Friday, July 29, 2011

Happiness is... June & July Edition! :D

... hauling home goodies! :D :D

I think the shopping bug has bitten me, and I did quite abit of shopping for the past month! :P Some of them are to replenish my stash, some of them necessary, and some of them totally impulsive! lol! :D

I ran out of my beloved MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme awhile ago, so i went moisturizer shopping! :D Laneige has always been a brand that slipped under my radar, but a colleague's raves + the good service we experienced at the counter made me leave the counter with these:

Their Hydra Solution Cream. I have been meaning to try out their Waterbank sleeping mask for awhile now, so i picked that up as well! The nice SA gave me a bunch of samples too! :D Annnnnd, aren't the cupcake towels too adorable for words! Hehehe!! :D

I then head on over the MAC store, and left with these from the Surf, Baby! collection! :D

Just last week, I hauled home more MAC from the Semi Precious collection:

My birthday present from Lancome:

The Miracle body lotion! :D

If you're on my Facebook page you would have seen these pretty pyjamas that i got from the La Senza sale:

They double up as tops that I can actually wear out too! Whoots for 2-in-1 clothing! :D

Got myself some super cheap coverups for my upcoming beach holiday:

And some clothes, accessories and shoes (all on sale! Whoots! :D):

And this is totally impulsive and something that will probably never see the light of day, but aren't these Russian Doll earrings absolutely adorable?? :D :D

Went to Watsons to get some essentials:

My Holy Grail Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream.

I ran out of my Loreal Absolut Repair hair masque, so i got myself this to try:

The Tsubaki Damage Care Repairing mask.

The nice SA gave me 2 samples to try out:

Open sesame:

How i wish somebody gave me these before i started using the Shining Conditioner! :(

On the bright side, a friend help me lug these back from BKK! :D

Boots Caribbean Cocktail Aruba Dream Body Wash and my beloved Clairol Herbal Essences Weighty and Strong shampoo! x2! <3 <3

I pick these up during the Nature Republic sale:

Buy 1 Free 1! :D

And yay for Maybelline sale! :D

Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara, The Magnum Volum' Express waterproof mascara, the makeup remover and a free garnier keychain! :D

Probably the biggest bleeders for my wallet this month are my dive purchases! :D I got them at the Dive Expo in PWTC earlier this month, and saved quite abit off their retail prices! :D

I know the red flippers look odd against the rest, but I didn't come across any pink ones until i bought these -___- Oh well, there's always next year's Dive Expo! :P :P

Plus I got myself a brand new swimsuit...

... and matching pink slippers! lol!! :D

I'm all ready for my next dive trip now! Now time, please fast forward to next week already!! :D

Have you done any shopping lately? Spill! :D Have a great weekend ya! :D


  1. Lovely purchases! :D The shopping bug hasn't really hit me this month (Kind of thankfully, though) so I haven't been shopping much lately- the only "new" thing I bought was the Gem Of Roses lipstick :D

    Very intrigued by the dive purchases! Am looking for flippers myself and a good wetsuit :P (Yes I'm a diver too)

  2. wow!!! this is a grand retail therapy! i want to be on one :)

    i'm using laneige too. so far so good.

    luv yr clothes haul too!! :)

    n i want to steal yr mac brushes! lol


  3. Stephanie: haha yeah its a good thing! And you got GOR... it's gorgeous!! :D

    Ooohh!! Thats great! This is only my 2nd dive trip but im stoked! :D What flippers and wetsuit have you got your eyes on? :D

  4. Carol: haha thank you! It's good therapy after exams! :D

    Yeah Laneige works for me too! Maybe too soon to tell, but im liking it so far! :)

    And nooooo, don't touch my brushes!! *protects brushes and scurries away* lol! :D

  5. wow for your haulage!!!! So yummy! I've been wanting to try Laneige, time, it's expensive down here .

    Gosh, your outfits are too cute!!!! I'm sure you'll look extra "sexy" with those *winks*

  6. that is some hauling, love it! gotta love Forever21 accessories!

  7. WOW the MAC Semi Precious Collection!!!:D Love the haul!!!! Gorgeous!

  8. I think you got more samples here than I did in my entire life! :-D
    Fantastic haul! Great taste! You rock! ;-D

  9. Wow, you got lots of great goodies lately! I love the clothes, they're very pretty.

  10. DAMN! Now that's a haul. Loving all the clothes, and the Surf Baby & Semi Precious goodies.

  11. Woo~ you've hauled quite a bit here. :D Love everything you go though!

  12. Nikki: Laneige is expensive here too compared to Korea! I'm definitely hauling if i ever get the chance to visit Seoul! :D

    Hahaha with what?? :P My outfits are soo not sexy! Kakaka!! :P

  13. MereMakeupManiac: don't you! :D They're cheap and pretty! :D

  14. nicole: haha thank you! Yeah that collection is indeed gorgeous! :D

  15. milktea: Hahaha... nolah!! :P Very little only - guess i am lucky to be served by generous SAs! :D :D

  16. gio: thank you hun!! Can't wait to wear them out! Hehehe!! :D

  17. JC: thank you!! :D Im loving my new stuff too! :D :D

  18. tiffyama: haha yeah i guess i did! Nursing a sore wallet now! :P


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