Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MAC Peacocky & Lightfully Bright Collections' Review + Swatches! :D

After a soft pastly Cham Pale comes a collection bursting with colors (right up my alley! yums!!)! :D Only 2 items are offered in this collection, but it's enough to make any lipgloss / eyeshadow junkie go crazy! :D

Mega Metal Shadows (US$19.50 / RM80):

Not to be confused with the old Metal-X cream shadows (which were totally YUCK), these shadows are beautifully soft, smooth and uber pigmented!! <3 I apologize because I left my brains at home and actually forgot to swatch Centre Stage! :( I went back and now I have swatches of everything! Yay! :D

Peek-at-You - Frosted yellow white
Tweet Me - Gold bronze
Paparazz-she - Deep copper bronze
Top of the Posh - Frosted white pink
Mating Call - Dirty frosted violet
Sexpectations - Metallic burgundy
Noir Plum - True purple with silver pearl

Dalliance - Light champagne
Ego - Forest green
Odalisque - Deep teal
Dandizette - Navy with silver pearl
Prance - Frosted mauve pearl
Centre Stage - Frosted chocolate brown
Unflappable - Frosted black with purple pearl
Spectacle of Yourself - Deep bronze

Kissable Lipcolour (US$18 / RM80):

These are like lipstick + lipgloss in one - they're super pigmented and glossy! :D

Enchantée - Light blue pink
Vanity Fair - Mid-tone blue pink
Woo Me - Light pinky nude
So Vain - Muted dirty coral
Super - Muted neutral brown
Temper Tantra - Mid-tone reddish brown
Flaunting It - Grey mauve
Exxxhibitionist - Red-toned coral
Strut Your Stuff - Bright true red
Scandelicious - Blue fuchsia
Love Peck - Blackened blood red
Peacocky - Sky blue with red pearl


Am I the only one who thinks that the promo pic is soooo A Rose Romance?? :D

This collection is certainly very welcome in the west where the Lightful range is PRO only. I'm very thankful that we get this range here permanently, because I really love the Deep Ultramoisture Creme! :D


Foaming Creme Cleanser - US$24 / RM98
Active Softening Lotion - US$30 / RM140
Hydro-charged SPF 30/PA++ Moisturizer - RM155 (Asia only)
Deep Ultramoisture Creme - US$38 / RM160
Charged Essence (US$40.00 / RM185)
Ultracharge Empty Compact - RM37 (Asia only. Refill is RM140 if you're wondering).

There're also 4 lipglasses from this collection (US$14.50 / RM65 each):

Ethereal - Pale blue with pink shimmer
Atmospheric - Baby pink with pink and blue shimmer
Astro Cool - Light lavender with pink shimmer
Outer Space - Snowy white with subtle pink shimmer

Thats all for now! :D Do share with me whatcha got from this collection yeah! :D


  1. There's one thing I've always wanted to ask. Do the people at MAC let you just take shots of the products and swatches without saying anything?

  2. They don't :) But you can ask :D

  3. ooh yay!! i can never have enough look and read on peacocky!! :) thanks for the swatches! if i can read this earlier i would have nab more lipcolors! lol spending like no end! haha i still in cloud 9! should be waking up soon when i got the credit c statement :O


  4. You're most welcome Carol! :D

    The lipcolours are beautiful!! Too bad i reached the store a little too late - the colors i liked were sold out already! :( I missed out Odalisque too... its just so breathtakingly beautiful!! :D

    Ooohhh... then enjoy the moment first la!! Hahaha!! :D

  5. Thanks for the swatches. The blue gloss looks awesome! Not sure I'd wear it though.

  6. Ahaha i thought so too Gio! :D I wont be wearing it anytime soon too! :D

  7. That Lightfully Bright Collection sure looks like something I should definitely check out when I'm back next week! :) And yes, I agree that the promo pic looks very much like Rose Romance.

  8. Yay its nice to see swatches! I haven't checked them out in person yet! thanks for this Jenn!

  9. What... some colours are sold out already? eargh! Ever since I saw this on Makeup Stash I've been waiting for this collection to hit our shores.

  10. Nadia: you should!! I totally love their creme. Im itching to try out the essence now! :D

  11. Nikki: most welcome as always!! Hurry before it sells out! :D

  12. milktea: i think most colors are sold out by now! =X

  13. The lipcolours look amazing! So vain and Woo Me look so pretty


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