Thursday, February 17, 2011

MAC Cham Pale Collection Swatches + Review

I know... this collection is soooo yesteryear (and probably taken off the shelves by now)!! Sooo sorry!! My draft + pics went along with my laptop :( I didn't want to post this at first since it's terribly outdated, but decided to go ahead anyway since I already took the pictures and still have them in my camera memory card! I hope some of you do find this useful! :D

This is a typical End Winter / Spring collection - with soft pastels and nudes prominently featured in its color story. Those who know me well can probably tell that this is soooo NOT up my alley, but I do happen to like a few things (which you'll find out later)! :) I do apologize for not having pictures of the Nail Lacquers - I left my brains at home and forgot to swatch them! We did not get the skin care stuff as well :(

Ok lets start with the Chromagraphic , Eye Kohl and Kohl Power Eye Pencils (US$14.50 / RM62 each)! :D

Chromagraphic Pencils in NC15 / NW20 & NW25 / NC30 - These look just like foundation in pencil form, but apparently they can be used as concealer / eyeliner / highlighter! Glad to see that they have found their way here this time (we did not get these pencils with the Prêt-à-Papier collection! :)

Eye Kohl in I Get No Kick - Metallic nude. Can't really see this as an actual eyeliner - methinks that it works better as a highlighter! :)
Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline - Rich black. The ever popular Feline makes its appearance here once again (last seen in the Love Lace collection!)! MAC should make this permanent already!

Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad (US$36 / RM140): 

This is the perfect quad for pastel lovers -  the colors are just so soft and feminine! All 4 colors swatch beautifully! :)

Brule (Satin) - Soft creamy beige. This is permanent.
Retrospeck (Lustre) - Beached blonde. This is permanent too! :)
Et tu, Bouquet? (Frost) - Frosted pale pink gold. This is a repromote from A Rose Romance and its still as beautiful as ever! :)
Caviar Dreams (Frost) - Dirty Frosted Pewter. My favourite color of the bunch for obvious reasons! :D

Lipsticks (US$14.50 / RM65):

All lippies are permanent except Quiet, Please which is repromoted from Red She said :)

Tanarama (Frost) - Soft pale golden beige with golden metallic shimmer
Flustered (Frost) - Frosted pale bronze
Quiet, Please (Lustre) - Frosted pink champagne. I don't remember it being this pink though. See my lip swatch here! :)
Gel (Frost) - Sheer metallic beige

Lipgelées (US$14.50 / RM65):

The lipgelées are like glitters on steroids - as you can see they're literally glitterbombs! :D

Sin-tillation - Sparkly pale icy pink.
Luxure - Off-white with pink pearl.
Bubble Lounge - Sparkly pink peach.
Straight to the Head - Sparkly bronze brown.

Paint Pots (US$16.50 / RM70):

All limited edition this time. These work well alone but i think they'll look even better with a matching shadow over them! :D

Dangerous Cuvée - Frosted cool grey
Chilled on Ice - Frosted white gold
Vintage Selection - Frosted dirty peach
Let Me Pop - Frosted light copper

Special Reserve Highlight Powders (US$28 / RM115):

The highlight of the collection!! :D I'm loving the crinkly surface they spot! :)

Chez Chez Lamé - Soft gold with silver shimmer. Kicking myself now for not getting this... T_T
Rosé Ole - Soft pink with gold shimmer. Beautiful in every single way!! I'm loving it!! :D

That's all for now! I have a review of Rose Olé scheduled next week, and Peacocky is next so stay tuned! :)

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  1. All the shades are so lovely especially the highlight powders. I checked it out the MAC store but it was all out of stock.. =(

  2. Yeah what a shame right? The highlight powders are really lovely!! :)

  3. nope! better late than never :) i love reading yr opinions n seeing yr swatches. thanks a lot :)

    i skipped the cham pale & stylishly yrs collection.. then paint pot has been on my mind b4 but at the end didnt get any.. now kinda regret :/


  4. Hey Carol! :D

    You're most welcome!! Hehehe!! :D

    Oohh... i didn't get to check out the Stylishly Yours collection because it didn't come here! :( Which paint pot are you looking at? Maybe you can ebay for them! ;)

  5. thanks for the swatches! I regretted not getting the chromagraphic pencil last time

  6. Thanks for the swatches. This collection is not my cup of tea, I prefer colorful shades, but I have to say the Eye Kohl in I Get No Kick is really tempting me. I think it'd make a lovely highlighter too.

  7. Came across your blog!!!
    A wonderful blog indeed.... Followed ya!!!
    Twitter too!!!
    ♥ Nat

  8. is the Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline waterproof? does it smudge?


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