Friday, October 22, 2010

Anddddd I'm Back!! :D :D

I'm super elated to be able to visit my favouritest place on earth again (read about my previous "adventures" here and here)! :D I've been there countless times now, and each experience is unique and just simply wonderful!! I can't get enough of this beautiful place!! Hehehe!! :D

As usual, I stuffed my face silly with the mouth watering local food! :D



And more food:

For the sake of our friend who have never been to Bangkok before, we did some touristy stuff too:

One of the icons of Bkk... anybody knows where this is?? :D

Of course, what is Bangkok without the shopping right?? :D

Shopping at Pratunam market! =X

This is what we bought from 3 different markets:

Super super love my new dresses!! Hehehe!! Sooooo cheap somemore!! :D :D

And of course, we did get ourselves some NARS too:

Cookie got two presents as well - a chew toy (which she made many holes in within 5 minutes) and a pretty bow:

Don't be fooled by her smile though, i think she doesn't like it very much! >.<

Act kesian max!! >.<

And ohh, i tried this:

Char Siew Pao flavoured chips... which is officially the most disgusting chips i've ever had!! Blergh!! >.<

After sweating it out in the markets and pigging out like mad, i went from this:

... to this:

Arghh... so fat!!! And that zit!! *faints* The coconut is AMAZING BTW... so sweet and refreshing!! :D

On a more sombre note, i'm really saddened to see my favourite mall reduced to this:

Hope it gets restored soon!!

Also, I'm heartbroken to learn that they don't sell my beloved Clairol's Herbal Essences shampoo anymore! The Neutrogena Wave is nowhere in sight too!! T_T Oh well, all good things have to come to an end i guess!! :(

Thats all for now!! I really need to get myself back to reality... wish i can stay there longer! lol!! Happy Friday everyone, and have a great weekend!! :D


  1. Love your haul!!!! and wow alot of nars too!!! is it cheaper there?
    well you still look pretty jenn no matter what. =)

  2. OMG! officially you will be my map n guide if i ever return to BKK again!

    and omg! the dresses! I WANTS! and i never been to pratunam market lor! >_< omg omg omg. go to bkk do touristy things SO NOT WORTH IT :P

  3. Awesome haul! You look so cute with all your bags in the first pic.

    I so want to go to Bangkok but the husband still doesn't want to go because he thinks that it's still not safe :( The shopping ... ahhhh

  4. PiNk pRiNcEss: haha you're too kind my dear!! *hugs*

    NARS is not cheaper in BKK... but since we don't get it here i just close one eye (or both) and buy la! :P :P

  5. plue: Can!! But i got charge one hor!! One coconut per hour!! Hahahaha!! :P

    I know right?? But its fun la!! Worth a visit!! :)

  6. shuaddict: icic!! Awww... i hope your husband lets you go soon!! Hehehe!! :D

    Ya... You can literally shop till you drop in Bangkok. Thats what all those massage parlours are for!! Hehehe!! :D

  7. I miss BKK!!! Strip those Nars boxes, I want to see what's in them.

  8. Whoa whoa whoaa... amazing hauls! I love your dresses, all from Pratunam market? (only open in the morning, right?)

    Can share how much they sell the dresses there? :)

  9. love shopping at bangkok too! ccant wait to see the NaRS pdts u hauled back!

  10. chocfull: me too!!

    I will, in due time! ;) Not all are mine though! :D

  11. Foxy Frangipani: Yup!! Only in the mornings! :D The stuff i got range from 100 - 220 baht! Super cheap! :D

  12. Blovet Beauty: Hi5!! :D You'll have to stay tuned then!! :D :D

  13. Cookie is adorable! How many months is she now?

  14. Thank you Eli! She's turning 7 months a few days time!! :D

  15. Love your haul! The dresses are beautiful and can't wait to know what Nars products you got!

    Cookie is so cute too!

  16. jealous-nye..... :(
    Love your haul! If I was there I'd be hauling clothes too
    Wow.... that's a lot of NARS!! eh, in dept preview la. can't see what you bought :p
    Cookie's adorable and so is her bow!

  17. I don't think you gained weight at all! You look so pretty and happy! And I love Thailand, too bad I wasn't able to go to Pratunam market so i did not purchase a lot of dresses and tops :( But oh well, the food was definitely great :D

  18. Omg, i have to go there some other time ! :))

    P/S If I go there would my money be lower and higher?

    and isnt thailand have a crisis or something? :O I guess it ended. XD

  19. gio: haha! Thanks Gio!! I'll let Cookie know!! Hehehe!! :D

  20. Connie: Yup!! The dresses are seriously cheap!! Bargaining is fun too! Haha!! :D

    Cookie doesnt like her new present! She keeps on scratching at it!! >.<

    NARS post kambing soon!! :D

  21. Askmewhats: Haha you're always too kind Nikki!! :D :D

    Don't worry I'm sure you'll get to go again!! :D :D And yes, the food there is really just amazing!! My mouth waters everytime i think about them delicious fooood!! :D

  22. missgreenbutwhypink: you should!! :D

    Hmmm what you do you mean by lower or higher? :D RM1 is approximately 96 baht, so a good guide is to move the decimal place one digit forward for the approximate amount in Ringgit! :D

    Yup they have some protests earlier but all is ok now i guess. Didn't see nothing happening there! :D

  23. Ah!!! I suppose to go BKK next tues but saw news from NST saying that next week BKK might had bad flood. Oh no!! I gonna burn my flight~~~ :'(

  24. Oh dear!! Are you staying anywhere near the river? If not, this daily says that the commercial areas in inner bangkok shouldn't be affected (!

    Hope you get to go!! :D

  25. hehe then that's good news! <3

    I want to go to Thai, Indonesia and Korea some other time <3

    but i heard that Thai ppl dont like muslims very much...TT

    i guess i have tot think twice about going to thailand!

  26. icic!! So where are you headed to next?? :D

    Hmmm... really?? I didnt know that! It's hard to imagine the friendly thai people being hostile to tourists ya because they're just so nice!! :D

  27. OMG.. i <3 <3 <3 bangkok too!!! been there twice & still loving it!! =) didnt get to truly shop at pratunam on both occasions..
    lurve e photo of u with all ur shopping rewards!!! man, ur dresses look amazing!!! =) but may i ask wad's e doggie bone look-a-like thingy??
    psst.. both ur photos looks as amazing~ dun worry k!!

  28. Haha Hi 5!! I simply love Bangkok and just can't get enough of this wonderful city!! :D

    Thats actually a wrist pillow, but i bought it for my dog! Haha!! :D

    Thank youuuu! You are too kind! :)

  29. Hey Jenn, that's ALOTTA NARS I see! Looks like you got some haul. Nice. Also, your Clairol shampoo is available in Sg. I saw it when I was there over the weekend. Didn't pick it up though, as my scalp's oily.

  30. the dresses!!! all look so so pretty! me has never been to BKK either :(


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