Friday, July 15, 2011

Where I put on my face in the mornings! :D

Warning: Picture heavy post!

Ok, this is a loooooooong belated post promised from wayyy back then. I've finally gotten my lazy behind around to take pictures, so thank you for your patience! :D

Contrary to popular belief I do think that I don't have alot of stuff (don't listen to the husband, some men are clueless creatures who can survive using a bar of soap from head to toe so anything more than that is considered "alot" to them!! Lalalala! :P), and this is further proven in the pics below.

Ok enough blabla, lets go straight to the pics! This is my dresser:

Lets start with my dresser top! :D Being abit OCD i arrange my stuff according to height and function, and i like to keep my dresser top as clutter free as possible. Stuff that i use daily or often are placed there, the rest are covered and tucked away to keep dust out.

My hair and facial sprays (my super distracting reflection covered - i think you all would much prefer to look at the cute cartoon instead! haha! :D):

From left: cotton buds, bed head Girl Toys (top), Loreal Elseve Smooth-Intense Ultra-Rich Leave-In Mask, Loreal Total Repair Night Essence (review coming up soon! :D), Loreal Studio Curl Power mousse, Avene Thermal Spring Water, MAC Charged Water (Super heart this! Review to be done as well :D)

In my little bath tub are all the skin care items that i'm currently using:

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse SPF50+ PA+++, my Holy Grail Lancome spot eraser, Hada Labo lotion, Strivectin-SD eye cream, The Body Shop blemish pen (the green dot), Estee Lauder whitening serum, Bioglo pore refiner (sad that they have changed the formula - it used to be awesome but it sucks now :( ), 3M acne patch, Laneige night cream (bottom), Laneige Water Bank (top). Outside the tub are a watermelon powder spray for my ulcers, My Lip Stuff Natural Lip Balm in Passionfruit-Orange-Guava, a sample of the MAC Prep + Prime sunblock, my Perspirex anti-perspirant that i can't live without and my absolutely cute pink Nohohon! :D

In the small bucket:

Mine and the husband's combs, tweezers, nail brush, nail clipper, blackhead remover loop and a body fat analyzer.

Moving on to the closed compartment on the left! :D Here I keep all my bath and body stuff, as well as all some other things that I don't use all that often. Open sesame:

On the first layer on the left:

Backups of my shampoos, shower gels, scrubs, sunblock and body lotions. My clay masks go here too (the silver cap one is the Cellnique clay mask). The out-of-place in pic #2 Queen Helene mask goes here too :)

In the 2nd shelf are my travel-sized stuff (shampoo, shower gels, cleansing oil, etc) on the left:

I find that putting all items on the 2nd and last shelves in plastic containers makes it more convenient to retrieve stuff placed at the back - I can just slide the whole container out and just grab whatever i want instead of taking them one by one out, get whatever i want then putting them all back again one by one! :)

On the right are random stuff:

Wax strips, Avene facial masks and Vaseline.

On the last layer is my nail stuff (polishes, remover, cotton pads, etc.):

Moving on to the right side! On the top of my pink plastic drawers are backups of my sheet masks at the back. In front are my brush cleanser in a spray bottle, the MAC Prep + Prime, the MAC Volcanic Ash mask and a backup of the MAC Brush Cleanser. The toothbrush is to clean my lash comb! lol! :D

In the first drawer are single sheet masks:

2nd drawer are skincare samples that i intend to use soon :D

3rd drawer contains all other samples that i have either used and didn't like, or just simply unloved but feel guilty of throwing them away :P

The last drawer contains makeup sponges / empty containers and a MAC sharpener that i've bought eons ago but yet to use =X

Wow! I actually didn't realise that there were so many pictures! >.< I think i'll split the makeup section into another post so I'll stop here for now. Part 2 coming up shortly so stay tuned! :D

I'm sooooo glad for the weekend already because I was having a rather poopy week! Looking forward to a girls day out tomorrow and simply just catching up on sleep during the weekend.

What about you? What do you have planned? Have a great one ya! :D


  1. Wow! I love your vanity! It looks so sleek and clean. It makes me motivated to clean up my vanity. I have things under my vanity, which I think makes it look more cluttered and unorganized. I have pictures below. Also, I think the angle of the pictures make my room look small. =(

  2. wow u are so organized!!
    i need to get one of these tables in the future~~ i just have all my stuff in the washroom.. its kinda messy too :P

  3. Woww, so organized!! :D You seem to have a fun collection of bath + body stuff. I'm definitely taking notes...heh. It feels great being clean, tidy, AND organized. ^^ Looking forward to your make-up stash/organization post!

  4. this is lovely!it's the first time i post a comment here but i do love your blog, you are such a cute and nice person :) and you always do detailed and soo useful reviews,thank you!

  5. Joyce: your vanity is super pretty! :D Hmmm maybe you can buy a storage bench to put all the stuff in there? :D

    Your room looks really nice too - bright and airy! :D

  6. MEOW: hahaha thanks... im a little obsessive compulsive, thats why.

  7. tiffyama: haha thanks! :D I'm addicted to buying shower gels and i hoard whenever i get access to brands not available here! :P

    Stay tuned... its coming soon! Hehehe!! :D

  8. ale: thank you so much for leaving a comment! :D Its always nice to hear from all of you! Hehehe!! :D

    Hopefully you find my site useful! :D

  9. omg you ish very organized! must take a cue from you d! i am super lazy when it comes to arranging, or it falls apart when i start rummaging for stuff lol.

    is that an ikea rack (the white one), i just had to ask! :P

    and really, it's not really alot... but i will say that when i have seen your actual stash of MAC stuff :P

  10. Haha... im anal about my stuff mah! :P

    Yeah thats an ikea rack. Can't live without out... there are tons around my house. In a tiny apartment like mine any extra space is luxury!

    Hahaha... then i dowan to show liao if not later you laugh at me! :P :P :P

  11. Ahhh Jenn, you are right! You don't have a lot of stuff! You know why? Coz all your stuff are stored neatly inside! tsk tsk tsk smart girl! ahahahhaha I love how organize you are and I love your bucket of Brushes!

  12. Hahaha! But Nikki hun, the stuff inside are not alot too!! *innocent eyes*

    Thank you! I love my little bucket too! :D

  13. I love your vanity, it's pretty and so well organized. You have a lovely collection too. :)

  14. won't laugh at you lah cuz i also got alot of stuff that's never will be organized :P

    you memang is ikea fan hor? :P and i spot the same ulcer treatment that i have too! :P

    and hello cookie!

  15. gio: thank you! :D my "collection" is humble though! Wakakaka!! :D

  16. plue: eh i mean laugh at me cuz my stuff so little only! hahaha!! :D

    Faster go organize your stuff! Then take pictures for meeeee!! :D

    Yeah i love Ikea... but penang dun have! Sad lo! :(

    Watermelon powder ftw! Haha!! :D I prefer this spray packaging than the usual tube one. The tube one geli la! >.<

    Cookie says "woof!" hahaha!! :D

  17. Awww your dog is so cute. You are so neat!! *inspired* can't wait to see how you organize your makeup...

  18. Hehe thank you! :D

    My makeup storage very simple only! Don't be disappointed ya when you see it! Hehehe!! :D

  19. wow!! i don't even have a dresser/vanity table! i'm jealous! :) drooling~ such spacious place to buy more! lol

    btw,whatyou think of the mac prep+prime sunblock?


  20. Awww... Go get one!! :D I'm running low on storage space for makeup already. Want to get a bigger dry box but the husband will kill me! Haha!! :P

    The MAC Prep + Prime sunblock is great! But as a sunblock i feel that the sun protection doesn't last as long as i'd like. It is an amazing makeup base though! :D


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