Saturday, April 9, 2011

MAC Jeanius + Viva Glam Gaga 2 Collections Review + Swatches! :D

Ok, this is like super overdue, but better late than never yeah? :D IMHO this denim inspired collection falls kinda flat if not for the beautiful shadows, but thats just me! :P See the empty slots in the displayer above? We did not get several items for this collection too! How so annoying! :(

Eye Shadow (US$19.50 / RM85):

The eyeshadows are definitely the stars of the show! With the exception of Diva in Distress which is a little chalky, the rest of the shadows apply shooo smoothly!

And of course, with that super pretty belt loop emboss on the surface, its no surprise that these shadows are flying off the shelves! :D

Too bad the copper rivet is just an overspray! I'll be so sad when its gone! :(

White Jeanius - White w/ silver pearl
Diva in Distress - Midtone grey w/ silver
Motorhead - Midtone dirty blue w/ copper pearl
Stovepipe Black - Black w/ copper pearl

Blushes (US$19.50 / RM75):

We did not get overdyed! :( Pink Cult is really beautiful! It really reminds me of my old Blooming blush, but smoother and more pigmented (and matte of course! :D)!

Pink Cult (Matte) - Midtone dirty neutral pink
Overdyed (Matte) - Bright magenta

Lipglasses (US$14.50 / RM65):

We did not get Painted On so no swatches for that yeah :( As you can see both colors are not terribly unique, but they're pretty nevertheless. Docile is a repromote from Fab Felines.

Painted On - Grayish beige w/ gold pearl
Docile - Chrome pink w/ gold
Indigo Pink - Deep burgundy w/ blue pearl

Lipsticks (US$14.50 / RM65):

Acid Washed is super super sheer! But when layered over another pigmented lipstick it just gives this super pretty sheen! :D

Acid Washed (Glaze) - Grayish beige w/ gold pearl
Pretty Please (Lustre) - Pale pink pearl. This one is permanent.
Riveting Rose (Frost) - Deep burgundy w/ blue pearl

Nail Lacquers (US$14 / RM42):

Frayed to Order is such a sweet pink! But its a little on the sheer side. Biker Blue is GORGEOUS!! But you need at least 3 coats to achieve a nice opaque finish! :)

Frayed to Order - White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl
Biker Blue - Black base w/ purple & blue pearl

Before i end lets take a quick look at the latest Viva Glam campaign featuring Lady G:

I MUCH preferred the color this time around compared to the original Viva Glam Gaga! This one is soo much more wearable on a daily basis!! :D

Thats all for now!! Happy weekend everyone! :D


  1. eeeek! I wanna try the Viva Glam Gaga 2 too!

    But from the swatch it seemed a little too light for me... >.< Am NW 30ish.

  2. i'm skipping too :)
    i swatched the shadows too.. hmm felt a little bit chalky, of course when i'm comparing them to peacocky :> shouldn't i?! lol!i'm waiting for flighty~~ hehe


  3. hey, we do have overdyed in Malaysia. In the beginning, they didnt have it. But after a while, when I went to the MAC store again, the Overdyed blush was on the display. I got both of them :)

  4. Hanny: Hey girl! :D You can try it in the stores! :D I think it'll look fine if you're wearing heavier eye makeup! :D

  5. Carol: lol! Of course they cannot be compared to the ones from Peacocky cuz they're different! Hehehe!! :D

  6. Crystal: oh I was referring to the one in Penang! Yup i saw overdyed in 1U and it was gorgeous! :D


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