Friday, June 3, 2011

Product Review: Daiso Eyebrow Pencil in 738 Dark Brown and 739 Brown

At a Glance:
Price: RM5 (US$1.67)
Website: NA
Weight: NA
Made in: Japan
Likes: Super cheap, easy to use, lasts!!
Gripes: No ingredient list.
Repurchase: Yes!! :D
Jenn's Rating: 4.5 Stars! Me really likey!!! :D


Product Description

Best in quality with sophisticated design created exclusively for you

Pigmentation & Color:

There are four colors available - Dark Brown, Brown, Black and Grey. I bought the Dark Brown and Brown ones. Dark Brown is a dark chocolate brown, and Brown is a medium gold brown. These two are quite pigmented - one swipe is all it takes for the color to show, but the intensity is definitely buildable.


On my brows

I'm using the Dark Brown one in my FOTD here.

Texture & Scent:
This eyebrow pencil goes on a little waxy, but thats the way with most auto brow pencils. It does applies smoothly though.

There's a very faint plastic scent for this product, but i can hardly smell it once on!


This eyebrow pencil is typical of your usual "auto" eyebrow pencils - it comes with a twist-up mechanism on one end, and a brow comb on the other end (which is really fantastic btw!).

The lash comb ends:

You get about an inch of product in each tube:

The packaging it came in:

Time Test:
This one lasts more than 8 hours on my lids, but fades quickly in humid weather!

Price & Availability:
This liner is priced at RM5 and is available at most Daiso stores.

My $0.02:

Alot of people love the old Daiso brow pencil, so when Daiso came to my island, i thought i'd pick one up and try! Unfortunately the old packaging is nowhere to be seen and is probably discontinued already, so i thought i'd just give these a try since they are so cheap!

And you know what? I'm really loving it!! :D The Brown one is a little too light for my skintone, but the Dark Brown one is a perfect match for me! :D

Its twist up mechanism is literally idiot proof! And because its an automatic one, you don't ever have to sharpen it :) And oh, the lash comb is great and so convenient! :D

The only complaint i have is the lack of the ingredient list on the packaging. I would want to know what is the pencil made of.

At RM5 each it's really dirt cheap. I don't think i'll be getting the MAC one anytime soon because i could've gotten 13 of these at that price, but i'll let you know how they compare if I do! :D

Needless to say i'll definitely repurchase! :D


  1. I have been using the Brown one and I adore it! I usually buy a few at one go to stock up at home!
    Diaso is selling refills too!


  2. They do?! I think that makes even more economical sense!! :D I'll keep a lookout for them! :D

  3. Thanks for the review! You can certainly find some gems at Daiso if you look hard enough :-) I love that store. Must go check out this eyebrow pencil too!

  4. You're welcome!! Yes, Daiso is such a delightful store! If you love crafts you'll love this little shop - there're so many knick knacks to choose from! :D

    Lemme know how you like this pencil! :D

  5. hi jenn,where is the chitchat box which stay on the right previously?????
    wanted to leave a message there but it was not there anymore??!?!?!
    want to chitchat with u via te box.
    hehe...sorry this comment is related to your review..

  6. Ello! So sorry!! I removed the chatbox because it got too spammy! >.< We can chat here or via email if you want! :D

  7. Hi Jenn! :-) Wow! what a great find!

    I'm gonna head for my Daiso. And I'm gonna buy grey color too!

    Apparently, grey makes it a very subtle and natural color. Dunno but will try! :-D

  8. Yes it is indeed, milktea! :D

    I havent tried grey before! Maybe i should get one just to try it out! Hehehe!! :D

  9. These look great! I'm actually just looking for a new eyebrow pencil, so this is really helpful, thank you so much <3 :)

  10. Wow I never knew Daiso sold makeup!

    Very cheap for something that works so well...

  11. it is duper cheap! and hence the misplacing of it several times :( i bought 3 already because i tend to lose them =/

  12. Summer: you're most welcome! :D Not sure if this is available where you live but lemme know how you find it k! :D

  13. astrorain: yes indeed! To be honest i won't think of trying this if there werent so many raves! Hehehe!! :D

  14. xin: haha cool! The best part of it is that you won't feel the pinch when it goes missing! :D

  15. Hiya Jenn!! Long time no see..Been missing around. :p
    I love this!! Am finishing my 1st one and thinking of getting more for stock up. It's user friendly esp it is so suitable to bring for travel.

  16. Hey Cynthia!! Yeah its been awhile! :D

    I do agree! And like i've said in my comment above - the best part is that you won't feel heartpain if you lose it during your travels! :D

  17. jenn!! just came back from kl!! went to inglot n sephora n i was in cloud 9! :) too much to buy! haha but no, i dint buy ANYTHING in inglot.. i dunno y.. i got a big list actually but my interest was swayed by fashion! hehe it's been such a long time i didnt buy new clothes.. then suddenly my urge of splurging on clothes is far more greater than makeup. n nobody know better than u as how 'limited' the choices in this teeny island :( so i had spent most $ on clothes n jeans! i bought 4 pairs in 1 go.. ahem

    ya i did bought the too faced eye insurance from sephora :) tested it. so far so goood! :)


    p/s:didnt step into gurnet for 2 whole weeks! missing mac :)

    how r u doing buddy?? :)

  18. Hi dear! Congratulations for your blog, I am a new follower!

    I invite you into my blog, I would be honored to have you in my followers:

  19. Carol: hey hey!! :D Wah!! 4 pairs of jeans at one go!! must have cost you a fortune! Haha!! :D I need to get me some jeans too... getting too fat my old ones already! Hahaha!! >.<

    I've yet to goto Sephora!! >.< Hopefully the next time i visit KL i get to drop by la! Other than the TFSI what didcha get? :D

    Awww... MAC just released the Surf Baby collection! Go see if anything catches your fancy! Hehehe!! :D

    I'm alright - I always am... even if im half dead and floating around! lol!! I'll pass up my last assignment for this sem next week, so i'll just have to hang in there!! Hehehe!! :D

    How about you? What'ya up to? :D

  20. How can I not notice your blog before!?!?!?1 Followed you and totally loving the post! Especially the budget reviews!!


  21. Haha thank you for the support Nicole! Hope you find my site useful! :D


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