Monday, June 27, 2011

MAC Flighty Collection Review + Swatches! :D

This collection features eyeshadows with a creamy, mousse-like texture and a great sheen to them. These require careful application to achieve smooth, even application - instead of swiping it across your eyelids, you'll need to pat them on, so using a brush instead of your finger is recommended. My MA told me that these last really long on the lids (even longer than regular powder shadows), but don't quote me on that because i never put them to the test. These shadows go for US$16.50 / RM70 each.

My Next Indulgence - Forest green w/ blue & gold pearl
Extra Charged - Bright green w/ multi color pearl
Spread the Wealth - Dirty olive w/ gold pearl
The Cool Elite - White w/ silver pearl
Good Fortune - Soft pink yellow w/ pink & silver pearl
Count Your Assets - Rich blue purple w/ multi color pearl
Trophy - Soft peach w/ pearl
Luxury Touch - Violet w/ gold pearl

Free As Air - Sky blue w/ silver pearl
Impeccably Rich - Light cream w/ gold pearl
Up the Ante! - Rich copper w/ gold & silver pearl
Sizzlin’ Diva - Copper w/ gold pearl
Reward Yourself - Bright peach coral w/ gold pearl
Rich, Sweet - Chocolate gold w/ gold pearl
Rich Thrills - Dirty silver w/ multi color pearl
Black Diamond - Black w/ gold pearl

This collection also comes with four Zoom Lash mascaras, which I didn't swatch because it'd be weird to see mascara swatches on skin? lol. This goes for US$14 / RM61 each.

Didcha get anything from this collection? :D


  1. Not sure if getting anything yet... ^^

    But I've got to ask... did you swatch the e/s with a heavy touch to get that super lustrous, pearly sheen? It's gorgeous! :-)

    Thanx for the review & swatches! ;-)

  2. Yeah i did adopt a heavy hand when swatching these shadows! :) I tried "blending" them in but it's hardly visible... guess i don't really have the skill to apply it! :(

    You're most welcome! :D

  3. Oh those are really pretty. I would love to try the Impeccably Rick one. I love browns&& neutrals.(:

  4. They are! :D I wish i could master how to apply them nicely though! :D

  5. thanks for the swatches!!they're so pretty to look at :) i was embarrassed to swatch them at the counter coz i'm not planning to buy any :)

    gorgeous colors no doubt!!! if they're like armani etk, with a quarter of that price, i'm sure i'd be grabbing them like crazy... but too sad i don't how to apply them too but sure it be taking a lot more time than the regular shadows to apply. . $$ saves :)


  6. Hey hey! :D You're welcome! :D

    I've never had the chance to check out Armani stuff before! :( Heard so much about their es and foundation!

    But yeah, money saved for the both of us then! We'll just stick to regular powder eyeshadows! Haha! :D

  7. Heard of the bad staying power of this range. did swatch a few shades which was gorgeous & this BTW feels like JS aqua eye jelly when applied. The JS ver lasts a long time & super glittery.


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