Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy busy busy!!

What do you do when you're drowning under tons of work and assignments? Go drown yourself in the sea! lol! That's literally what i did last weekend!

I've been wanting to get my diver's license for YEARS now, but have never found the guts to do so! So when the opportunity arises to finally just go and get it done with already, i GRABBED it before i chickened out yet again! :D

My friends and I decided to do our Open Water Diver course at the prestine Perhentian Island. Was expecting this when we arrive:

But instead, behold, this is what we saw:

UGH, super gloomy weather with rough seas and strong currents! But there's no chickening out now! Off to class we went! >.<

The crew from Channel V Australia were there to do some kinda filming in our class, so let me know if you
 see me on TV ya!! lol!! :P

After some classes and exams, we can finally hit the water! Viz was horrible due to the weather! There were times when i can't even see my hand in front of me clearly, and some other times the waves were so rough that my guts just threatens to empty breakfast through my regulator (fishes would be happy though! Feeding time! Ok gross but that DID happen to somebody in our group! lol! :D) >.<

But even through all that, the feeling of swimming under water and seeing all these amazing marine creatures is soo indescribably awesome. I could never understand why some divers are so passionate about diving until i've experienced it myself. Cliche but true! Just go try it already if you want to! :D

Super proud of myself for being able to complete this course. I for one are prone to panic attacks, and diving into the unknown just spells disaster for my mental wellbeing. But i'm glad i did it! Really no regrets! Ok, except maybe not getting myself a rash guard beforehand:

My horribly scratched up knees. Sooo itchy now! >.<

Now i can totally understand what they meant by this:

Amen! God willing i hope to go back soon to do my Advanced certification soon! Then i can bug the husband to finaaaaally take me to Sipadan! Hahaha!! :D

*ahem* Regular transmission shall resume soon. Oh scratch that. Work is piling up all the way to June so i'll probably be sporadic in posting. But do stay tuned - i have swatches coming up so keep reading! :D

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Credits: Photos 3 and 4 are ripped off a friend's Facebook page. Thank you, you-know-who-you-are! :)


  1. sipadan! go to Kapalai! much better there LOL :D

  2. Ya! Stay in Kapalai but dive in Sipadan! :D

    I got your Pink Cult di!!! :D

  3. GAHHH!!! I so wanna be where you were!!!! :( I could use a break too. And stop with the scratching! That looks painful!

  4. Congrats on getting your diver's licence. How cool!

  5. Am dying to get my diver's license after my last work trip to Sipadan. Young turtles everywhere.

    Stay at Kapalai and you won't have to dive at Sipadan. Everything is at doorstep: turtles, fish, crabs, corals, sea cucumber, starfish and... sea snakes. Had people jumping out of the water for that one.

    Hoping that our next project includes a stay at Kapalai. I missed out on the last one. Boo!

  6. Stephanie / Yukaeshi: yeah Hi5!! :D Where have you dived before?? :D

  7. Connie: you MUST go!! Diving is the bomb!! :D

    Ya now that its healing the scabs are mighty itchy!! T_T Will try to stop scratching!!

  8. gio: thank you hun!! Can't wait to go diving again! :D

  9. Eli: oh!! you SHOULD go get your diver's license already then!! :D I'm sooo jealous of you! How i wish my work sends me to exotic locations too!! :D

    Can't wait to go kapalai since both you and Plue highly recommends this place!! <3

  10. wow! u miss gutso! i'm so proud of u!! way to go for more adventures! :)


  11. Thank you Carol!! Hehehe!! Not miss gutso la!! Quite scared actually!! Hehehe!! :D

  12. WOW Jenn! Never tried diving and I want to!!!! acccckkkkk I can see you totally enjoy your experience!

  13. Hehehe Nikki!! You totally should!! :D :D

    Ya its been an amazing experience! Can't wait for more! :D

  14. you are so adventurous!!!! am totally not an outdoor person, fear is water and mountain :(

  15. hahaha no!! I almost chickened out of this!! Hahaha!! :D


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