Friday, August 6, 2010


I know i've been a naughty blogger and haven't been posting FOTDs for awhile now! That's because i rarely have time to put on makeup nowadays - the prospect of catching a few more minutes' worth of Zees before dashing of to work and seize the day is too appealing to pass up! (Haha, bad bad BAD i know but don't we all feel that way at least sometimes?? Be honesssssst now!! :P) :D

So i guess i'll have no choice but to abolish FOTD Fridays!! T_T I'll definitely post FOTDs whenever i can!! :D Regular posting will take over FOTD Fridays from now on ya!! :D

Before i end, here's a totally adorable picture of Cookie:

This photo melts my heart everytime i see it!! :D

Thats all for now!! :D For Penang girls, if you have any counter beauty items to purchase, you may want to go get them from Jusco tomorrow because they're giving out RM20 vouchers for every RM100 worth of products you buy!! This is a great deal IMHO so don't miss out! :D

For the rest of you, enjoy your weekend!! Cheers!! :D


  1. cookie! nom nom nom!

    can i play with her pretty please? XD

    cookie is as adorable as her mommy, maybe fridays can be dedicated to her instead? XD

  2. Cookies is just too adorable. I am a pet idiot, so, gotta ask, what's her breed?
    Don't worry about FOTD. It's great to be makeup free on some days. Our skin will thank us for it.

  3. what a cute puppy!!!!!!


  4. It melts my heart too!! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. GUILTY as charged I haven't been doing FOTDs for almost a year now! Time flew by pretty quick and there's just so many happenings in my life

    Anyways..I'd rather see your face but hey, if Cookie is available, I'm ok ! Such a cutey!!!!!

  6. Plue: Hehehe!! Awww you're too sweet!! :D

    I could, but i think by the 2nd week or something people would be screaming at me to quit posting pictures of my dog already!! Hehehe!! :P

  7. Ivy: Thank you hun! Yes she's a cutie but she can be a real diva sometimes!! >.<

    She's a Maltese btw! :D

    Yeah, but thats no excuse for me now... i havent put on makeup in almost 2 months now... :P :P :P

  8. Hayley: awww doesn't she??? :D

    I hope you've had a great weekend too!! :D

  9. Nikki: But you've gotta be the most hardworking blogger around girl!! Despite whats going on in your life you still manage to post daily!! I truly admire your dedication and strength!! :)

    Haha you're too kind!! But yes, she's shooo cute ya? Hahaha!! :D

  10. gio: thank you!! Yes she is!! :D


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