Monday, March 14, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection Review + Swatches! :D

This collection is pretty underwhelming actually for me personally. In fact if this were a plain packaging collection i'll probably not get anything at all :( For those who're into colored mascaras, rejoice for there are 3 colored ones for you to choose from (i didn't swatch them though).

Lets start with the Eyeshadow Quads (US$40 / RM155):

Wonder Woman Eyeshadow x4: Lady Justice:

This quad applies better than it swatches. Although Insurmountable is a Veluxe Pearl, it applies almost like a Satin! :) I wish they didn't put in yet another Deep Truth into this palette though - its a beautiful color don't get me wrong, but come on already!! >.<

Lady Justice (Frost) - Bright silver with white pearl
Insurmountable (Veluxe Pearl) - Dirty Blue Grey
Deep Truth (Frost) - True dark blue
Bold Babe (Frost) - Deep metal blue with white pearl

Wonder Woman Eyeshadow x4: Valiant:

The shadows in this Quad has the best texture among the 3. My MUA was wearing this and the colors look GORGEOUS on her! :D

Manila Paper (Veluxe Pearl) - Pale frost white gold
Valiant (Frost) - Light lime with yellow pearl
Spinning Transformation (Satin) - Dark forest green
Diana Undercover (Frost) - Deep olive bronze with yellow pearl

Wonder Woman Eyeshadow x4: Defiance:

Although there are 3 satin shadows in this quad, they all swatch beautifully. I guess MAC has come a long way since their old chalky satin shadow days! lol! I personally won't go anything where near this quad though, because pinks have a history of making me look like i have hives on both eyelids! :P

Defiance (Veluxe Pearl) - Iridescent white pink
Paradise Island (Satin) - Soft warm pink
Star Studded (Satin) - Mid-tone violet pink
Real Drama (Satin) - Dark burgundy with pink pearl

Nail Lacquers (US$15/ RM45):

Please excuse the sloppy application! The nail colors are the exact shade of red and blue from Wonder Woman! They have quite good pigmentation but apply a little streaky.

Obey Me - True red
Spirit of Truth - Navy blue

Lipglasses (US$20 / RM88):

The lipglasses are definitely the star of the entire collection! They're super pigmented and pretty! Plus they're supersized too (more than double the amount of the usual lipglass)! :D

Here's how it compares to a regular lipglass:

The applicator:

Super huge right! lol! :D It's impossible to get a precise application with these gigantic applicators! >.<

Emancipation - Pale neutral pink
Athena's Kisses - Bright blue fuchsia
Wonder Woman - Bright red with soft pearl
Secret Identity - Midtone copper with soft pearl

Lipstick (US$15.50 / RM69):

The lipsticks on the other hand, are just alright for me. I've been wanting to get Russian Red for awhile now, so i'm glad to be able to purchase it in special packaging (it is super pretty and creamy surprisingly despite it being a matte)! :D

Marquise d’ (Lustre) - Sandy cream peach
Spitfire (Satin) - Bright creamy magenta
Russian Red (Matte) - Intense blush-red
Heroine (Frost) - Brown bronze

Pigments & Reflect Glitters (US$21 / RM89):

I can understand why the two pigments for this collection, but why the reflect glitters?? lol! :P All 4 shades are permanent PRO products! :)

Marine Ultra - Vivid marine blue
Bright Fuchsia - Bright magenta
Reflects Pearl - Very fine partcile glitter with pearl sheen
Reflects Bronze - Sparkling rich gold

Mineralize Skinfinishes (US$35 / RM145):

From left: 1st 4 shades are from the Golden Lariat MSF - 1st 3 stripes are the invidual shades from top to bottom, and the last swatch is all 3 colors swirled together. the last 4 shades are from the Pink Power MSF - 1st 3 stipes are individual shades from bottom to top and the last stripe is all 3 colors swirled together.

The MSFs are super pretty (especially Pink Power)! According to my MUA its like a blush, contour and highlighting kit all in one! :D

Golden Lariat - Left: True coral with fine gold shimmer. Center: Soft suntanned bronze. Right: Soft gold with fine shimmer.
Pink Power - Left: Peachy rose with pink shimmer. Center: Soft rosy bronze. Right: Soft shell pink with fine shimmer.

Powder Blushes ($24 / RM100):

Each blush is swatched like this: 1st swatch: lighter shade, 2nd swatch: darker shade and 3rd swatch: both shades swirled together.

I hope that this not the case with the blushes but the testers were SUPER HARD to swatch! The swatches above are achieved with like 10 swipes or more!! >.< Mighty Aphrodite is mighty pretty!! :D

Mighty Aphrodite - Warm peach coral with gold pearl/Bright coral pink with gold pearl
Amazon Princess - Bright yellow pink/Deep blue pink with gold pearl

The event itself was quite fun! You can get a free makeover and you get to take a picture with a (covered up) Wonder Woman:

Lesson of the day: Never take a picture next to somemore so much taller and skinnier than yourself!! lol!! XD

And have it printed out in comic form too:

So what did i get from this collection? :D I got myself 1 lipstick, lipglass, blush and (my very first) MSF each! :D

Brand New in Box!! I LOVE the print on the boxes!!

Do lemme know if you want review on any of these k!! :D

Thats all for now! Have a great week ahead everyone! :D


  1. So Jealous I tried getting my hands on one of the MSF and it was sold out everywhere! Great review.

  2. YES! YES! YES!
    review pretty please!
    especially on the MSF and the blush =D

    am so droolin' over :
    Marquise d’
    Pink Power
    Mighty Aphrodite
    and Valiant Quad are gorg too!

    are they permanent?

    thanks for the swatches Jenn! =D

  3. Taisha: awww!! Maybe try ebay? I hope you'll be able to own one soon!! :D

  4. Honeys: ahaha ok! Your wish is my command! Stay tuned!! :D :D

    Sadly, all are LE though! So get them while you can!! :D

  5. I've seen the MSF in person, HUGE HUGE HUGE but i really want it so badly!!!!

    Your photo with wonder woman is too cute!

  6. what a nice haul!!! :)
    i like the lipglasses too especially athena's kiss but the applicator put me off. hehe

    i don't know about the photo session, if i knew i would have at least buy a thing to get it! so fun! :)

    n u look pretty on it! :)


  7. Pretty!

    I got Wonder Woman and Heroine. Had second thoughts about WW at first, because of the size, but glad I decided to just get it in the end!

    Am thinking of getting another LG, but do I NEED it?

    I would love to see a review on the MSF. Thanks in advance! :D

  8. Nikki: you MUST get it!! Its really gorgeous!!! :D

  9. Carol: oohhh!! The event is still on until Sunday, so you can still head there and get your picture taken! :D

    Thank you!! :D

  10. Sarah: you don't NEED it, but you know you WANT it! Hahaha!! :D

    Stay tuned! Its coming up soon! Whoots! :D

  11. I saw the bronzers they were HUGE! I'm passing on the collection. I have untouched makeup as it is :x
    But I wanna check out the upcoming fluidline. i think from Mickey Contractor or something. the dark teal one! I'm quite out of touch, as you can tell...

  12. Oohhh!! Yeah the fluidlines from that collection are gorgeous, but i don't think we'll be getting it! T_T


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