Monday, July 18, 2011

My Makeup Storage! :D

This is part 2 of my previous post! :D

I store my makeup in 3 places:

Most of my MAC makeup goes into my drybox, other not-so-loved-ones in the plastic drawers and the plastic folder! :)

Lets start with the pink drawers! The top part is where i keep my powders / eyeliners / curlers and other misc. stuff:

1st drawer contains lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows and balms.

2nd drawer contains foundations / BB creams on the left, and mascaras + new brow pencils / eyeliners on the right:

The last drawer are samples of makeup / removers:

Now lets go into the drybox! Open sesame:

As you can see, my drybox is "full" already :( Husband if you're reading this I REALLY NEED A BIGGER ONE!! :( :( :(

Ahemmm. Anyways, I use 3 different types of containers to stack my makeup. The 1st one is handmade, just because im anal about getting my stuff to fit perfectly in their boxes:

This cardboard box contains blushes. Since i have not filled them up completely some other stuff get to "tumpang" the 2nd box! lol! :D

The 2nd storage box i used is a lobster snack box (lol):

I used both sides of the box. One side contains all my lipglosses (which fits PERFECTLY in them! Happy happy! :D). Since there's still some space on top random stuff goes up there temporarily. The lid contains my NARS blushers. The good thing about this arrangement is that since the NARS blushers are really slim, i can stack the both sides up and save space in my drybox! :D

The 3rd type of container i used are from Daiso:

These contain everything else as you can see, from my brushes to eyeshadows to lipsticks and lipglosses :)

Lastly, i keep my eyeliners, brow pencils / gels in a plastic folder:

Oh, before I forget, this is my favouritest part, my MAC boxes drawer:

Here i keep all my MAC boxes. Its just such a joy to open it up and stare at the beayootiful boxes every now and then! Wakakaka!! :P

Thats all for my makeup storage! :D Toldcha i didn't have alot of stuff right? :D

How do you storage your makeup? Do share ya! :D


  1. I've always wanted to purchase a dry box but I find them too small! Now, can we purchase one same size as the mini fridge? *laughs*

    Thanks for sharing your makeup storage, I love how they are neatly piled!!!

  2. if i ever get a dry box to store my stuff, my hub will jump at me. LOL even all his lenses he is only keeping in a plastic container just with the thirsty hippo to do the job.

    perhaps i should psycho him to get a big one and then i 'tumpang'? *smart*

  3. Nikki: there are huge ones now, but those cost a bomb! >.<

    Haha thank you! Space is a luxury for me so must maximize! :D

  4. Xin: lol thats a great idea!! :D Or even better, his and hers set! :P

  5. You're so neat! I don't like things to stack up, like your NARS blushes, but I think you can since you're so neat with stuff.
    What's a drybox for? To keep humidity levels low?

  6. Love how you store those mac boxes! Great idea!

  7. Your pink drawer is so cute! And I love how everything is so neat and organized!

  8. you are so organized! I like that you keep the boxes of your mac products :)

    Much Love!

  9. Bun Bun: I don't like to stack things up too! But since space is scarce just gotta make do! :(

    Yup you got it right! :D

  10. Sabrina: haha i couldnt find the heart to throw them away! :P

  11. gio: thank you!! Thats cuz i just tidied my dresser! Hahahaha! :P

  12. Photoescape: Thank you! :D The boxes are too pretty to throw away! :D

  13. WOWWWWW! That's a lot of makeup!! Salute!!!

  14. Haha its not really alot compared to other beauty bloggers out there! :D

  15. I love your storage and collection. And damn! I wish I had thought to keep the boxes of all my MAC stuff (and receipts) when I started buying years ago.

  16. i used to store MAC boxes too but i kept relocating i had to rid of them. :-(

    love the vast collection you have!

  17. JC: Thank you!! Awww... its not too late to start now! :D

  18. MereMakeupManiac: thats such a shame!! You must have been heartbroken! :(

    Great organization :) My makeup's everywhere now... and my boxes are everywhere too... lol!!

  20. wow..i'm jealous of ur dresser..its so neat! but thx for the storage ideas..must invest in some stackable drawers things r overflowing on my desk/dresser etc. But wow..u have a drybox just for ur MACs.. my drybox is barely fitting all my camera stuff.. hehe

  21. I am a crazy Shu & MAC Brushes and MakeUp collector. Inthe past threw quite a few lippies out.

    What is the optimal humidity for storing makeup brushes?

    If too dry, worried the wood handles may shrink, if too wet, might get molds.

    Now I am storing in ziplocks coz my condo is very humid.

    I am tempted to get the Aipo 155L DryBox.

    I noticed that yous is an Aipo as well, is the quality good?


  22. Connie: Time to perform housekeeping... and show us more makeup p()rn! Hahaha! :D

  23. Andrea: Haha i guess we do accumulate stuff as time goes by! :D Yes, them stackable drawers are great - such space savers and they declutter great! :D

    Means you have alot of photography equipment la! *drools*

  24. Ys: Hello! :D It is recommended to set the humidity control between 45% - 50%. My brushes have been living in my dry box for about 2 years now at that setting, so far so good! :)

    Wow, the 155L one is very expensive! :D You must have alot of makeup! :D

    Well my husband and I each own a drybox from Aipo... mine is about 2 years old and his probably about 4? Still going strong so i guess it can be considered ok? Haha! :D

  25. Hello to you too!!

    Bought and received the Aipo 155L at rm1388 and the setting is at 40%.

    I think the word "alot" is VERY subjective when it comes to makeup :D

    My lipsticks and lipglosses cannot fit into it. The drybox is full but then again I am not as organised as you are :)

    Do you keep your lipsticks in your drybox?


  26. Icic... I'm so envious!! Hahaha!! :D I grew out of mine already... need to get a bigger one soon *hopefully* :D :D

    Subjective or not... I think you must have ALOT until your lippies cannot fit into it! :O Haha!! :D

    Yup i keep all my MAC stuff in there... including lipsticks :D

  27. OMG I AM SO ENVIOUS! u have sooo much! and we have the same quirk, i keep the pretty looking boxes too hehe :D


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