Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Product Review: Boots Caribbean Cocktail Aruba Dream Body Wash (Kukui Nut & Apricot)

At a Glance:
Price: 120 baht (approximately RM12.20)
Weight: 200ml / 6.7 US Fl. Oz.
Made in: Thailand
Likes: Cleanses well, does not dry out the skin, lovely scent, cheap! :D
Gripes: Not available locally! T_T
Repurchase: Yes!! :D


Product Description:

Enjoy the Caribbean carnival with this conditioning body wash, containing an exotic blend of soothing Kukui Nut and softening Apricot to help leave your skin feeling refreshed and silky soft.

Texture & Scent:

This shower gel probably one of the runniest i've came across. It does feel rather lush and thick nevertheless once you lather it up.

This produces quite abit of foam so its quite a joy to use in the shower! Hehehe!! :D

This has an absolutely divine scent that I super heart! <3 I'm really bad at describing scents, but this one is fruity and floral at the same time, without being sickeningly cloying! Yums! :D~


The packaging of this one is genius! Because it is so runny, it made perfect sense to house it in a squeeze tube. I love how you can detach the head so you can use up every single bit of product in it! :)

The dispensing hole:

This product changes the design of their packaging frequently:

Don't worry, their ingredients are always more or less the same though! :)

Price & Availability:
This shower gel is priced at 120 baht and is available at all Boots pharmacies in Thailand. It frequently goes on sale, and that makes it even more affordable to own! :D

My $0.02:

This is probably one of my favouritest shower gels on earth (as some of you can already tell from my Facebook page. If you're in there already, what are you waiting for?? D: lol /okshamelessselfadvertisementendsnow).

It's cheap, it cleanses well, it doesn't dry out the skin, and most importantly of all, it leaves my skin smelling soooo amazing!! :D

I can't really think of anything i didn't like about this shower gel, probably except for the fact that it's not available locally! *wails* I always stock up as many as i can whenever i can because thats how much i love them! Hehehe!! :D

Needless to say that i'll definitely repurchase them again and again! I hope they don't ever discontinue this!! :D


  1. i never tried kuki nut? and apricot as a body curious ;)
    i only tried papaya, kojic, cucumber, coconut, and chocolate hmmm wat else? :p great review :D
    Im having a Giveaway Pls Join ;D

  2. Cool! Seems like you've tried out quite alot of stuff! :D

    This is my first time using a product containing Kukui nut too!

  3. The packaging is very pretty and the scent sounds lovely too. Too bad it's not available here either. Thanks for the review.

  4. I agree gio! The packaging is quite pretty!! :D

    thats really sad huh!! :(


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