Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Weekend Project...

I've been looking for a pair of plain black lace flats for awhile now, so I was super happy to find this pair (its really affordable too! Yay for cheap shoes! :D)! :D There's a small problem though: there's this huge satin knot across the front which i didn't like: 

But no fret! Since I found out that the bow wasn't glued onto the surface of the shoe itself, i thought i could just snip it off! So armed with a scissors and some patience, snip it off did I! XD

The end result:

Tada!! My pretty lace flats!! <3

Before and After:

Did the same to the other side:

Now I can wear them out officially!! :D

Have you ever improvised and changed anything you bought, be it shoes, clothes or even bags? :D


  1. only did it to clothings, but never to shoes!

    i think i removed some flowers or such from the clothe to make it look more work appropriate :P

  2. Haha this is my first time for shoes too!! :D

  3. where is this pair of flats from? i like them! :)

  4. I neve changed anything I bought but maybe I should start lol. Love the shoes.

  5. Anon: Thank you! :D Its from Shoe Point! :)

  6. gio: oohhh! What will you do first?? :D

  7. if i were to make any amendment...i think it'd be a top that i bought. it has this annoying skirting that i wanted to take it off...but have been delaying the project :P the lazy me keeps thinking that: nah it's not an exp top, not worth the trouble

  8. Ooohh!! That reminds me that i have a dress that koyak at the seams that just needs to be sent to a tailor already!! I keep on procrastinating! Hahaha!! :D

  9. Wow, this is nice! You're so creative!


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