Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sneaking in a post...

... to wish yall a wonderful Christmas, and another great year ahead! ;)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You know Jenn is really stressed...

... when she starts buying shoes! >.<

Don't ask me why i got three pairs of pointy shoes. I don't know either! My answer to my husband: but they're different dear! One is flat, one is patent, the other one is suede!! *Innocent eyes*

Well seriously, academia is kicking my ass right now, so posts will be sporadic for the next month or two while my hair keeps dropping and the pimples on my forehead keeps popping. Do bear with me, wish me lots of luck, and in Schwarzenegger fashion, I'll be bakkkkkkk so don't go away for too long! :D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Product Review: Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Hair Mask

At a Glance:
Price: RM41.90 / US$22.95
Weight: 180ml
Made in: Japan
Likes: Rinses clean, makes hair soft and tangle-free, lovely scent
Gripes: Can weigh hair down if used too much, tub not practical to use in a shower
Availability: Watsons, Jusco,
Repurchase: Yes


Product Description:

Intense penetration and repair all the way to the ends of damaged hair. With hair repair ingredient that zooms in on damage.

  • Formulated with Pearl Livid (Pearl Protein, Lysine Derivative), for beautiful deep layer shine
  • With the aroma of Tsubaki Ryokuka
  • Formulated with Tsubaki Amino, a penetrating repair ingredient

Texture & Scent:

This hair mask has a creamy consistency, so it spreads easily unto your hair. It rinses out clean too :)

This has a lovely fresh scent that i like.


This hair mask comes in a plastic tub with a screw off lid. As I have mentioned before, I have a love-hate relationship with stuff that comes in a tub. On one hand you can easily dig up every morsel of product left in there, on the other, it's quite a pain to use in a tiny shower like mine :(

This is how it looks like brand new and sealed:

Open sesame - this is the amount you get with each tub:

Price & Availability:
This hair mask is priced at RM41.90 each, which I consider to be a little on the pricier side for drugstore standards. You can pick up a tub from Watsons or Jusco. Girls in the US can get this off for $22.95.

My $0.02:

I'd figure that it's about time I review this hairmask - I'm almost done with this tub! :P

When I first started using this, I didn't quite like it and immediately missed my Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque already. I thought it didn't condition as well as the aforementioned one, yet made my hair greasy. However, because I'm stingy persistent, I continued using it, albeit sparingly. And guess what? My hair actually likes this alot now! :D

Hair profile: waist long and abit dry at the ends. Condition has improved tremendously with the Loreal Absolut Repair Hair Masque, but still needs a hair mask daily to maintain this condition.

It took me awhile to figure out the exact amount of product needed to not grease up my scalp, yet still enough to keep my locks soft and manageable. Once i got that figured out, it really performed beautifully for me! :D

At over forty bucks per tub, it can be considered a little expensive for drugstore standards, but hey, it works for me (and is ten bucks cheaper than the Loreal one. Yay for an extra McDonalds meal! :P). I'll definitely repurchase! :)

Have you tried this hair mask before? :D

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Product Review: Biore Makeup Remover for Eye and Lip + Free Sample! :D

At a Glance:
Price: RM29.90 (approx. US$9.96)
Weight: 130ml
Made in: Japan
Likes: Non-oily, removes everything, the bottle is pink, affordable, easily available! :D :D
Gripes: None
Repurchase: Yes! :D


Product Description

Worried about losing precious eyelashes from excessive wiping or stressing this delicate area that is prone to wrinkles and fine lines?

Biore micro cleansing formula removes eye & lip makeup quickly!

  • Thorough removal: Softens even heavily layered waterproof mascara and thoroughly cleanses from root to tip and in-between lashes. Also removes eye makeup like gel, liquid eyeliner and glitter eye shadow.
  • Gentle on eyes & lashes: Reduces need for excessive, hard and repeated wiping around eyes
    • Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested.
    • Contains Hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing ingredient, to keep skin around eyes moist.
    • Leaves no oily residue.


Texture & Scent:

Typical of makeup removers that take off waterproof stuff, this remover has two layers - an oily layer on top and a runny layer underneath that according to the packaging, contains Hyaluronic acid.

The most surprising part for me is its non-oily texture! I was expecting this to leave an oily residue on my face because most waterproof makeup removers do, but hey, it didn't! It's seriously good stuff! :D

This product is fragrance free.


This makeup remover comes in a pretty pink plastic bottle with a flip top cap. The size of the dispensing hole is just nice to control the amount you pour out from the bottle:

This product comes in a plastic box:

Price & Availability:
This makeup remover is priced at RM29.90 each and is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Caring, Jusco and Aeon Wellness :)

My $0.02:

A quick shoutout to the Biore team for sending me this product - THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D Gotta love the personalized packaging this arrived in too:

Whoots! :D

I'm experiencing abit of a blogger's block now, so i'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Liquid eyeliner - check! Waterproof mascara - check! Glitter eyeliner - check! Eyeshadow - check! No oily residue - check check check!! :D

The two obvious red lines on the right are not lipstick residue, it is my freakin cracked lip! T_T

No full-faced picture because those two look absolutely atrocious when put together, but you get the idea! This removes all traces of makeup without leaving an oily film on my face! I also like how efficient it is - it takes about 3 swipes per eye to completely remove all that gunk shown in the picture above! :D

At this price, it is an affordable option. I seriously can't fault this in anyway, and I'll definitely repurchase! :)

Ps: Along with the full-sized bottle, I got a baby bottle of this too:

Look at how small it is:

So cute! It's perfect for travelling! :D

Want to give this a whirl and see if you like it or not? You're in luck! The kind folks at Biore has offered to give the adorable 18ml sample shown above to 30 lucky Malaysian readers!

To get your free sample:

It's that easy! Once all 30 spots are filled, I will email you lucky 30 for your contact details to be forwarded to Biore. Kindly reply in 48 hours, otherwise your sample will be given to the next in list. Then just sit back, relax, and wait for your sample to arrive at your doorstep!

Faster go get your sample already! Don't forget to let me know how you like it when you have tried it! :D

This item is sent to yours truly by Kao for consideration. I am in no way affiliated with them nor do I get compensated monetarily for this post. Kindly purchase at your own discretion. Please read my disclaimer for the nitty gritty on sponsored products :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Product Review: MAC Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass

At a Glance:
Price: US$19.50 / RM84
Weight: 1.92g / 0.06 Us. Oz.
Made in: USA
Likes: Super lasting, super shiny! :D
Gripes: Limited edition, expensive, quite sticky! :(
Repurchase: Yes!


Product Description

Taken from their website:

Lipcolour that dazzles with light and shine to bring an exciting dimensional pop to your lips. Large particle pearls reflect and refract light to mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystal. Provides exceptional shine with a crystalline iridescence. Non-sticky, non-tacky, lightweight and moisturizing. Glides on. Wear alone, or layer over lipstick or Lipglass for dramatic effect. Features our signature M·A·C vanilla aroma.

Pigmentation & Color:
This dazzleglass is basically a clear gloss with silver, teal and violet glitters. This lipgloss is like a discoball on steroids, it's SUPER BLING! :D

Skin swatch:

On my lips:

Texture & Taste:
This dazzleglass is probably one of the stickiest I've had! >.<

This lipgloss comes in the usual tube with a brush applicator:

The brush applicator:

The box it came in:

Time Test:
I don't know if the stickiness of this gloss had anything to do with its lasting power, but it lasted 8 hours on my lips - even after a meal its some of it is still there! :O

Price & Availability:
This is priced at RM84 each and should be available at all MAC outlets as well as on their website, but it is limited edition.

Because of the glitters, I would reserve this for special occasions :)

My $0.02:

I didn't get this one when it first came out with the original Dazzleglass collection, and have been kicking myself ever since. I for one refuse to pay ridiculous ebay prices for this baby. Imagine my joy when I learnt that this will be repromoted with this year's holiday collection! I can now stop kicking myself and tell those e(vil)bay sellers to go kick themselves instead! Hehehe! :D

This dazzleglass is still as pretty as I remember it to be! It's so shiny and bling, more so than all of the other dazzleglasses! :D

This, however, is rather sticky. As mentioned above I'm not sure if this had anything to do with its lasting power though, cuz this lasted more than 8 hours on my lips! :D

All in all I'm really loving this shade, and I'll surely repurchase, if I run out that is! :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Product Review: MAC Beauty Powder in How Beautiful!

At a Glance:
Price: US$24 / RM98
Weight: 10g / 0.35 US oz
Made in: USA
Likes: Gives a lovely glow to the skin, finely milled :)
Gripes: Limited edition :(
Repurchase: Yes


Product Description

Taken from their website:

Cool and frosted. Soft and shimmering. The Glitter & Ice spirit of the season in an ultra-luxurious pressed powder. Graceful as all Beauty Powders should be. The inspiration behind the silver-domed glossy white compact - a snowglobe!

Pigmentation & Color:

This beauty powder is described as a shimmery pale taupe on the MAC website. I don't know about you, but I've always pictured taupe to be greyish and much darker! :D This powder is a shimmery pinky beige on me.

This swatches much lighter and pinker than it is in the pan. This is one of the more pigmented beauty powders - it actually shows up on my cheeks! :D

Finger swatch:

From left: Outer color, marbled middle color, both together

And this is me wearing this blush, applied 2x with the MAC 136:

Squint and you shall see! Haha! Featured here with the Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass (review coming tomorrow! :D)! :D

This one is slight more powdery than the usual beauty powders, but still lovely in terms of texture! :D


This beauty powder comes in a flip top compact with a mirror in it. This being from the Holiday collection features a pure white compact with reflective silver letterings on it:

The box it came in is silver too:

Time Test:
This product lasts about 7 hours on me :)

Price & Availability:
This beauty powder is priced at RM98, and should be available at all MAC stores. It is limited edition though, so grab it before it sells out!

This is perfect as a finishing powder! :D

My $0.02:

I'm a huge fan of the beauty powders from MAC. They're always so finely milled, silky smooth, and gives such a lovely soft focus glow to the face! :D

This beauty powder is no different! One of the more pigmented beauty powders, it does show up on my skin (I'm NW20)! :D

I can't really think of what I don't like about this beauty powder, except maybe it's limited edition! If Malaysia starts to snow and I actually finished this, I will definitely repurchase then! Hehehe!! :D

Monday, November 7, 2011

MAC Ice Parade Holiday 2011 Collection Review + Swatches - Pt. 2! :D

Here's a quick post on the rest of the holiday collection! :D Review will be posted tomorrow or the day after, so stay tuned! :D

Here's the 2nd part to the MAC Holiday collection, consisting of the palettes, kits and brushes! :D These usually offer a good deal as compared to purchasing the items in the set separately.

Snowglobe Eye Shadows (US$38 / RM188):

This year's eyeshadow palette features a pretty snowglobe on the top:

Unfortunately, the novelty wore off quickly for me when I realised that it meant that these palettes cannot be stacked :(

6 Snowglobe Eye Shadows / Warm:

This palette is SO PRETTY! I'm never a fan of Lustre-finish shadows, but i'll have to say that the ones in this palette behaved really well and had minimal fallout! :D The colors are so pretty too! :D

Winterscape (Lustre) - Bright taupe pearl
Magical Mist (Lustre) - Sparkle concrete
Patina (Frost) - Taupe brown with golden pearl
Buckwheat (Velvet) - Bark brown
Gaelic Gold (Veluxe Pearl) - Gold
Midnight Flurry (Matte) - Dark warm black

6 Snowglobe Eye Shadows / Cool:

I love my blues, but somehow this palette is just "meh" for me. Perhaps my disinterest is due to the shades leaning a little purple, but that's just me. All shadows in this palette apply nicely :)

Snowball (Frost) - Frost white
Illegal Cargo (Frost) - Pale lavender
Idol Eyes (Lustre) - Silvered violet with gold
Warm & Smoky (Veluxe Pearl) - Medium purple
Howzat (Satin) - Slate
Set to dance (Matte) - Dark royal blue

6 Snowglobe Eye Shadows / Sultry:

Just when I thought MAC had actually improved their holiday palettes, they had to release a completely YUCK palette! >.< The shadows in this palette are chalky, glittery, and dry :(

Lightfully (Lustre) - White with pink reflect
Trax (Velvet) - Burgundy-plum with shimmer
Fun! (Lustre) - Pink patina
Festive Delight (Lustre) - Bordeaux wine
Black Tied (Velvet) - Black with silver sparkle
Shadowly Lady (Matte) - Blackened plum

Eye Bags (US$45 / RM248):

These, um, eye bags (what a name! Imagine somebody going "Hey, I got my eye bags from MAC!" >.<) are really pretty! :D All shadows swatch beautifully, with the exeption of Celestial Black. I'm personally a huge fan of the MAC Technakohl liners because they're just sooo smooth and easy to use! :D

Iced Delights Eye Bag / Gold:
Baby, It's Cold... (Frost) - Butter yellow frost
Woodsmoke (Frost) - Muted emerald green
Brownborder Technakohl Liner - Deep chocolate brown
Zoomlash Fast Black - Deepest black
275SE brush

Iced Delights Eye Bag / Silver:
Silverwear (Frost) - Metallic lavender
Blue Spruce (Velvet) - Marine blue with lavender sparkle
Graphblack Technakohl Liner - Rich graphic black
Zoomlash Zoom Black - Deepest black
275SE brush

Iced Delights Eye Bag / Pearl:
Taupeless (Lustre) - Lavender pink
Celestial Black (Velvet) - Rich blue black with red pearl
Purple Dash Technakohl Liner - Intense purple
Zoomlash Fast Black - Deepest black
275SE brush

Iced Delights Lip Bags (US$38 / RM158) and Ice Delights Nail and Lip Bags (US$36 / RM158):

The mini nail polishes are SO CUTE! :D My personal favourite of the lot is the Rocking Nail and Lip Bag - the colors are just so vibrate and festive! :D

Iced Delights Lip Bag / Wintercool:
Creme d Nude Lipstick (Cremesheen) - Pale muted peach beige
Fashion Whim Cremesheen Glass - Pink flesh
Stripdown Lip Pencil - Creamy brown-beige

Iced Delights Lip Bag / Sultry:
I Love Winter Lipstick (Cremesheen) - Medium passionfruit
Deelight Cremesheen Glass - Raisonette
Boldly Bare Lip Pencil - Dirty red brown

Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag / Rocking:
Kanga Rouge Lipstick (Amplified) - Bright red
Golden Blanket Lipglass - Translucent with silver pearl
Asiatique Nail Lacquer (Cream) - Bright cherry red

Iced Delights Nail & Lip Bag / Pure Drama:
Hang Up Lipstick (Cremesheen) - Deep berry
Frozen Lame Lipglass - Frosty nude
Vintage Vamp Nail Lacquer (Cream) - Rich deep retro wine

Ice Parade Viva Glam Melt Your Heart Lip Bag (US$36 / RM138):

These two lipsticks are really lovely, although Gaga is a little too pink for my sallow skin! :D I do think I've preached enough about Viva Glam lipsticks and the MAC Aids Fund, so I'll shuddap this time and leave your ears in peace already :P

Gaga (Lustre) - Pink. Read my review here.
Gaga 2 (Amplified) - Nude. Read my review here.

Fabulously Festive Face Kits (US$59.50 / RM288):

The Face kits are such an amazing deal! It easily costs double that amount if one were to purchase everything in this set individually! My local store, being a partner store, only had the Nordstrom Exclusive palette and not the rest, so I apologize for not having swatches for those.

Festive Frost Face Kit (Nordstrom Exclusive):

This palette is so so so SO PRETTY!!! The colors go so well together, and I thought this will make an amazing travel kit! :D

Once Upon a Time (Veluxe Pearl) - A repromote from last year's 6 Dashing Lassie palette
Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl) - This is a permanent shade.
Below Zero (Veluxe Pearl)
Embark (Matte) - This is a permanent shade.
Buff (Matte) - This is a permanent shade
Imagine This Lipstick (Amplified) - A repromote from last year's A Fabulous Fantasy lip palette
Tra-la-la Lipglass
Brushes - 129SE, 266SE and 275SE.

Not swatched:

Fabulously Festive Face Kit / Wintercool:
Phloof! (Frost) - Frosted off-white
Quarry (Matte) - Soft muted plum brown
Dance in the Dark (Matte) - Dark brown
Brun (Satin) - Muted blackish-brown
Mocha Blush (Matte) - Soft plum-pink
Hot Gossip Lipstick (Frost) - Medium pink
Emancipation Lipglass - Creamy light pink

Fabulously Festive Face Kit / Warm:
Golden Flurry (Lustre) - Nude sparkle
Omega (Matte) - Soft muted beige-taupe
Soft Brown (Matte) - Soft golden peachy-brown
Carbon (Matte) - Intense black
Seasonal Appeal Blush (Matte) - Adobe clay
Mellowarm Lipstick (Frost) - Medium peach
Join the Party Lipglass - Creamy pale peach
Brushes - 129SE, 266SE, 275SE

Make It Perfect Brush Kits (US$49.50 / RM268):

Last but not the least, the brush sets! :D It's no new news that the Special Edition brushes do not feel and perform the same as their full sized, handmade counterparts, but I'll have to say that this year's SE brushes feel alot more solid than the ones from the past 3 years! :)

Make It Perfect Brush Kit / Essential: 190 SE, 275 SE, 266 SE and 226 SE
Make It Perfect Brush Kit / Special Edition: 167 SE, 168 SE, 239 SE, 217 SE and 212 SE
Make It Perfect Brush Kit / Mineralize: 187 SE, 130 SE, 286 SE and 282 SE

Thats all for now! Didcha get anything? Annnnnnnd I'm finally done with assignments, at least for this month. I can go to bed now... Zzzzzz
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