Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Product Review: Clairol Herbal Essences Weighty and Strong Shampoo for Dry Hair

At a Glance:
Price: 120 Baht
Website: NA
Weight: 160ml
Made in: Thailand
Likes: Cheap, not drying at all, cleanses well, AMAZING SCENT!!!
Gripes: Not available locally!! T_T
Repurchase: Yes!! :D
Jenn's Rating: 5 Stars! My Holy Grail Shampoo!!!


Product Description:

Infused with Camellia Hot Oil with over 4x more nourishing ingredients than before, this shampoo formula leaves your hair deeply quenched, radiantly silky and naturally strong.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

This shampoo is quite runny, and it lathers up nicely once you rub it with water:

This shampoo rinses clean, and you'll be greeted with soft hair that feels somewhat stronger!

And oh, the scent of this one is DIVINE!!!


This shampoo comes in the usual plastic bottle with a flip top cap. The dispensing hole:

Price & Availability:
This shampoo goes for 120 Baht each. I bought my bottle from Boots in Bangkok! :)

My $0.02:

Raise your hand please if you remember this shampoo from eons ago!! :D

I was doing some shopping in the Boots pharmacy at Siam Square in Bangkok when I came across this shampoo! I flipped the cap open and was immediately taken back to my secondary school days when this shampoo was all the rage because of its amazing scent! My fondest memory?? My husband (boyfriend then) telling me that my hair smells amazing!! Hehehe!! :D

I think they reformulated this one already, because I remember how this shampoo made my hair felt like a nest back then (probably looked and behaved like one too)! Naturally I was apprehensive when I came across it again, hence i only bought one bottle home.

After testing it out, i could've kicked myself so hard for not stocking up on these that I probably don't require another plane ticket to land back in Bangkok just to pick up a few more of these shampoos! lol! My chemically treated hair gets quite fried at the ends, and running my fingers through my hair would be impossible if I didn't condition it. But with this shampoo, I can even get away without conditioning my hair sometimes! My hair is still soft, tangle free, and smells oh so good! :D

My only gripe?? This is not available here in Malaysia!! *wails* I've stocked up on these babies and I pray that they don't ever discontinue this amazing product, because I will definitely buy this one again and again! :D

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  1. i remember this! though clairol smells amazing, but their shampoo is downright, ugh, useless to me.

    maybe the camellia oil helped. i think it's quite in the rage these days. eh, should i ask u pick tis up for me? BUT NO I SHOULDN'T! i got gazillion shampoos! :P

    and rose scent, who can not love it?

  2. Ya!! The old one really dried my hair out... and my hair wasnt even chemically treated back then!! >.<

    It's not really rose la... cant place on a finger on what the exact scent is, but it smelll really good!! :D

    Make up your mind la!! Wakakaka!! :P

  3. woahh! O: I used it before and yes, you're right! the smell is just DIVINE. <3

    other than that, i'm not sure as i've stopped buying clairol(using sunsilk now) but there is an old packaging and the new one. i assume this is the old packaging? cause the new packaging, bottle is opaque. ): but i'm not sure la. :)

  4. Yup this is the old packaging, but it seems to still be in production only in Thailand (cuz mine has a 2010 manufacturing date)!

    The new one smells good too, but this one is just, yes, DIVINE!! :D :D

  5. OMG!! i love this shampoo and it's mainly because of its smell...can u i order from u?? plzz..the smell of the new one is not as good as this..

  6. Me too!! :D Yup the new ones definitely don't smell as good as this one! :D

    Hmmm... i don't usually sell stuff but i guess i can spare you a bottle from my stash since i'll be going to bkk again soon! Shoot me an email k! :)

  7. here's my email address:

    do email me the price as well as your maybank account ya...

  8. OMG... i lurve this product!!! i tot it was rose scent too.. yep, e new one just isnt as great... except for e spa indulgence one..


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