won't lie and say that the end result will be like that without additional effort. Because of how waxy this pencil is, i find that i have to warm it up by swiping it several times on my arm first before applying to get an even result, otherwise it'll just go on lumpy! :(

I also don't like how the waxy scent is soooo overpowering! I can still smell it 2 hours later, and it's quite unpleasant! >.<

That being said, I do think that this is not a bad brow pencil. In fact if they improve on the scent factor it may actually become one of my favourite brow pencils because of how natural it looks on my brows. Oh well, you can't have everything I guess!

Wanna know how this compares against the one i got earlier?

Both are similar twist up "automatic" brow pencils. Although both are called "Dark Brown", I find that this one suits my brows better:

Don't know why the swatches look so patchy here! It looks perfectly fine on my arm! >.<

As you can see from the swatch above, the previous one (left) leans a little chocolate brown, while this one is more taupe. Texture wise, the former is definitely smoother and less waxy. Both are priced at RM5 and you get a free brow comb with both. And oh, the former doesn't smell! :P

So in a nutshell, yes, I still prefer the old one, though this one is a better match in terms of color for me! :)

Have you tried any Daiso Brow Pencils before? :D


  1. I hate waxy feel and weird scent so I'll give this a skip! thank goodness I read your review :)

  2. Woah.. I'm glad I didn't rush out to buy it the last time. I will avoid the flat eyebrow pencil. Great to know in advance! Thx! You do us a big favour! :-)
    Have you tried warming it up with a hairdryer first?

  3. Nikki: Exactly! It's such a pity because the shade is perfect for me! >.<

  4. milktea: haha good thing you didn't buy it! It's quite decent other than the smell!! >.<

    Warming it up with a hairdryer is such a good idea!! I shall try it next time... with other pencils that is!! Haha!! :D

  5. lol, I'm not surprised, daiso tools are decent, but there makeup is not :)


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