Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MAC A Tartan Tale Holiday Collection Review + Swatches - Pt. 2! :D

This is the 2nd and Final instalment of my MAC A Tartan Tale report! lol!! I'll show you pictures of the kits and bags and give my $0.02 worth on what i think about them! :D

Lets start with the Eyeshadow Palettes (US$36 / RM180):

6 Beauties Play It Cool:

The colors are beautifully coordinated, but these shadows do require a base to reach their full intensity. They also apply better than they swatch! :) Hold My Gaze is still as beautiful as i remember it to be! :D

Silverwear (Frost) - Metallic lavender
Hold My Gaze (Frost) - Medium grey. There's a gold sheen to it too! This is a repromote from last year's 6 Sorceress palette.
To the Ball (Satin) - Dusty Lavender
Altered State (Veluxe Pearl) - Blackened Plum. Also another repromote from last year's 6 Sorceress palette.
Magic Moor (Veluxe Pearl) - Purple Grape
Heather Belles (Satin) - Dark charcoal/carbon

6 Dashing Lassie:

Though the colors are boring, but this is the star of the palettes IMHO - sooo wearable and the texture of the shadows are to die for!! :D

A Dashing Lassie (Frost) - Metallic milk
Once Upon a Time (Veluxe Pearl) - Metallic vanilla
Magical Mist (Lustre) - Metallic taupe
Bronze (Frost) - Copper penny
Buckwheat (Frost) - Frosty medium brow. This is repromoted from the Naked Honey collection.
Showstopper (Matte) - Dark brown

6 Twists of Tartan:

I thought that this is a rather odd palette! I cannot imagine pairing greens and maroon together, but that's just me! :P

Lady’s Prance (Matte) - Clay
Rolled Gold (Lustre) - Gold
High Spirits (Frost) - Shimmer avocado
Vainglorious (Frost) - Metallic maroon. This is a repromote from the recent Venomous Villians collection.
Set to Dance (Matte) - Dark royal blue
Bows & Curtseys (Satin) - Metallic hunter green

6 Reelers & Rockers:

I'm on the fence with this one! On one hand I'm loving the smooth texture of the shadows and how well they compliment each other, but on the other hand, the color combis are probably as exciting as moss gets. =/

White Rabbit (Frost) - Shimmer white. Yet another repromote from the Sorceress palette! :P
Melt My Heart (Veluxe Pearl) - Metallic silver
Carbon (Matte) - Dark carbon. This is a permenant shade.
Family Treasures (Veluxe Pearl) - Metallic bronze
Gaelic Gold (Veluxe Pearl) - Metallic gold
Crown & Sceptre (Veluxe Pearl) - Metallic copper

Next, let's look at the Face Kits (US$38 / RM180):

This palette is good value, considering that you're getting a RM60 discount compared to buying them individually. The only gripe i have about these palette is the build - though the slide-out concept is a pretty neat one, it needs to be better built - the testers at the counter have parts that were falling apart already! >.<

Hark The Heraldy
Oh So Fair Beauty Powder - Pale pink. This is a repromote from the recent Venomous Villians collection.
Dame Blush - Sophisticated blue/pink
Plum Foolery Blush - Faint dusty plum

A Triumphant Blush
Smooth Harmony - Natural mid-tan. This is repromoted from the Heatherette collection!
Melba Blush - Soft coral peach
Peachtwist Blush - Golden peach

Lip Kits (US$22.50 / RM120):

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Lip Kits are never my thing because 1. they get all over the insides of the palette, and 2. can we say germ infestation?? >.<

Happily Ever After
Endless Fun - Sheer frosty pink
Cheers all Around (Frost) - Bright candy pink
To Joy (Frost) - Medium pink

A Fabulous Fantasy
Heroic Tale - Sparkle flesh tone
Imagine This (Amplified) - Pink beige
Storybook Ending (Lustre) - Raisin

Next, lets look at the stuff in bags! :D

Lash and Line Kits (US$36 / RM150):

These eye bags (what a name!! >.< ) are quite a good buy, considering that you're getting a sample mascara and a free 209SE brush with this set! :)

Noble Knights
Teal Pigment - Bright metallic teal
Blitz & Glitz Fluidline - Black

Violet My Love
Violet Pigment - Bright metallic purple
Macroviolet Fluidline - Dark grape

Lip Bags (US$36 / RM150):

Oh, isn't the pink one so pretty?? :D Ok, I'm biased towards Baby Sparks, but you can't deny that they ARE pretty right?? :P :P

Dazzle the Lads
Draw Me Close Lip Pencil - Dusty rose
Baron's Rose Lipstick (Cremesheen) - Medium rose
Moth to Flame - Sheer natural beige

Vain & Glorious
In Synch Lip Pencil - Light pink. This is repromoted from the Too Fabulous collection.
Mellow Mood (Lustre) - Sheer pink
Baby Sparks - Sparkle baby pink. Read my review here.

Mineralize Kit (US$49.50)

I'm sooo sorry - I forgot to take note of the price for this kit in RM, so please shoot me a comment if you know ya! :) This quirky kit comes with an old school metal pencil box! :D

Pink Split swatch order: left is solid side, middle is marbelized side and the last swatch is both sides swirled together.

My Scottish Fling
Fresco Rose Paint Pot - Baby pink with matching pearl
Pink Split Mineralize Eyeshadow - Marbelized pink, pale blue and bronze
Budding Romance Lipglass - Soft muted pink

And oh, how can I forget the Brush Bags (US$49.50 / RM250)?? :D

I'm pretty sure that i'm not the only one with this opinion, but MAC Holiday brushes have gone from ok to not so good! They do not feel as solid and as well made as the ones from previous years anymore, so i cannot recommend them! :( While these are a good value, do pause and think if you'll need all 5 brushes from each collection (chances are that you dont). If that's the case it will make more money sense to invest in a full sized one and get full use out of that one brush, rather than have 4 other brushes that's just looking pretty on your dresser! lol!

She's Got It All - Apply, Define & Line Brush Collection
194SE, 204SE, 224SE, 266SE and 275SE

Sweep Me Off My Feet - Sweep & Define Brush Collection
129SE, 190SE, 212SE, 227SE and 275SE

A Lady And Her Tricks - Buff & Line Brush Collection
168SE, 187SE, 209SE, 219SE and 252SE

Last but not least, the Charitables! :D

The Viva Glam lipbag is US$36 / RM120, the Kids Helping Kids cards are US$8 / RM30 each where 100% of the value of these two go to the MAC AIDS fund! :D

Thats all for the MAC Holiday collection! :D Oh dear, it's November already... I'll need to start doing my Christmas shopping soon!! :D

How about you?? Did you get anything from this collection or done your Christmas shopping yet?? :D


  1. I love your swatches! Thanks for sharing x

  2. nice one. thanks a lot for sharing and including the price as well. it helps a lot. w

  3. Do you get only 1 Mineralize kit there? We hv 3 here. 2 existing es & 1 repromote.

  4. thanks for the reviews! i love this collection solely because of the tartan prints :) and this is the 1st time i bought from mac. ya i'm a sucker for fav pacakaging ;)

    but i bought the viva glam set for rm 130.

    and the mineralize kits are rm250 each.


  5. Thanks for sharing this. This is really helpful! I was thinking of getting those face kits but still think that the price are rather high..still..I think i wanna check them out soon..


  6. Oh wow! I Love your site!
    Glad i found it:-) Love ur swatches:-)

  7. Princesa Livia: thank you!! You're most welcome!! :D

  8. annyss: thank you!! Glad you find my post useful! :D

  9. chocfull: so lucky!! yeah we only got one! :(

  10. Anonymous: oohhhh! How're you liking your 1st MAC purchase? :D

    And thanks for the prices!! :D

  11. Charming Vanity: Ooohhh!! They're pretty and the packaging is quite neat, but yeah its a bit expensive!

    Do lemme know if you get them in the end or not yeah?? :D


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