Monday, August 30, 2010

MAC Dare to Wear Collection Review + Swatches! :D

I know!! I'm like the latest blogger to review this collection right?? Better late than never I guess!! :D

This is one of my favourite collections for obvious reasons - I just simply love brights! :D MAC have not put out such a bright collection in a very long while - since the C-Shock collection 3 years ago! I'm elated that MAC decides to repromote Going Bananas, which is my favouritest yellow of all times (I can now give my precious tiny yellow strip of goodness from the Manish Aurora palette a break now!)! :D

Ok enough blabla for now! Lets go straight onto the review and swatches! :D

Eyeshadows (US$14.50 / RM58 each):

Going Bananas (Frost) - Soft lemon yellow. Smooth and buttery and oh so versatile!! My favouritest yellow evar!! Ok i'll shuddup now! lol!! :P
Aqua (Matte) - Subdued, pale greyed aqua. A little chalky and hard to work with, but the color is beautiful! This is a Pro color.
Lime (Matte) - Lime green. Not terribly pigmented, but it goes on smoothly! I LOVE the color too!! This is a Pro color! :D
Sassy Grass (Matte) - Bright grass green. This one is a bit more pigmented than Sassy Glass, but still not as pigmented as i hoped! :(
Crazy Cool (Veluxe Pearl) - Pale frosty lavender. This one is such a lovely soft color, and it's beautifully pigmented and textured!! :D
Shock-a-holic (Matte) - Deep purple. This one is quite chalky and hard to work with!! :(

Sky Blue (Frost) - Robin's egg blue. Very pretty and easy to swatch, but it's a bit on the sheer side! This is a Pro color.
Zingy (Matte) - Bright sky blue. Another favourite shade of mine!! Gorgeous color and amazing texture!! :D
Winkle (Satin) - Midtone cornflower blue. Surprising it's quite easy to work with despite it being a Satin finish!! :D This is a permenant color.
Atlantic Blue (Matte) - Bright violet blue. This one is quite chalky and hard to work with! :( This is a permenant color also.
Free to Be (Matte) - Bright true coral. This one has a beautiful texture - and methinks that this will make a beautiful blush color dontcha think? :D This is a permenant color too! :)
Louder, Please (Matte) - Bright Fuschia. This one swatches easily too, and the color is really bright!

Alot of people were comparing Crazy Cool to Beautiful Iris, and Zingy to Electric Eel as permenant dupes for their LE counterpart, so i decided to swatch them both and see for myself!

Shadows side by side... can you tell the difference? :)


Crazy Cool vs Beautiful Iris - They're quite similar actually, with Beautiful Iris having more lavender tones in it, and a smoother texture too! :)
Zingy vs Electric Eel - They're definitely in the same color family, but Zingy is brighter than Electric Eel. Zingy swatches and applies better too IMHO!! I'm kicking myself for not getting Zingy now... it's sold out already!! T_T T_T T_T

Hope that helps those of you who're looking. Let's go onto the new Dare to Wear Lipglasses (US$18 / RM80):

So Bad - Midtone coral orange w/ pink & gold pearl
Wind Me Up - Dirty bronze w/ pink & gold pearl
Dare to Dare - Light blue pink w/ multi pearl
Gimme That! - Bright fuchsia pink w/ pink pearl
Bold & Brash - Bright red w/ multi pearl
Ban This! - Deep purple w/ multi pearl

These new and limited edition Dare to Wear Lipglasses come in a slim and long tube, and almost feels like liquid lipstick on!! They're so pigmented too... definitely not for the faint of heart!! :D
That's all for now!! :D Didcha get anything from this collection?? :D Are you all into bright colors, or you do avoid them like you would a plague? lol!! Do share with me! :D


  1. I have been steering away from bright colors nowadays, not unless I use them for shoots :)

  2. Why Nikki?? You would look so pretty in them!! Especially with a red hot lippie... i LOVED how Russian Red looks on your lips!! :D

  3. Hi Jenn,

    Been MIA from your blog for a while. Back now! :)

    I got Going Bananas and Sky Blue from the US. Wanted Aqua and Crazy Cool but they were sold out. Wonder if my local MAC store still has them.

    Thanks for comparing Crazy Cool and Beautiful Iris. They both look very pretty. Beautiful Iris seems the 'stronger' shade.

    Hmmm...and the Lipglasses.....was considering Bold & Brash... but Dare to Dare and Gimme That! are such sweetie pinks!

    You are right! MAC will make us all broke! ;)

  4. Welcome back Vonvon!! :D

    I doubt... these two are hot colors so they should be sold out already!! :( Maybe you can try your luck and see? Try those counters fewer people frequents! :)

    I was considering Bold & Brash too... but i decided against getting it simply because i don't have the guts to wear it out!! Hehehe!! But yeah it's gorgeous!! :D

    Yup!! MAC makes me broke... and happy! :D

  5. This is the first MAC collection in ages that I actually like. Sassy Grass, Zingy and Going Bananas are so beautiful and bright!

  6. Hi Jenn, when you said it's a Pro colour, what does that means?

  7. Free To Be should be a blush colour!

  8. gio: Yes!! MAC should definitely release more bright collections like this one!! :D

  9. Anon: It means that this color is only sold in MAC Pro stores! :)

  10. vivavoomz: right??? :D It'll be so pretty on the cheeks!! :D


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