Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines & Viva Glam Collections Review + Swatches

The Fab Felines collection has finally landed on our shores... with quite a few items missing!! I'm really starting to get fed up about us not getting the whole complete collection every now and then already!! *fuming*

With that little rant aside, let's dive right into the collection itself! This collection offers earthy colors that are really versatile! This collection is divided into 3 "sub" collections - Leopard Luxe, Palace Pedigreed and Burmese Beauty, each featuring a quad with the same name. This collection also showcases the all new Superslick Liquid Eye Liner, which is totally amazing in terms of shine and color!

Ok onto the swatches! Lets start with the Quads (US$36 / RM140 each):

Burmese Beauty: I personally feel that this quad is the most versatile of the lot - it's safe enough for the office, and you can darken the colors for a glam night out! :)
Prized (Satin) - Pale yellow beige. This color is really sheer and hardly visible on the skin! 

Burmese Beauty (Lustre) - Frosted brown green. Super unique color - it reminds me of the Manor eyeshadow from the Antiquitease - 6 Metallic Eyes Palette released 3 years ago! :)
Skintone 2 (Frost) - Dirty gold. This one swatches beautifully. This is repromoted from the Notoriety Quad (last year's Makeup Art Cosmetics collection).
Showstopper (Matte) - Deep blackened brow. Not a terribly unique color, but the texture is beautiful! This is also a repromote from a previous collection - the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection.

Palace Pedigreed: I'm usually not a fan of the Satin finish, but i'll have to say that I'm quite impressed by these - they apply beautifully and they're not chalky at all! :)

Courtly (Satin) - Frosty muted light pink beige.
Palace Pedigreed (Satin) - Deep berry w/dark soft pink pearl.
Quite Spoiled (Satin) - Midtone neutral mauve.
Russian Blue (Matte) - Deep neutral grey.

Leopard Luxe: The only Quad with not one, but two Veluxe Pearls in it - the other two eyeshadows of different finishes are not too shabby in terms of texture either - making this quad the one with the smoothest texture overall! :D
Wild by Nature (Matte) - Midtone camel. Smooth and buttery, me thinks that this color is really beautiful too!! :)
Notoriety (Velvet) - Dirty brown w/ gold pearl. This is also a repromote from the Notoriety Quad (last year's Makeup Art Cosmetics collection).
Style Predator (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosted midtone yellow orange.
Furiously Fabulous (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosted warm black. Finally, a black in Veluxe Pearl finish! Now if only MAC will repromote this as a single eyeshadow i would SO get my paws on it!! :D

Lipsticks (US$14.50 / RM65 each):

Liquid Lurex (Dazzle) - Tarnished golden. I detect some pink sparkles in this too. This IMHO is the star of the lipsticks - it's just so unique and special! :D This is part of the permenant line (unfortunately not so for us Malaysians) first released with the Digipop collection!
Pet Me, Please (Frost) - Frosted light dirty mauve. Not a unique shade, but pretty, nevertheless! :)
To Pamper (Lustre) - Creamy midtown taupe.
Kittenish (Cremesheen) - Deep red berry
Of Royalty (Cremesheen) - Light creamy blue pink. This color reminds me a little of the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick! :)
Superior (Dazzle) - Sheer lavender pink with dazzle pink pearl. This shade is uber shiny and glittery, so its not for the faint of heart! lol!! :D
Aristo-cat (Frost) - Midtone frosted purple mauve.
Cunning (Frost) - Dark berry.
Out-Minxed (Glaze) - Light yellow gold. I know alot of people have mentioned that this looks similar to Liquid Lurex, but i beg to differ. Liquid Lurex is more greenish while this one is straight up golden! :)
Drive Me Wild (Cremesheen) - Midtone warm coral w/ gold pearl. This color is really pretty!! :D
Powerful (Dazzle) - Midtown bronze with dazzle multi pearl
The Prowl (Lustre) - Creamy dark chocolate.

Lipglasses (US$14.50 / RM65 each):

I like how the lipglasses in this collection are quite varied - from the lightest creamy gold to the darkest berry color, there's bound to be something that tickles your fancy!! My personal favourites? Jealous and Best of Breed, just because they're unconventional colors! :D

Jealous - Light dirty green w/ pearl.
Spree - Pink champagned taupe.
Fancy Cat - Dark dirty brown w/ pearl.
Best of Breed - Light dirty blue w/ pearl.
Schemer - Midtone yellow camel w/ red and gold pearl.
Lap of Luxury - Dark eggplant w/ pearl.
A Quiet Roar - Pale white gold.
Docile - Dirty lavender w/ pearl.
Wildly Refined - Midtone coral w/ gold pearl

Pigments (US$19.50 / RM82):

These pigments come in the new 4.5g jars. I didn't swatch the other 2 permenant shades (Old Gold and Antique Green) because they're well, permenent! Do let me know if you need swatches of those! :D

Mauvement (Frost) - Cool taupe with gold pearl. This is repromoted from the Overrich Pigments :)
Bloodline (Frost) - Dark dirty browned purple.
Lithe (Frost) - Warm nude with gold pearl.
Gold Stroke (Frost) - High frosted tarnished gold.

Mineralize Blushes (US$21 / RM95):

These 3 mineralize blushes apply like a dream, and are quite pigmented. The swatches above are done with just one swipe across the surface! :D

Pet Me (Frost) - Light yellow pink with soft pearl. This does remind me a little of Dainty! :)
Utterly Game (Frost) - Warm peach with soft pearl.
The Soft Meow (Frost) - Midtone golden bronze with soft pearl.

Superslick Liquid Eye Liners (US$17.50 / RM75):

The all new eyeliners from MAC! They're super fluid and they dry to this high shimmer, patent shine that's just GORGEOUS!! These are permenant, but as with most collections it's NOT permenant in Malaysia, so grab your favourite color asap! *curses under breath*

Treat Me Nice - Emerald green with soft pearl.
Desires & Devices - Sparkling dark green.
Defiantly Feline - Chocolate brown with soft pearl.
Nocturnal - Bright silver pearl
Signature Blue - Dark navy with soft pearl.
Smoky Heir - Dark blue violet with soft pearl.
Pure Show - Bright yellow gold pearl.
Marked for Glamour - Midtone grey with soft pearl.
On the Hunt - True black.

That's all for the Cats! Here's a quick look at the all new lipglasses from Viva Glam (US$14.50 / RM63):

As you can see in the swatches below (and in my previous swatches of the lipsticks), these lipglasses matches their corresponding lipsticks perfectly!! :D As you know, 100% of the amount of each Viva Glam lipstick / lipglass goes to helping people living with HIV and / or AIDS, so if you have some cash to spare and are feeling particularly charitable, you can do your part by buying these lipsticks / lipglasses! :D

Ok thats all for now! :D Do share with me what didcha get from these 2 collections! Or did you get anything at all?? :D


  1. I am most definitely getting both of those lipglasses! MAC just released their new pro longwear foundation, concealer, and lipsticks on the US site. I'm definitely ordering the foundation. I heard it's suppose to be fantastic and I sure hope it is, because generally, I'm not a huge fan of MAC foundations.

  2. ooh i love the blushes and the liners! they're so pretty!

    I can't wait to get the cyndi and gaga lipglosses as well

    roxy from

  3. Katie: I'm really intrigued by the Pro Longwear foundation! Living in a hot and humid country certainly calls for a long lasting foundation!! :D

    Do let me know what you think about the foundation once you tried it out k! :D

  4. roxy: me too!! The blushes are oh so buttery and the liners are to die for!! :D

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for the review and swatches. I love the liners and quads.

  6. me wants pet me and utterly game! nothing else, they look so purdy lah!!! wahahaha

  7. shuaddict: You're welcome!! Didcha get anything from this collection?? :D

  8. Plue: Your Pet Me is with mua!! :D :D Too bad we did not get Utterly Game. Hopefully it will arrive in a later shipment la! :D

  9. the liners are just great~~
    are they sweat and oil proof?

  10. plue: cross your fingers tightly!!! :D :D

  11. Jessteong: not too sure about that, but these are water resistant! :)

  12. ahh... I don't even dare to go near a MAC store. very broke :( Lithe and Bloodline pigments look really pretty. I already have Mauvement and Gold Stroke. Pet Me and Utterly Game look like good colors too

  13. lol! I should stay away too!! But oh MAC, how you draw me nigh... >.<
    Lithe is really beautiful! :D

    Methinks that both Pet Me and Utterly Game would look LOVELY against your skin!! :D

  14. I'm only interested in the eyeliners from this collection. They look beautiful!

  15. I am loving the Feline! They look really nice and pigmented!

  16. why isnt utterly game here ? ): i just read the comments above. any other peach blushes you would recommend from mac ? :D

  17. gio: icic!! Didcha get any for yourself?? :D

  18. Nikki: which items are you eyeing on?? :D

  19. Anon: not sure why we did not get utterly game! :( It's so sad ya!! :(

    Pinch O Peach looks lovely! Maybe you would like to check that one out! ;)

  20. Great swatches and amazing blog!m following :)
    Check out my blog too, m hosting a giveaway, you might be interested!


  21. Ohh I love the glosses! Lap of Luxury and Cyndi Lauper is so pretty! But I got some from Stage already, they're having a buy 1 free 1 promotion right now lol!
    Btw, are MAC glosses as sticky as they say? ;\

  22. Hi Jenn,

    Any idea when MAC's new collection (Venomous Villians) is landing on the shores of Penang?


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