Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MAC Fashionflower Collections Review & Swatches + the Magically Cool Liquid Powder! :D

The collection has finallllllly landed here in Penang, almost 3 months after it's launched! Phew! >.<

This collection reminds me of a less vibrant Give Me Liberty of London collection. The stars of the collection are definitely the lipsticks! :D As you can see in the picture above, we did not get the beauty powders, so I apologize in advance for not having swatches for them! T_T

Ok enough intro for now, lets dive straight into the swatches! :D

Eyeshadows (US$14.50 / RM58):

Sadly, the Mattes in this collection are somewhat chalky and not so pigmented! >.< I guess they probably apply better than finger swatches, but I personally think that there are better options out there! My favourite of the lot is Lucky Green, which is absolutely beautiful in terms of color and texture! :D

Fresh Daisy (Frost) - Frosty white yellow
Aqua (Matte) - Aqua blue. This is a permanent PRO color, and last seen in the Dare to Wear collection.
Lucky Green (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosted midtone lime. This is a permanent PRO color, last repromoted in the Digi Pops collection.
Bows & Curtseys (Satin) - Metallic hunter green. This is repromoted to being a pot in itself from the 6 Twists of Tartan palette last Christmas. This is the EXACT shade of green on me as the Dark Indulgence Mineralize Eye Shadow from the Semi Precious collection, albeit with a less smoother texture.
Groundcover (Matte) - Midtone warm grey
Free To Be (Matte) - Bright true coral. This is part of the permanent line, and last repromoted from last year's Give Me Liberty of London and Dare to Wear collections.

Lipsticks (US$14.50 / RM68):

All 4 lipsticks are really lovely! Summer Shower probably doesn't do much on its own, but it looks AMAZING layered over another lipstick! :D The other 3 colors are so just so pretty and creamy! :D

Summer Shower (Glaze) - Light aqua
Mlle (Glaze) - Light white pink
Growing Trend (Amplified) - Midtone taupe nude
Ever Hip (Cremesheen) - Bright creamy coral. This is a repromote from last year's Give Me Liberty of London collection.

Lipgelees (US$14.50 / RM65):

These glitterbombs-of-a-lipgloss are as usual, super glittery. I find Now In Season quite intriguing in terms of color - it leans a little green when applied, but it is predominantly yellow! :D

Now In Season - Pale yellow
Fashionflower - Pale pink
Budding Beauty - Pale coral

Thats all for this collection. Now lets take a quick look at the Magically Cool Liquid Powders (previously featured in the Venomous Villains collection) , now part of the permanent line! :D

I find that these are abit too shimmery to be an all over powder. They do, make lovely highlighters though. These require a certain technique to apply - according to my MA one must pat them on with a brush before buffing them in. If you attempt to buff them in right at the beginning, they will ball up like my swatches below! >.<

I must mention that these have amazing staying power too - I swatched them in the afternoon, and they're still there on my arm about 7 hours later! Amazing stuff! :O

Magically Cool Liquid Powder (US$22.50 / RM120):

Truth & Light - Sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink
Honey Rose - Sheer rosy beige with multi-dimensional shimmer
Cajun - Sheer bronze shimmer that reflects gold

That's all for now! Didcha get anything from these two collections? :D


  1. hi jenn!
    thanks for the swatches! i didnt get anything from these. initially, way back FEW months ago like you said right after this collection launched, i was quite eager to get ever hip n lucky green.. but after all the time waited n waited.. i think my desire was somewhat drained already! lol

    i did get the studio finish concealer to try.. what u think of it?


  2. You're most welcome Carol! :D

    Yeah i agree... in fact i almost forgotten about this collection already, until my MA called me to inform me that it has arrived! >.< You should get Lucky Green and Ever Hip though, both of those are GORGEOUS! <3

    I find the Studio Finish concealer a bit drying to use around the eye area, but it covers zits perfectly. How do you find it? :D

  3. that's my intention of getting the concealer. to cover my breakouts (thanks to bobbi brown concealer for that! :/) today's my 1st day of trying it.. getting really giddy
    afraid it would exaggerates my bumps
    :0 .. will know in another few days


  4. Icic!! Do lemme know how you find it... i'm really curious! Hehehe!! :D

    Hope your breakouts have subsided by now!


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