Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturdays are for Sharing - October Version! :D

Ola people!! :D It's the end of October already, and this means that I have a few of my favourite posts from my favourite bloggers for ya! :D

Beetrice of Reetrice's Reviews gives us an in depth review of the Biore Cleansing Oil Facial Sheets! :D
Connie of Skin Deco writes a super useful Tanning 101! I covet her amazing skintone!! :O~~
Eli of So Loverly got her friend to review something that's purportedly made of eel's vomit. Either that or the product just simply has a really unfortunate name! :P
Nikki of Ask Me Whats celebrates her 3rd wedding anniversary with us. Her heartwarming post just makes me smile and feel sooo happy for her!! :D
Paris of My Women Stuff reviews the forever-sold-out Naked palette from Urban Decay! So lucky to be able to get that!! :D
Xin of Pretty Beautiful gets me itching to try out the Skinfood Eff White Pack after seeing some of her "gory" pictures!! Ooohhhh I like!!! :D :D (ok, you may think that i need help for saying this, but so do you because you know you like it!!! Hahahaha!! XD)
Yani of Red Luscious Lips reviews the Benefit Porefessional primer! It looks seriously good!! Oh lemming begone!!!

It's been almost 2 weeks since i got back from Bangkok, but I'm stillllll daydreaming about my trip there!! Wish i didn't have to come back!! Oh, what would i do to be able to eat this right now:

Oh glorious grilled squid!! So tasty, so divine and soo CHEAP!!!!! T_T

I'm also running low on this now:

... which is fast becoming one of my favourite snacks now!! Wish these were as cheap here as they are sold for over there!!

On a brighter side, Borders was having a promo on book authored by one of my favourite authors, Jodi Picoult, so I HAD to stock up! :D :D

Yay for potty time reading material tax rebates! :P :P :P

Alright thats all for now!! Enjoy your weekend yeah?? :D And if you havent already joined my Giveaway, DO IT NOWWWWW!! ok I wasn't yelling at you but speaking in a horribly low voice slowly ya! Can you just picture that?? Close your eyes... Hahaha!! Ok i really gotta cut down on the sugar at 1am in the morning after being sleep deprived for days. Its making me incoherent and revealing things that I shouldn't, so I better stop now! lol!! Have a great weekend people! :D


  1. yerrr!! You're so cute!! *pinches*
    I gip chance ppl to enter your giveaway so I dowan enter :p

  2. Love her books always hated the endings. Think I read almost all. The rest in my room but too lazy to read now.

  3. Connie: Ouch!! I'll pinch you back when you come up Penang!! Hahaha!! :D

    So kind of you!! :D :D

  4. chocfull: oohhh!! Yeah i HATED some of the endings too!! >.<


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