Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MAC Lipglosses 101! :D

Reader Carol asked if I could list the differences between several MAC lipglosses, so here it is! :D

I have an old post on this, but that only features the Lipglass, Lustreglass and the Dazzleglass, so this will rectify that now! lol! This post is not complete though - I'm missing the Dare to Wear, Plushglass and Lipgelee lipglosses!

Ok, lets start with the Lipglass! :)

With the Lipglass, it's really a huge box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get. The pigmentation ranges from sheer, almost clear gloss-sy, to full on color. It comes in different finishes too - from creamy opaque, to just the right amount of shine and shimmer, to full on frosty! I really recommend checking these out in the store for yourself, or at least check out swatches online prior to purchasing to see if its for you! :)


These are moderately sticky - I'm ok with some stickiness because methinks that it helps the gloss to last longer! :)

At US$14.50 / RM63 for 4.8g / 0.17 US Oz, its the best buy of the lot! Plus there're tons of shades to choose from! :) 


The Lustreglass is often overlooked - because its similar to the Lipglass in appearance and it doesn't have as many shades as the Lipglass to choose from! However, I kinda like them because they give a lovely sheen and it has a brush applicator, which I prefer! :D

Though this is advertised as "high shine", i personally find that these will give low to medium shine to your lips, depending on shade. I don't have any swatch pics for this though... its been awfully long since MAC released a collection featuring the lustreglasses!! :(

The other thing I like most besides the brush applicator, is that this isn't too sticky!! :D

This is also priced at US$14.50 / RM63 for 4.8g / 0.17 US Oz, so do check this one out if you want the most bang for your buck, and prefer brush applicators! lol!! :D


Ahhhh, these are my favourite - though they're definitely not office safe if you work in a conservative environment! :D

Swatches (these are probably among the most pigmented of all the dazzleglassses):

Most (in fact, all) shades are sheer - these are meant to be layered over lipsticks for the most amazing shine and shimmer! :D

The downside to these though, is that they're probably the stickiest MAC glosses ever (bar the Superglass)! The biggest boo boo though, is its price - at US$18 / RM80 for a measly 1.92 g / 0.06 US oz, its an outright rip off! But ah well, MAC sure knows how to do us in - suckers like mua will still buy because they're just too darned gorgeous!! :D

Cremesheen Glass

These are just soo comfortable to wear! Non-sticky and lightly pigmented, these are great for those who love natural looks! :)


The first 3 colors are Cremesheen Glasses, and the last 3, Dazzleglasses. 

As you can see, these are essentially creamy colors. They do settle into the lines of your lips though, but this can be solved by using a lip primer beforehand.

Like I mentioned earlier, this lipgloss is not sticky at all, but that also means that it disappears quickly so you'll need to reapply more often.

These go for US$18 / RM80 for 2.7 g / 0.09 US oz each.

Dazzleglass Creme

Many people were irked by the lack of pigmentation of the Dazzleglass, so MAC came up with this (which makes me think that MAC actually do stalk online forums listen to their customers sometimes! :P).


As you can see, these are significantly more pigmented than the Dazzleglasses! Certain shades however, have rather large glitter particles in them (particularly the lighter shades).

At US$18 / RM80 for 2.7 g / 0.09 US oz, these lipglosses would make a better buy than the Dazzleglass for those who prefer their lipglosses a bit more pigmented! :)


This are essentially Dazzleglasses with larger glitters, so they're not very pigmented! I guess these are best reserved for special occasions at night! lol! :D


These are quite sticky and gritty, making them the most uncomfortable MAC glosses to wear! On the bright side, you're getting more than double the amount the Dazzleglasses get at US$18 / RM80 for 4.5 g / 0.15 US oz, so those who love your bling, you can consider purchasing this one! :D

So to sum it up, here's an spreadsheet on the blabla I've talked about, just because I'm a geek like that! :D

Hope that helps!! :D Thats all for now!! Do let me know which MAC lipgloss is your favourite!! :D :D

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  1. This helped SO much, thank you! I don't wear a lot of gloss so I didn't know the differences and we know MAC, they have 50,000 formulations and finishes for everything! haha

  2. wow that's definitely helpful, thank you again! i now feel confident about buying a cremesheen : )

  3. Wao.. That's confusing. How come a lip gloss also can be so many type?? i have one MAC lipgloss but i hv no idea which type which colour is it. It's a gift from my bro in the set "look in a box".

  4. Wow Jenn! this is a wonderful post! You answered my MAC lipgloss woes! I just can't understand the difference and I will definitely ask people to check here if they have queries about these! :) Great job!

  5. THANKS a million, jenn !!! this info is so helpful! and this is what i need asap so that i can stock up more mac lipglosses :)


  6. Amazing... you make me wanna get at least one MAC lipgloss in my lifetime! :P

  7. Thanks a lot for this, it is so helpful!

  8. Nice post!!! :D

    I like Perfectly Unordinary &
    My Fav Pink!

    You're so lucky to hav all...? :D

  9. The creamsheens are my favorite, they are just sooo smooth and juicy on your lips and they last forever! I only treat myself to them once in a while, as I rip through a tube so fast, its not worth spending the $$!


  10. This is a fabulous post Jenn! =)

  11. Katie: haha you're welcome! :D Yeah MAC being MAC, they have the most amazing selection! :D

  12. sssdawna: oohhh... why didn't you want to buy that? :D

  13. angel: haha yeah. They're of different consistencies and finishes. The one you got is a Lipglass! :)

  14. Nikki: Thanks girl!! :D Well you can't fault (an ocd) MAC lipgloss addict for knowing her stuff do you?? :P :P

  15. Carol: lol!! You're most welcome!! Which ones are you getting first? :D

  16. rinnah: awww girl! You're making me blush!! Haha!! :P

  17. Shopcoholic: icic!! Thanks for sharing!! I love that one too!! :D

  18. - Angie -: ohh no no, i don't own all the lipglosses that i've swatched! I would be sitting on the streets begging for my next meal if i do! :P

  19. Michelle: I love them cremesheens too!! They're just so comfortable to wear, but yeah like you said, i go through a tube quickly! >.<

  20. Very comprehensive post! Thanks! Blergh... I so regret not getting Boy Bait last time. I really wanna try cremesheen glass. I have the dazzleglass cremes and yeah, they're quite glittery and I don't like the gritty feel on my lips

  21. Wow, that's amazing. I love the chart you made. I make charts like that myself before I decide what to buy (I'm really big into comparing prices).

    I notice that you don't have any Chanel products on here. I've always been a glossimer girl. I bought a MAC lipglass a LONG time ago (when I was a teenager) and I hated it because it was so sticky and I told myself that I'd never buy MAC lip glosses again (my problem isn't the texture; it was with the gloss getting everywhere and making the TUBE sticky). But I've been drawn to the glosses recently because they're just so darn pretty! If you have any experience with Chanel glossimers, how would you compare them to any of the MAC glosses? Should I give the Dazzleglasses a try?




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