Friday, December 31, 2010

Yet another year has passed...

... and I'm sooo not looking forward to being another year older!! >.< Say whatever you want, but until i can accept the fact that humans do age and gravity seems to get stronger as time goes by, you'll be hearing me rant on and on about it!! :P

What gravity does to you...

Lol!! On a more serious note - What have I achieved this year? What do I want to achieve in the next? Any regrets? These thoughts have been swimming in my head for the past few weeks. As much as I tend to take things for granted, i guess its good to sit down and reflect on the past year at least once a year! :)

Read my NYRs for 2010 here.

1. Lose 7 kilos and fit into my old jeans again
I manage to lose 5 but gained back 2 for Christmas!! And oh, I can fit into my old jeans again!! Hurrah!! :D

2. To learn how to manage my anger better
Yes. I'm definitely more zen this year!! :D

3. Save X amount of money by the end of the year! :D
Oh dear... >.<

4. Spend not more than X amount of money on makeup!!
I finally did it!! *rushes off and rewards self with more makeup* Hehehe!! :D

5. To finish building my makeup storage!!
Yes!! Its done. And yes, a post on it is coming up soon, so stay tuned!! :D :D

For 2011, my resolutions are simple! :D

1. Lose that remaining 2 kgs and eat healthier! Need to tone up too!! >.<

2. Take better care of the rest of my body. Need to be more diligent with the lotion!! :D

3. Manage my time better! No more idling now that I'm going back to school!! :D

4. Learn something new everyday! They say your grey matter reduces as you age, so i better cram as much info as i can up there before it runs out of storage! lol! :D

5. Save X amount of money again! :D And no more not too many impulse purchases this year!! >.<

Thats all!! Wish me luck! Hehehe!! :D Do you have any NYRs, or you don't believe in them anymore?? Do share with me :D

Its New Year's Eve, and I'm sure all Malaysians are ELATED to have today declared as a public holiday (great job boys!)! What a way to end the year yeah?? :D :D How are you celebrating your NYE? I'll be hosting a small gathering, so i'm definitely grateful for the day off! :D

And oh, Happy 2011 to all of you!! I would like to thank you all so much for another wonderful year! Its been such a joy sharing and interacting with all of you!! Lets toast to another great year ahead yeah!! Have a fruitful new year everyone!! :D


  1. lol! what a splendid idea of changing new year's resolution to new year's rant. hehe.
    but that is so true at least to me :) coz i never keep any resolution. losing weight is my all time objection btw. congrats to you on yr success this year!yay!

    thanks jenn for intro'ing me into mac :} n wishing you a more prosperous year ahead n success in yr milestone. happy new year!!!


  2. LOL! I love the photo..gosh!What Gravity can do to Monkeys too! LOL

    I am so laughing with your resolutions and you are too cute! I am wishing you and your family well for the year 2011! and Cheers to doing your NYR! :)

  3. lol at the photo.

    Happy new year Jenn! I hope 2011 will be a fantastic year for you and may all your wishes come true! :)

  4. Nice resolutions, and it's nice to see that you did managed to achieve more of your New Years Resolutions from last year! :) Hopefully this year will be the same. Happy New Year to you and nice blog!!

  5. Happy new year to you..

  6. Hello :) I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to check it out if you're interested. Best of luck to you!



  7. first off i have to say i love your blog. I found your blog while searching reviews for sheet masks (the face shop hyaluronic mask) and absolutely enjoyed your reviews. I'm not more inspired to buy more masks to help build my skin care routine *yeaaaah*

    btw, hilarious pic.. and good luck with your new years resolutions.


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