Friday, October 8, 2010

Product Review: Olay Total Effects Ultra Nourishing Shower Cream + Body Butter

At a Glance:
Price: RM7.95
Website: NA
Weight: 295ml
Made in: USA
Likes: Cleanses well, doesn't dry skin out!
Gripes: Leaves a HORRIBLE smell on my skin that lasts for HOURS!!
Repurchase: No!
Jenn's Rating: 1 Star!! Ugh, where's the bin???


Product Description:


Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

This shower gel feels quite creamy once out of the bottle. I didn't expect it to foam because i'm of the impression that shower creams don't foam! lol! :D I also expected this shower gel to leave a film on the skin after washing, but thankfully this one rinses clean! :)

The foam bubbles:

This has a nice floral scent when you sniff it from the bottle and while you use it, but after rinsing it off, i find that it leaves a HORRID smell on the skin that lasts half a day or so, and that bothers me to no end!


This shower gel comes in a plastic squeeze bottle with a flip top cap!

The dispensing hole is kinda unique:

Price & Availability:
This shower gel is priced at RM7.95 each, and is available at all Watsons / Guardian outlets as well as your local supermarket! :)

My $0.02:

My skin is feeling really dry and itchy recently (I have my laziness to apply body lotion religiously to blame for that), so i thought i'd give this one a try! :)

This shower cream foams up well and rinses clean despite being a shower cream, which is great. I also like how it doesn't dry out my skin after showering! :)

This, however, leaves a SUPER GROSS smelling scent on my skin after rinsing it off (a cross between stale petroleum jelly and cockroaches)! I tried soaping my skin frantically after using this one with another shower gel, but the horrid scent is still there!

I'm not sure if i got a rancid bottle or if its formulated that way, but I don't like walking around smelling (and feeling) like a giant cockroach! One of the reasons I use a shower gel is to smell good, and this one seems to do just the opposite! I'll be staying far, far away from this shower gel then! Blergh!! >.<

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  1. Ewwww!! I know the smell you are talking about Jenn...Some of the Dove Cream oil body washes leave that smell too!But the dove Nutrium moisture ones are pretty good :) I've never liked Olay that much anyways.IMO, TBS shower gels are da bomb!

  2. Ah that's too bad. I think I like the smell - as all Olay body wash has the same smell i think? I have the pink ribbons one. It takes some work to wash off also but I lurve the smell!

  3. Appu: disgusting right?? >.< I suspect it must be the petroleum in it, but i'll never know for sure!

    I love TBS shower gels too!! :D

  4. shuaddict: icic! Yup, the smell is nice fresh out of the bottle, but the scent the lingers is HORRIBLE! :P

  5. thanks for the review, NO NO to me for gross icky smell that lingers!

  6. Yeah!! It doesn't make sense to use something that makes you smell horrible after showing right? >.<

  7. Oh no, that's too bad! No one wants to smell that horrible, especially after showering! Thanks for the review.

  8. yeah, it makes showering kinda pointless right? lol! :D

    You're welcome Gio! :D

  9. Jenn, your description left me in stitches! So cute. Giant cockroach.
    By the way, how do you know how a roach smells like? Or was it just another way to say, it STINKS!
    Cos, I never allowed a roach to come so close within sniffing range. Bygone...Be gone!! ;-P

  10. I've had the "fortunate" privilege of experiencing the scent of a cockroach up close and personally. Won't go into details lest anybody should lose their lunch, but needless to say that this stinking episode has etched itself in my mind forever... >.<

  11. hmm this one looks promising, thanks for share. I'm gonna check it out~

  12. OMG i google searched this topic and you're the only person who knows what i'm smelling when i shower with Olay shower products! I bought 2 different Olay products and both gave me the same smell when I rinse off, but luckily it doesn't stay. And my skin is nice and soft after. I'm so conflicted about keeping the bath soap I bought.. :/ I think this thing doesn't happen to everyone.. only some Asians who can smell certain things? because you're asian and I'm asian. :)


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