Friday, January 21, 2011

MAC Jeanius Collection! :D


Diva In Distress - Mid-tone gray with silver pearl (Limited Edition)
Motorhead - Mid-tone blue with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
Stove Pipe Black - Black with copper pearl (Limited Edition)
White Jeanius - White with silver pearl (Limited Edition)


Docile - Chrome pink peach with gold (Limited Edition) (Repromote from Fabulous Felines. See swatch here.)
Indigo Pink - Deep burgundy with blue pearl (Limited Edition)
Painted On - Grayish beige with gold pearl (Limited Edition)


Acid Washed - Grayish beige with gold pearl (Limited Edition)
Pretty Please - Pale pink pearl (Lustre) (Permanent)
Riveting Rose - Deep burgundy with blue pearl (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquers:

Biker Blue - Black base with purple and blue pearl (Limited Edition)
Frayed-to-Order - White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl (Limited Edition)


Overdyed - Bright magenta (Satin) (Limited Edition)
Pink Cult - Mid-tone neutral pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Penultimate Brow Marker:

Penultimate Eye Liner:

Rapidblack - True black (Permanent)

This may seem like its just another cool toned collection for spring, but i gotta tell ya, i'm sooo feeling them eyeshadows and I want all 4 of them!! :O The denim stamping plus copper rivet is just well, jeanius!! :D

I'm trying my best to limit myself to just 2 shadows, and nothing else from this collection, though i have to say that the polishes and blushes look gorgeous!! How about you?? :D

Thats all for now! CNY is just around the corner, have you done your spring cleaning  / shopping yet? :D I'm about done for both, but I need more red packets!! Time to go steal some from my mum! Hehehe!! XD

Have a great weekend people! :D

Credits: Photos & Color Story from


  1. The black and the blue eyeshadows look great :) the rest, not so much. :-/

  2. The eyeshadows look beautiful!

  3. Much better than Wonder Woman, MAC!

  4. Ki: Haha you just mentioned the two that i'll probably be getting!! :D

  5. gio: yes they are!! Just gorgeous!! :D

  6. I've had eyes on those es since I saw a peek on some blogs. Cannot wait for them to be released!!!


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