Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Product Review: Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Fierce Purple

At a Glance:
Price: £5 (approx. RM25.35 / US$7.68)
Weight: NA
Made in: NA
Likes: Super easy to use, affordable!
Gripes: Poor pigmentation, doesnt last long in humid climates, not available locally.
Repurchase: No, but i want to try out the other shades!
Jenn's Rating: 2.5 Stars! The lack of pigmentation killed it for me! :(


Product Description

Emphasize your eyes in one quick stroke! Create this seasons dramatic eye looks with Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen.

The precision brush nib is super easy to control to draw on thick or thin lines.

Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen is smudge-proof, fade-proof and long lasting!

Available in jet BLACK, eye brightening NAVY BLUE, natural BROWN, fierce PURPLE.

Actual Product Pic:

Pigmentation & Color:

This eyeliner is described as fierce, but in actual fact its not! It's a medium eggplant color that goes on terribly sheer on my lids!

This is the swatch from the Eyeko Website:

And this is how it looks in real life:

From left: thin line (1x), thick line (1x), thick line (2x)

On my eye (1x):

Where did the color go to?! Can hardly see right? *sweats*

Here's the most pigmented line i can get out of it (4-5x?):

Still pretty light right? :(

Texture & Scent:
This eyeliner goes on smoothly (and again, sheer), but do not attempt to put on too many layers at one go before the liner dries though, you'll get a very goopy messy lumpy line!


This eyeliner has a brush tip and it comes in a pen-like casing with a cap! Here's the brush tip:

Time Test:
This one lasts about 6 hours on me before it starts to fade.

Price & Availability:
This liner is priced at £5 and is available on You can also get it in a set of 4 for £15 (essentially buy 3 free 1)! :D

My $0.02:

Eyeko is one brand that i've heard about, read about, but it just seem to escape my radar sometimes! So when the kind folks at Eyeko contacted me to do a review on their products, i jumped at the opportunity! Thank you so much if you're reading this! :D

Ok back to the review. I've heard a few raves about this eyeliner pen, so i'm super happy they decided to send me one to test out! :D

Lets start with the good part! This eyeliner is SUPER EASY to use thanks to its brush tip! I can draw a super thin or super thick line easily with this one!! Also, it's quite fool proof to use - no more jagged, crooked lines anymore with this baby!! :D

However, this one is not very pigmented! :( It takes about 4-5 strokes for me to get it to show up decently on my lids! Its also not very lasting in hot weather! The day i tested this one out was a sweltering 36pointsomething celcious!

Enough blabbing! I'll let the pictures do all the talking:

This is how it looked like freshly applied:

And this is 7 hours later:

Almost gone! But like i said above, the pics were taken on a very hot day. Typically this eyeliner lasts about 6 hours on me before it starts to fade.

Here're the pics side by side for you to compare better:

Strangely, this eyeliner is CRAZY lasting on my arm!!

Here's taken when its freshly applied:

This is 7 hours later with one attempt at washing them off with soap:

this is almost 12 hours later with another attempt at washing them away with both soap and facial cleanser:

Super lasting right?? Now why doesn't this last as long on my lids? *scratches head*

All in all, this product didn't quite cut it for me because of the poor pigmentation! While i love now easy this one is to use, but i'm really not feeling the pigmentation so i'll not repurchase this color! That being said, i'm really dying to try out the Black and Navy Blue ones though... they look really gorgeous and pigmented!! :D

Click here to read what Gio of Beautiful with Brains thinks about the one in Navy Blue!! So gorgeous right??? :D

This item is sent to yours truly by Eyeko for review purpose. I am in no way affiliated with them nor do I get compensated monetarily for this post. Kindly transact with them at your own discretion.

Photo credit: Product picture from


  1. thanks for this review, I am into pen eyeliners but they're usually not that pigmented thanks for this Jenn

  2. unfortunately most of the pen/penclil liners don't last on me too :(

  3. Thanks for linking to my review Jenn. I'm sorry this pen eyeliner didn't work for you. The pigmentation looks very disappointing which is a shame as the color is so pretty. I don't why but I've always struggled to find a purple eyeliner with decent color payoff.

    I do think you'll enjoy the other shades more as they are very pigmented. At least the Navy Blue one I have is. :)

  4. Ooh I love eyeko products because their packaging is so cute! The pigmentation looked so good on your arm... it's so weird that it's different on your eyelid! too bad, the swatch on your arm looked really promising, and the colour's really pretty!

  5. Hey Hun I tagged you in a Tag on my page <3

  6. you have oily eyelids? as this eyeliner needs an oil based remover to fully take it off, it might be the oil on your eyelids preventing it staying on. I have that problem and always have to primer my eyelids first

  7. Nikki: You're most welcome!! :D I've never tried any pen eyeliners prior to this, but i always have a soft spot for them! :D

  8. xin: most liners do last on me leh!! Don't know why this one doesn't! :(

  9. Blovet Beauty: It is!! Its a shame that the same color doesn't translate onto my eyelids! :(

  10. gio: you're most welcome! it's my pleasure! :D

    Yeah navy blue and black looks absolutely stunning!! I'm dying to try them out! :D

  11. feeyona: yeah its sad yeah? I was disappointed too, but im glad to know that other colors are better!! :D

  12. Makeup By LisaMarie: I don't do tags nowadays, but thanks so much for the tag! Your children are beautiful!! :D

  13. Sakara: I don't! :( Most eyeliners stay on pretty ok for my lids, except this one! Its funny ya how it stays on my arm!! >.<


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