Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturdays are for Sharing - September Version! :D

Hey lovelies!! It's the beginning Oct already, so its the time of the month again (lol, not THAT time of the month, but THIS time of the month!!! Ok i'm not helping at all, i'll quit now! XD) to sit back and reflect upon the past month!!

Personally it's been a challenging time at work! So when the going gets tough, what better way to unwind yourself than to go for a little retail therapy:

Ok, not so little but rest assured that all 7 pairs are discounted items ya! lol! :D

I also got meself some masks! Remember my post here where I told you about some masks going on sale in both Watsons and Guardian? I took advantage of the offer and stocked up on my absolutely favouritest Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask! I also shared the 2-for-RM59 offer for the Hada Labo whitening mask with a friend so stay tuned for reviews! :D

I think my love for sheet masks must have been quite apparent, because I seem to receive them as gifts every now and then! Most of them went, "I know you like masks so I got you these!!"! lol!! Thank you soooooo much, you know who you are!! I truly appreciate them!! :D :D

A family photo of my mask stash:

I'm too loved!! <3

A dearest friend got me some Korean noms too:

The husband will have to fight me to get his paws on these goodies!! Wahahahaha!! XD

And oh, before I forget, do check out my favourite posts from the other girls:

Beetrice of Beetrice's Reviews rocks the oversized sunnies, literally!! :D
Connie of Skin Deco posts an excellent writeup on why you shouldnt go all plastic fantastic!!
Nikki of Ask Me Whats looks absolutely adorable in oranges! lol!! :D
Paris B of My Women Stuff hauls from the UK! Check out her beautiful purchases! :D
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Syen of So Loverly gives us a little sneakpeak into her bathroom stash! :D
Xin of Pretty Beautiful proves that the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift does work! :D

Thats all for now!! I'm soooooo glad for the weekend, though I can foresee that it'll be a busy one! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so don't forget to perform your BSE and  help to spread the word around k!! Take care and have a wonderful weekend! :D


  1. Thank you!! I love shopping for shoes!! lol!! :D

  2. awesome!
    shoes rocks!
    btw, may i know the top left brown gladiator like wedges... where did u get them?

  3. Don't they?? :D :D Oh! Those are actually heels!! :D They're from Shoe Point! :)

  4. Wow love all those shoes and masks! :D

  5. Loving the shoes and the Masks...When I traveled to Malaysia, I got a few stuff from The Face Shop unfortunately, not the masks :( I wish I did *sigh*

  6. Loving your shoe haul! Where did you get the black t-bar's from?

  7. Miss ♥ Nikka: Thank you hun!! :D

  8. Appu: Awww dont worry!! I'm sure you'll have another chance to stock up!! :D Or you can check their website and see if there's a store near you or not! :D

  9. Eli: Thank you dear!! :D They're from Nose!! :D

  10. Whoa shoeeesssss! *faint*
    Heheh nice haul, me likes :D

    Its so hard to shop for shoes coz I have choosy feet, sigh. They hate heels :S

  11. love your shoes!!! esp the gladiators one! and your mask family so make me want to take a pic of my collection right now :P will post it up in my next post!

  12. Love the shoes! They are all gorgeous!

  13. Foxy Frangipani: Haha!! Thank you!!!

    Ditto - my feet hates them heels too! But they're too pretty to resist! =X

  14. xin: thank you!! :D your mask collection is HUGE wei!!! :D :D

  15. hi Jenn,

    I love ur reviews! Anyway just wondering, have u tried masks which they sell at pasar malam, Jonker Street to be exact? They claimed to be from Korea & Taiwan. Ive tried once, cant remember the names but there was this one brand that dried up my acne right after usage!

    The prices are RM2-3 per packet. I wish you could do reviews on them one day. Cheers! :)


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