Friday, November 26, 2010

Mini Product Review: Garnier Skin Naturals UV Protect Advanced Daily UV Blocking Lotion SPF50 PA+++

At a Glance:
Price: RM26.90 (approx. US$8.15)
Website: NA
Weight: 30ml
Made in: Indonesia
Likes: High SPF protection, absorbs into skin quickly, non-sticky, color looks natural on my skin.
Gripes: Makes face shiny, whitish cast, a little drying!
Repurchase: No
Jenn's Rating: 3 Stars! Not bad but i think this product is more suited for oily skinned individuals!


Product Description:
Daily sun exposure causes immediate visible effects such as skin darkening, and long term damages such as spots, fine lines and roughness.

New Garnier UV Protect Advanced Daily UV Blocking Lotion SPF50/PA+++, not only fights these 2 types of sun damages today and tomorrow, but also instantly makes your complexion more beautiful.

How does it work?
Thanks to its ultra resistant Mexoryl® SX/XL - a Garnier patented UV filter system with extra large UV absorption spectrum, it protects against both instant and long-term damages no matter how intense the sun is.

Get optimal instant protection - skin is protected and you can get your desired skin tone TODAY:

  • Anti-UVB SPF50 to protect skin against darkening and sunburns. 
  • Reveal skin's radiance by neutralizing instantly the undesired skin tone. Available in 3 shades, it is tailor-made to suit your complexion.
  • Enriched in a hydra-active complex, it hydrates skin for 12H.
Get optimal long-term protection for a healthy looking & beautiful skin TOMORROW:
  • Anti-UVA/PA+++ to protect skin against spots and premature ageing. 
  • Enriched in Pure Vitamin E, it helps resist environmental aggressions.

Its incredibly light texture allows a pleasant daily usage.

Noticed efficiency:
Today and tomorrow, skin looks visibly fair, luminous and beautiful. Get an optimal protection for a healthy looking skin.

Dermatologically tested on Asian skin.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

This sunblock is a light beige color fresh out of the tube, but it looks totally invisible on my NW20 skin. This has the consistency of a liquid foundation, so it smoothes easily unto your skin! However, once applied, this felt a little drying on my skin! :(

This is how it looks on my skin:

And this is how it looks on my face:

Shiny right?? There's an unflattering whitish cast too! :(

This smells just like how a liquid foundation would! :P


This sunblock comes in a slim shaker bottle with a twist off cap. I love how small the dispensing hole is:

That way you can control the amount of product you dispense quite well! :)

This is the box it came in:

Time Test:
This sunscreen lasted about 4 hours on my skin before I feel the need to reapply.

Price & Availability:
This sunblock is priced at RM26.90, and should be available at most Garnier displayers in Watsons / Guardian! :)

This is for daily use! :)

My $0.02:

My colleague kindly offered to let me test this one out when I was about to run out of sunblock (Thank you!! XOXO), since I couldn't make up my mind if i should repurchase my usual Lancome one or to try out something new (read: cheaper! lol!). I'm really grateful for this because I had always wanted to try this one out for myself and see how this compares to the Loreal one, which I really love!!

And the verdict is? I'm sorry Garnier, but I still prefer the Loreal one!

The main reason why I prefer the Loreal one over this one is the fact that this one feels a little drying on my skin, although like the Loreal one, this one does make my skin shiny! This gives a rather obvious whitish cast too!! :(

On the bright side, I LOVE the high protection this one offers (SPF50 is the MINIMUM I'll ever go)! I also like how this one doesn't feel oily or filmy on the skin!! Last but not least, at that price, everybody can afford a tube for themselves!! :)

All in all methinks that this one is not bad, but i personally think that this would suit oily skinned people better since it feels a little drying for my combi dry skin. I won't repurchase because of this!

Credits: Product photo from


  1. Reminded me a bit of the l'Oreal UV line and I am loving it! it looks great on you jenn!

  2. I used to use the purple one. quite liked it :)

  3. my sis swears by the l'oreal xxxl block! but now i think she has become garnier user.

  4. Nikki: icic!! Though i loved the regular one from Loreal, I've never thought of trying the tinted one! :P

  5. Connie: icic!! I wonder how that one differs from this one! :D

  6. xin: icic!! I loved the loreal one too... but i'm not really feeling this one la. Maybe the regular one is better? :P

  7. You noticed it read "kuning air" on the box? On the bottle, it says "beige".


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