Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection Review + Swatches

This is the annual summer collection from MAC. Can you believe that it has been a year already since To The Beach? I have stuff from that collection that i've yet to use! :O

I wasn't very excited about this collection when i first saw sneak peeks of it online, and that level of enthusiasm remained when i checked it out in person. I'm not a fan of the surfer girl inspired design, and the color selection didn't wow me either. This is just a "meh" collection for me.

Lipsticks (US$15.50 / RM69):

Out of all the lippies, I was most drawn to Hibiscus. It swatches less scarily than it looks in the tube, and sheered out i think it will make an absolutely beautiful lip color! :D Mocha is super pretty as well, but this color is permanent so no hurries in getting it! :D

Naturally Eccentric (Lustre) - Creamy white nude
Mocha (Satin) - Peachy yellow-brown. This is permanent.
Hibiscus (Cremesheen) - Bright orange coral
Bust Out! (Lustre) - Dirty midtone violet

Lipglasses ((US$15.50 / RM69):

All four lipglasses in this collection have medium pigmentation, with the most opaque being Krazy Kahuna. I have Strange Potion from last year's Venomous Villians collection, and it reminded me that i've yet to use it!  :P It's absolutely beautiful, on its own or layered over a similarly colored lipstick!

Girl On Board - Pale white gold
Good Lovin - Soft peachy pink
Strange Potion - Soft coral pink
Krazy Kahuna - Warm midtone brown

Suntints (US$15.50 / RM68):

Lilt of Lily - Soft creamy pale pink
Pink Tinge - Clean bright yellow pink
Full of Grace - Soft sheer rose

Eyeshadows (US$15.50 / RM63):

I was quite surprised by the Satins in this collection. They swatch beautifully and are quite pigmented! :D Out of the 5, Surf USA is the chalkiest of them all.

Short Shorts (Frost) - Frosty white champagne
Sun Blonde (Frost) - Dirty yellow gold
Saffron (Satin) - Deep coral caramel
Surf USA (Frost) - Frosted teal
Swell Baby (Satin) - Mid-tone grey

Crushed Metallic Pigment (US$32.50 / RM135):

These pigments come in a similar packaging as the ones introduced in the Spring Forecast collection last year - 4 plastic containers that screw onto each other. I'm not a fan of the packaging, but I have nothing to fault the pigments themselves for - they're absolutely gorgeous (especially Surf the Ocean) and oh so metallic! :D

Summer Stash

Pearl - Light white pearl
Peachy - Light pink champagne
Pink - Light violet with silver pearl
Old Wine - Brown bronze with gold pearl

Surf the Ocean

Titanium - Frosty platinum
Aquamarine - Light yellow green
Graphite - Dirty graphite with silver pearl
Bronze - Gold bronze

Powerpoint Eye Pencils (US$15.50 / RM65):

Both liners are very pretty and versatile, but i don't think that they're safe to use on the waterline because they contain glitters.

Gilded White - Yellow white frost
Blue Noon - Teal with gold pearl

Skinsheen Bronzing Stick (US$29.50 / RM120):

These are creamy upon application, but they're a PITA to blend! >.<

Tan-Tint - Soft suntan bronze
Billionaire Bronze - Warm golden tan
Gilty Bronze - Coppery bronze with gold

Studio Careblend / Pressed Powder (US$28 / RM115):

I'm truly in LOVE with these powders - super smooth and finely milled and they blend beautifully! My colleagues got me Gold-go-Lightly and I LOVE it to bits (just in case they're reading: I love you guys toooo! Hahaha!!)!! <3

Gold-go-Lightly - Mid tone golden tan brown
Lush-Light Bronze - Mid tone rosy pink brown

Bronzing Powder (US$24 / RM98):

This is the n-th time MAC has put out these two bronzers in their summer collection (here and again here)! >.<

Solar Riche - Midtone deep orange brown.
Refined Golden - Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish

Nail Lacquers (US$15 / RM44):

The nail lacquers go on streaky :(

Hangin’ Loose - Dirty pink nude
Ocean Dip - Midtone creamy aqua

My Paradise Blush (US$28 / RM121):

Last but not the least - the prettiest item of the collection! :D This blush is super pigmented and can be abit too orange for some people, but when used with a light hand it looks absolutely stunning! :D I love how the overspray is of a thicker layer this time too so it'll last through a few uses! :)

Left to right: Overspray, Blush, both together

My Paradise - Peach shade with gold hibiscus overspray.

Thats all for now!! Sorry for the brief review of each items - this post was done in a hurry because this collection has been out for sometime already. Didcha get anything from here? :D


  1. thank you for the wonderful swatches! :-)

    lg yvonne

  2. the blush is gorgeous!!!
    and i liked strange potion from the villians line too~~ but it was always sold out when i wanted to get it!! but now that its in this surf baby collection.. i dont want to get it haha coz i dont like the packaging :P

  3. Yes it is! :D

    Oohh!! Yeah im thankful that i manage to get it from VV too... don't really like this packaging. But its a gorgeous lipgloss nevertheless! :D

  4. Queen of Swatch! Thank you so much for this! i don't see them on MAC counters locally yet but nice to see them up close and personal through your blog :D

  5. WOW! What an amazing haul. I wish I had gotten everything, but alas I am on a budget. But that's okay, I will live happily through you by stalking/following your blog. ;) <3


  6. Hibiscus is very pretty! Thanks for the swatches.

  7. I went to MAC KLCC to get an upclose look on this collection. Agreed on the Cheek Blusher being superbly pigmented, pretty and HUGE.

    At first my friend said it's too bright but once swatched, she kept ooh-ing and aah-ing..haha. Even those 2 lipglasses!

    Too bad the SAs there did not entertain me. I was reluctant to purchase more due to that. Not my first time.I think their service has gone from bad to worse :(

  8. Nikki: haha you're most welcome! :D You getting anything from this collection? :D

  9. JC: oh no! I didn't get everything! My husband would divorce me if i did! Hahaha!! XD

    Thanks for following! :D

  10. gio: welcome!! Yes, Hibiscus is the bomb! :D

  11. @DdY: lol! So did your friend get it in the end? :D

    Yeah unfortunately MAC SAs are getting a bad name for themselves, not only in Malaysia but worldwide. But there are nice ones around too! Hope you can find one that truly understands the importance of good customer service! :D

  12. thanks for the swatches! :) but none of the surf baby stuff look appealing to me. dislike the packaging n thats enough said :}

    have u check the big bounce shadows?? insanely beautiful colors!! but nope, i didnt get any. too much hassle in application. feel too watery for me.

    now i'm lemming the semi precious but i never use mineralize b4.. is it that we need to use them in wet? if that so.. i got some thinking to do..

    carol :)

  13. You're welcome girl!! :D Oohhh! Yeah im not a fan of the packaging too... but i love the blush! :D

    I just checked them out today. Yeah agree... application is tricky and i imagine that they are not the product you can use in a hurry you know. But yeah, the colors are gorgeous!! :D

    Semi Precious is beautiful!! Though the colors in there are common, they're pretty wearable colors! No, you don't have to use them wet! They're pretty pigmented dry already! :)

    What are you eyeing? :D

  14. Hangin' Loose is the only item i purchased. Tho streaky, 2 coats is pretty decent to remove the sreaks. Dries off pretty nice nude shade. I am not into all these bronzing so was easy to skip the whole collection.


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