Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello Earth! :D

Excuse me for falling off the face of this planet (lol!), but i have busy (arent we all!)! :P There's so much going on in my personal life now that i could hardly find time to sleep (assignment deadlines are looming ahead and i have been surviving on 3 hour naps everyday! So exhausted)!! As a result of stress, my skin is now the sh!ttiest it has been... pimples popping up everywhere, dehydrated yet oily and full of clogs no thanks to the Biore Mousse sunblock! T_T

Pimples and dehydrated oily skin, yuck! >.<

I shall be back soon... hopefully by June things will be better! In the meanwhile, checkout what my gorgeous blogger friends have written about in April:

Connie of Skin Deco covers her face with an avocado + honey mask. There're 4 pretty looks for the office to ogle at too! :D
Kahani of So Loverly shares with us some travelling tips. She's sooo organized! :O
Nikki of Ask Me Whats did another absolutely adorable tutorial featuring one of my favourite chocolates - M&Ms!
Paris B of My Women Stuff lists down all the cleansing oils that she had tried before! Thats ALOT of cleansing oils! :D
Xin of Pretty Beautiful compares two foot detox plasters. I havent used one in almost 10 years and it made me wanna rush out and grab a box! :D

I'm soooo getting a massage soon!! I've discovered this quaint little place in Penang which offers superb massages at affordable prices - will definitely do a post on this once i have the time to! In the meanwhile, Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mums out there, and take care! :D

ps: i'll *try* to update my Facebook page as often as i can! Promise! :D


  1. Aw, at least they're just small zits n_n. I'm wondering, when you say "dehydrated yet oily" how can you tell when skin is dehydrated??

    Best of luck with this busy month of May.

    PS. I'm a subscriber through RSS, not sure if Google will let me post this.

  2. oh gosh! i hate bumps on face! i got that often too n if not lucky whenever i tried a new sunblock/skincare. somtimes i do wonder whether to risk having my face get pigmented later without sunblock or getting sunprotection WITH bumps... nyek! u get some rest ya :) all presure n no breath shall make one down :)


    how about some retail therapy?! hehe

  3. just saw this lovely blog...i love it..now i'm following you. plz check out mine http://rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty.blogspot.com/ and it'll be so sweet if you follow back. thanks sweetie.

  4. JJ: Thank you!! :D I can tell that my skin is dehydrated due to an increase of fine lines. Skin's rough to the touch too! T_T

    Looks like google did allow you to post this! lol! :D

  5. Carol: i can't live without sunblock... my freckles are bad enough as they are now! >.<

    Guess i'm sticking with my Lancome one! At one doesn't kill my skin! :D

    Ahhh yes! Retail therapy is in the works... my last assignment for this month ends next week... so maybe i should go out and finally buy something!! Haha!! :D

  6. Rakhshanda: thank you!! Glad you like my blog :D :D

  7. I had a same issues last month! I was using Biore radiant facial foam (ONCE, omg just once) and I got acne issues >.<

  8. Oh dear!! :O Better stop using it then! I hope your acne is better now!

  9. okie la! can be easily covered with foundation! =)

  10. Haha thank you!! :D Wish they didn't pop up in the first place though! :(


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